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  1. Joke of the Day

    That's what I took it to mean too
  2. and Nadine Dorries has never forgiven them it would seem {with apologies for the parochial post}
  3. He was also at the first David Murray concert in London that Cadillac released. He was always happy to share his Murray memories with me. Missed indeed.
  4. Jeff Parker - Forfolks [International Anthem/Nonesuch, 2022]
  5. I was at the London date Wish I'd been there with you for that one, possibly my favourite Rivers band Thanks for posting this
  6. Today, so far David Murray - Ming's Samba [Portrait, 1989] David Murray - 3D Family, Vol.1 [HatMusics, Switzerland 1983] David Murray Trio - Sweet Lovely [Black Saint, Italy 1980] Jim Marks - Touching Your Feelings [Nicole Records, Italy 2022 RP] Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - South Africa To South Carolina [Arista, 1975]
  7. I have indeed, thanks
  8. I bought that after one of your posts
  9. I'll be very interested to see which one got the nod
  10. and will therefore be appearing in your 80s blog no doubt
  11. David Murray trio - The Hill [Black Saint, Italy 1988] a post by @ghost of mileselsewhere reminded me about this LP. Murray was one of my entry points to Jazz and I hoovered up the the Black Saints. This takes me back.
  12. Jazz Contemporaries - Reasons In Tonality [Strata East, 1972]
  13. Fred Van Hove, R.I.P.

    That's a shame. I missed his recent-ish visits to Oto too
  14. Credit where credit's due in that case, to Jaime Zuvera. According to the cover. The label has quite a strong design aesthetic so maybe he does others for them too
  15. Luke Stewart - Exposure Quintet [Astral Spirits, 2020]