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  1. Waldron at the VV: 9/86

    All I could find were these two albums released on Soul Note from these sessions: After your description, I'll check them out. I saw Mal perform quite often while he resided in Germany, and it was as if I was right inside the music. I miss him.
  2. Coltrane on Prestige

    Can't say it any better way! The only items missing in the Coltrane Prestige box set are the sessions with Miles, one Flanagan trio track from the "Cats" session, and two tracks from the Gene Ammons session without Coltrane. The sound of the box is excellent, the book is beautiful, and in the long run you get the same music on less CDs compared to buying individual album OJC reissues. Save the money, be patient, and be happy when you've reached the goal!
  3. I'm afraid this will, just like the Vinyl Freak column in down beat, water my mouth for recordings I'll probably never see nor hear - or is it intended as a thread for offering/exchanging LPs turned CDRs as well? p.s. I don't have a burner ..... -_-
  4. A.K. Salim's BLUES SUITE

    Found me a copy, too, at some German import site. Must be a nice date, can't wait to hear it. Does anybody whatever happened to him after these Savoy and Prestige dates?
  5. October Conns.

    Blind Man, Blind Man & Lazy Bones - what a nice medley
  6. A.K. Salim's BLUES SUITE

    There are 8 copies new or used available at www.amazon.com!!!
  7. A.K. Salim's BLUES SUITE

    But there's still hope: 1) here's a sealed copy at an Italian shop for EUR 15,49: A.K. Salim at rarerecords Italy 2) ... or a 14 $ copy at downstairs in New York 3) I prayed for years that Fantasy may do a reissue of Victor Feldman's Latinville! album, and they did it in May, so i suggest we just keep on begging, Jim ....
  8. A.K. Salim's BLUES SUITE

    A British shop carries a used vinyl copy of it for 50 pounds sterling! They also have a copy of the above mentioned plays pretty for the people with Kenny Dorham, Johnny Griffin and Max Roach for 100!!! (They also have a copy of Alkebu-Lan for 100 LBS) I'm glad I have an orgy I found in a second hand shop in Paris 20 years ago... As I said, how about a Savoy A.K. Salim box set?!!! The music is sure good enough!
  9. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    ..... but this album sure smokes, Jim, you ever heard it?
  10. A.K. Salim's BLUES SUITE

    Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, N.J., September 26, 1958 - Blu-Shout - Blu-Barry - Joy Box - Like how long baby Nat Adderley - cornet Joe Wilder - trumpet Buster Cooper - trombone Phil Woods - alto sax Seldon Powell - tenor sax, flute Sahib Shihab - baritone sax Eddie Costa - piano George Duvivier - bass Philly Joe Jones - drums ---------------------------------------------- same studio, October 6, 1958 - Pay day - Full moon - The sultan Nat Adderley - cornet Joe Wilder - trumpet Paul Cohen - trumpet Buster Cooper - trombone Phil Woods - alto sax Seldon Powell - tenor sax, flute Sahib Shihab - baritone sax Oscar Dennard - piano George Duvivier - bass Granville T. Hogan - drums Ahmad Kharab Salim of course composed, arranged and conducted all tunes. Philly Joe Jones and Oscar Dennard were not mentioned on the original liner. Judging from the descriptions of the solo routines, title attributions are correct. The Denon back cover mentions Jones and Dennard, but in a way suggesting Dennard comps behind Costa's vibes - but there ain't no vibes to be heard nowhere on this album ... The Denon reissue staff NEVER did seem to take the time and look up the session listings in the Savoy disco by Michel Ruppli and Bob Porter, which to me looks like extreme disrespect for their work. A lot of the credits are partially wrong or incomplete, and they rarely took the pains to complete a session. Hope their new host does it better. BTW, this is one of the best sounding Rudy Van Gelder recordings I have!
  11. Eddie Gladden passes away

    Saw him live with Dexter Gordon's quartet (Kirk Lightsey and Rufus Reid were in it) at an 11 a.m. outdoor gig in Frankfurt. Dexter had a little hangover from the night before and adressed the audience with mumblings about it being "unusual to play some mid-day bebop", but the second the rhythm section hit the first chord of the first tune, "Moment's Notice", the sun broke through the clouds and lighted the stage! Unforgettable! Eddie was great that day, as always when I listened to him. His duos and general interplay with Larry Young was of the extraordinary. One of his closest musical friends was Mickey Tucker, they recorded a few excellent albums together I highly recommend. One of the many good musicians that go by unnoticed when they leave the general spotlight for some reason or other - didn't I read somewhere he was ill a few years ago? - and then are missed sorely when they pass away. R.I.P. Eddie, and thanks for your inspiring playing.
  12. A.K. Salim's BLUES SUITE

