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  1. Would love to have been there
  2. No, I have it on vinyl (or my friend who I lent it to has, reminder to get it back)
  3. I don't know the answer but I do know that that compilation is a treasure trove
  4. John Coltrane Quartet - Crescent [HMV, stereo] Nice, great album. Wish my copy was better than VG. I have to go to Spotify for a non-crackly listen
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Good to hear Pursglove in this trio format
  6. Now reading...

    Funny you should mention that. The third or maybe fourth was reviewed in the weekend paper (yes I went analogue) and sounded quite intriguing here's the review, it is the fourth instalment https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/sep/14/labyrinth-spirits-carlos-ruiz-zafon-cemetery-forgotten-books-quartet-final-review I remember the first instalment was hyped so much over here that I ended up ignoring it! I might try it now. Do you read these novels in the Spanish or translation? (Also, as an aside I passed on the Sid Lowe book about Barca/Real to a football mad friend today so your recommendation still bears fruit)
  7. No RVG. Nor on my HMVs of 'Meditations' or 'Ascension'. 'Crescent' due to arrive tomorrow so I'll see whether that bucks the trend
  8. October 2004 Connoisseur Release (Proposed)

    That's the one. I remember being very impressed by the two other musicians in the trio as well one of whom played great bcl. Looks like it was QEH
  9. Now reading...

    OK, thanks. I'll add it to the list. I remember reading some Goytisolo at the time as well, my only real memory is that it wasn't an easy read. Can't even remember which title it was
  10. October 2004 Connoisseur Release (Proposed)

    with his trio at the Barbican. Lots of instrument swapping went on?