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  1. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    I can try!
  2. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    That's a Not Two All-stars band Unsure why it needs a wooden box. Also, seems odd that they're only releasing an 8 minute piece by the full ensemble. I wonder if there's going to be a follow up companion release with more from them all. Nice to see Homburger included playing the Bach solo and with BG. Saw that live, stunning
  3. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    A local, central London hotel has just donated all its toilet paper and soap to the charity for older people that I work for to be distributed with our emergency food parcels. More could easily do the same
  4. Anthony Braxton

    Thanks for highlighting this
  5. An all time favourite. One of the great live albums. I've just finished listening to his 'Justments album, for the same reason Have now moved onto Curtis Mayfield - Sweet Exorcist. More genius.
  6. 1983?! Now I'm suddenly feeling my years. I was only reminiscing with a good friend just before the lockdown about seeing them about then, maybe a year later, in London. May still have the LP in a cupboard somewhere, maybe not
  7. Bill Withers, R.I.P.

    Great songwriter, great voice. Great loss.
  8. Beatrice Dillon - Workaround One of my occasional forays into contemporary electronic, dance related music. Pitchfork put it rather well "Though the 14 tracks range in style and duration, from hypnotic club cuts to brief, abstracted etudes, they all share a palette of scratchy drum machine and glistening FM synths; virtually all are paced at roughly 150 beats per minute, so that they feel less like standalone compositions than variations upon a single, overarching theme." or just, very good indeed, as I'd put it
  9. Mike Westbrook - finally the big band is back...

    New old Westbrook about to arrive. Nice feature here https://thebluemoment.com/2020/04/02/mike-westbrooks-citadel-room-315/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Purchase info at the bottom. Ordered mine!
  10. Ric Colbeck Quartet - The Sun Is Coming Up [Fontana] finally got myself a nice NM copy. What a session. J.F. Jenny-Clark!
  11. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    I claim the prize. bigbandrecord is Jair Bolsanaro. Welcome to the board Mr. President!