    Go get it! I got me a copy on ebay a few months ago and enjoy it to death! Everbody is playing great, Nat Adderley is in fine form, George Duvivier does some of his best work as accompanist and soloist on it, Costa's great too - Oscar Dennard plays on some tracks, but Costa has all the piano solos. Good writing too. A box set of all A.K. Salim Savoy sessions would be great. If it's the DENON CD, the personnel listings are not quite correct. Shall I post the right ones?
  13. McCoy Tyner's Milestone sessions

    There was a really good one. I don't believe I've ever seen it on CD. It was a double LP if I recall, and somewhere I have it. LPs are such a pain. Supertrios is on Milestone MCD-55003-2: McCoy Tyner Fantasy Catalog Page 2
  14. Wayne Shorter- Water Babies, Capricorn, Sweet Pea

    Two different concepts to use the same thematic material, two different approaches. Of course it was played in the basic style of the quintet with its unlimited possibilities when Miles recorded them, while Wayne - that's the impression I get - wanted to achieve a somewhat different sound on each of his Blue Note dates. No need to replicate something that's already been recorded that way. I like 'em both, so I couldn't vote - always remember to include this third alternative when starting such a poll.
  15. Donald Byrd - Kofi

    Just thought these Donald Byrd 1969-1970 sessions would make a nice companion Mosaic Select to the Duke Pearson set, Duke had his hands in all the sessions as player AND arranger AND producer, they partly use the same personnel and have a similar vibe to them. And there is another still unissued Byrd session in the Blue Note vault: Donald Byrd tp William Campbell tb Kenny Rupp frh Al Gibbons fl Duke Pearson elp Wally Richardson elg Roland Wilson b Freddie Waits d unknown vocal on 2. and 3. July 7, 1969 1. Congo 2. Yano 3. Now wrehe de
  16. Donald Byrd - Kofi

    Donald Byrd tp William Campbell tb Lew Tabackin fl,ts Frank Foster ts Duke Pearson elp Ron Carter b Bob Cranshaw elb Airto Moreira d A&R Studio NYC, December 16, 1969 1. Kofi (Byrd) 2. Fufu (Byrd) Donald Byrd tp Frank Foster ts Duke Pearson elp Ron Carter b Wally Richardson elg Mickey Roker d Airto Moreira, Dom Um Romao perc A&R Studio NYC, December 4, 1970 3. Perpetual Love (Byrd) 4. Elmina (Byrd) 5. The Loud Minority (Foster) The 1995 Blue Note CD CDP 7243 8 31875 2 2 was the first issue of this material. Definitely not a compilation, but a vault issue. The sessions for Fancy Free were held on May 9 and June 6, 1969; those for Electric Byrd on May 15, 1970, right between those that remained unreleased. I find all three are good, perhaps Kofi just sound fresher in our ears 'cause we listened to the other two pretty often ..... I'd get Kofi, in any case ! BTW, the titles of the first two tracks are Ghanaian expression, Fufu being a typical dish, some kind of stew. I'll ask a friend from Ghana what Kofi means, probably a weekday's name - children are often named after the weekday they were born.
  17. If B3-er takes some boogaloo sisters with these t-shirts and thongs to the gig, he'll easily break the group's attendance records ....
  18. Pony Poindexter

    "His autobiography gives a vivid picture of the scene he was part of and tells of his ambitions and frustrations, but is not always accurate as far as historic details are concerned." This is what I wrote a while ago as part of an introduction to an as yet unpublished - and still incomplete - Poindexter discography. I saw him live - he resided in Germany for quite a few years - and he wasn't bitter at all, just a bit frustrated that the local musicians hadn't the level of musicianship he was used to from the U.S., with some exceptions, like Tete Montoliu. He was terrorized by jealous cops in California for having a white girlfriend, frustrated by Columbia Records after recording his excellent Pony Express LP (currently available on a Koch Jazz CD KOC CD-8591 and highly recommended, a true all-star sax meeting) - in his eyes they favoured Paul Winter as soprano saxophonist, who had just played the White House and made more accessible music and delayed release of his album for more than two years without any explanation - he had given up on a tour through Europe with Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan to finish it in time. A very talented musician, a good reliable player with a style of his own who got sidetracked by some less pleasurable aspects of the scene. I also recommend his two Prestige LPs: Gumbo! is part of Prestige PRCD-24229-2 - Booker Ervin / Pony Poindexter / Larry Young: Gumbo!, with some hitherto unissued tracks from New Jazz 8285 - Pony Poindexter ... Plays The Big Ones; this LP is on a British reissue Beat Goes Public BGP CDBGPD 077 - Pony Poindexter ... Plays The Big Ones /Gumbo! - you unevitably buy one album twice, but it's good, featuring Booker Ervin, Al Grey and Gildo Mahones. These two Prestige LPs were largely misunderstood by jazz critics at the time of release: he was accused of using material too far from jazz on Plays the Big Ones, and only his fellow musicians understood his attempt to further develop the New Orleans tradition on Gumbo! He can be seen on the Video Koch 8568 - Count Basie / Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan ? Jazz Casual.
  19. McCoy Tyner's Milestone sessions

