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  1. Anything Good To Say About Andre Vida???

    Thanks, i'll take a listen
  2. Ahmad Jamal

    Fascinating listen, thank you
  3. Anything Good To Say About Andre Vida???

    I have this https://www.discogs.com/Andr%C3%A9-Vida-Brud-Volumes-I-III-1995-2011/release/3307766 Not listened to it in some time, remember it as a difficult, challenging listen which isn't a bad thing in this house but does require the right moment. I need to revisit once my bust CD player is fixed. Which Simmons are you listening to?
  4. Alan Braufman – Valley Of Search reissue

    Mr Braufman tells me there's UK/European distro too, so that's me sorted
  5. New Direction For The Arts - Free Form Suite [Three Blind Mice]
  6. François Tusques' Free Jazz

    unreserved recommendation for the music and the reissue from me
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ist - Lodi [Confront Recordings} RIP Simon H. Fell
  8. Still to open mine that arrived last week
  9. Simon H. Fell (1959-2020)

    This is horrible news. He always produced thoughtful and challenging music.
  10. this one...blue/black but not the blue/black I always think of which is the one with the black 'b'
  11. Jacques Coursil (1938-2020)

    Damn, another important voice quitens. I love the BYG leader dates and his other appearances on that label. Of the more recent recordings the Tzadik I have is really strong and 'Trail Of Tears' is a powerful statement, musically and otherwise. I didn't know about the Rogue Art, not sure how I missed that as I'm on their mailing list
  12. Shipping delays

    I think Brownswood is actually named after the road in north London where the collection/studio is/was located. Just round the corner from his beloved Arsenal FC. Arc is his new label focussed on reissues
  13. Barney Kessel - Feeling Free [Contemporary,Japan] more Elvin and Bobby H
  14. Another of today's arrivals... Grant Green - Street Of Dreams [Blue Note] 1970 repress what a quartet, four of my favourite players on their respective instruments
  15. Bobby Jaspar - s/t [Sam Records, 2019]