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  1. Irreversible Entanglements - s/t [International Anthem/Don Giovanni Records] As I hear it, one of the most exciting, original and vital contemporary releases of recent times
  2. and it's a very entertaining and informative listen, folks
  3. Barry Guy, Evan Parker - Incision [FMP]
  4. following on from more Schweizer on this Pierre Favre Trio - Santana [Pip]
  5. Happy birthday king ubu!

    Happy Birthday! May the reign of Ubu continue
  6. I'm very pleased it found a good home where it's obviously appreciated. Now I'm off to brush up my Klingon
  7. Oh, that's Ok then, it means I don't have to be huffy that you bought the copy I wanted... I'm still non-retired for a few years yet but home working can help with listening opportunities when the admin gets too mindless to do without distraction Clare Fisher - Surging Ahead [Fontana]
  8. Tasty. I want one of those. I tried to have Scotty beam me one down a few months ago but wasn't quick enough on the draw. Is yours of Vulcan provenance perhaps? Chico Hamilton Quintet - s/t [Vogue, UK] MJQ - Plays the Music from Porgy and Bess [Philips, UK] this is just gorgeous
  9. Street to be Named After Richard Davis

    or lead onto Ladbroke Grove....?
  10. Wadada Leo Smith

    The joys of the large collection (or too big as less enlightened folk would have it), the discovery of a lost gem! I have ATFT too, so thanks for the reminder on that. A trip to the shelves to find it reveals that here's another very good Lindberg on Black Saint called "The Catbird Sings" with the same band. I seem to recall I purchased these as they very well thought of by Messrs Cook and Morton. I never fully embraced "Occupy The World". I will revisit though as part of an ever-lengthening list of WLS recordings to catch up with (I need to retire...)
  11. Wadada Leo Smith

    Treader is, I'm pretty sure, run by Jon Coxon (once of Spring Heel Jack). He plays with WLS on a number of the albums (and in concert) both with Spring Heel Jack (see "The Sweetness Of Water" on Thirsty Ear - highly recommended) and in duo or with other musicians This morning, prompted by your question, I listened to an album that I'd not thought of when I initially answered - "America's National Parks". It really is a very impressive work. Again WLS is the only horn but the rest of the band are all longtime partners, except the cellist who really adds to the sound. To my ears a more successful recording than the "Great Lakes Suite" with Threadgill et al and I'm a huge Threadgill fan.
  12. Alan Braufman "Valley of Search" Reissue

    4AD, the same label as of old? Haven't thought of them since my Cocteau Twins days which are far too long ago now .... Or the Squidco option
  13. Alan Braufman "Valley of Search" Reissue

    you beat me to it
  14. Chico Hamilton Quintet - With Strings Attached [Warner Bros] An interesting experiment that is largely successful (more so than the cover art). String arrangements by Fred Katz. Early Eric Dolphy.