    A google search turned up this: 10/12-10/9: JAZZ GREAT ERIC KAMAU GRAVATT LIVE!! Reply to: bmiletich@comcast.net Date: 2003-08-20, 7:31PM WAYNE SHORTER JUST SAID IN "MODERN DRUMMER": " ERIC WAS THE ONE...MILES WANTED HIM,BUT HE CAME WITH US IN WEATHER REPORT." < MODERN DRUMMER PG. 110 SEPT. 2003 ISSUE> MAKE YOUR PLANS NOW TO ATTEND THIS GREAT EVENT IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!! ERIC KAMAU GRAVATT WILL BE PERFORMING WITH SOME GREAT YOUNG NEW TALENT IN THE LOVELY WINE COUNTRY,THE TOWN OF PETALUMA- IN BEAUTIFUL SONOMA COUNTY! AT "ZEBULON'S LOUNGE " WHERE ONE CAN HEAR SOME OF THE BEST LIVE JAZZ 7 NIGHTS A WEEK!!! A SMALL, VERY INTIMATE SETTING WITH A GREAT WINE LIST, A VARIETY OF SAKI DRINKS, & OVER 25 FINE BELGIAN ALES, "ZEBULON'S" RECENTLY CELEBRATED THEIR FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF LIVE NITELY JAZZ!!!!!!! THE DATES ARE: 10/09/03 TO 10/12/03. DISCOUNT AIRFARE AND BRAND NEW SHERATON HOTEL RATES ARE DISCOUNTED AS LOW AS $49.00 PER NITE!....RIGHT ON THE PETALUMA RIVER THAT LEADS TO THE SF BAY! FOR DETAILS: bmiletich@comcast.net OR trevor@zebulonslounge.com feel free to call Brent @ #415/307-8739 .... and this gig has just taken place: Live Jazz in Minneapolis, Saint Paul Minnesota September 2003 September 4 Source Code w/ Eric Kamau Gravatt & the amazing Dave Hagedorn on vibes @Artists' Quarter .... but he must have a regular gig with this band: Artists' Quarter (651-292-1359), 408 St. Peter St., in the basement of the Hamm Building, St. Paul. (Use entrance on 7th Place. Parking is available on the street and nearby ramps.) Every first and third Thur., Source Code with Eric Kamau Gravatt, percussion; Dave Hagedorn, vibes; Ron Evaniuk, bass; Dean Brewington, alto sax; and Dave Leigh, trombone, 9 p.m. ... and he must have recorded an album recently with British pianist Tony Hymas.
  20. Obscure album covers, by well-known artists

    Alan Bates of Black Lion has the rights for all Fred Norsworthy produced Jazzline et.al. LPs, there was a CD of this issued in 1989 with three alternate takes added, Black Lion BLCD 760134, under Donald Byrd's (!) name, titled Groovin' For Nat. A nice session, the rhythm section with Pearson, Bob Cranshaw and Walter Perkins cooks, and the unusual two trumpet frontline is very attractive, nice to compare Byrd and Coles. This will definitely not be part of the Mosaic Select, so look for this CD:
  21. Obscure album covers, by well-known artists

    The Gillespie Blue Note 10" LP contained recordings originally done in Paris in 1952, licensed from Vogue. The complete sessions were among the series of Vogue reissue CDs from BMG France a few years ago.
  22. Blindfold Test #1 - Discussion

    Okay guys, this discussion got me hooked! I wanna participate, the average costs can't be higher than the price of one high-price-CD a month, not to mention the fun ... - I find myself pulling CDs to fool you when it's my turn - oh, the list is long .... Anyway, how can I do it???
  23. I guess this must be my favourite Blue Note LP cover, as it is the only LP I bought twice just to frame it - still hangs behind me while I type this: Your turn!
  24. The 4-CD box set edition of John Coltrane's Village Vanguard sessions includes two tracks with bassist Ahmed Abdul-Malik playing an oud, the Arabian lute - at least that's what the ession credits say. To these ears, this instrument definitely does NOT sound like an oud, but like a tamboura or sitar. Track 4 on disc 4 has this instrument alone at the beginning of the track. Anybody here on the board with a knowledge of middle eastern instruments with the same observations? ----- This wouldn't be the first time an "exotic" instrument was miscredited; the misattributions of bongos vs. congas go into the hundreds. Way back I wrote David Wild and Michael Cuscuna that the Calypso Boys on one of Dizzy Gillespie's DeeGee sessions did not play bongos as in the album credits but congas, maracas and claves. They corrected and admitted they had based their info on the original session credits, which were wrong. A similar story is on some thread here on the board with Herbie Hancock playing not a celeste on Freddie Hubbard's last 1960's Blue Note studio session, but a harpsichord. Some care with non-familiar instruments please!
  25. Obscure album covers, by well-known artists

    Didn't know he cut an album for Verve ...