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  1. That is a great doc.Borrowed it from a friend when it came out and never bought my own copy, wish I had now. Goes for ££ these days
  2. Roscoe Mitchell's "Ride the Wind"

    Labour of love (or madness)...wish there was an easier and more equitable way for you
  3. Roscoe Mitchell's "Ride the Wind"

    Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for it form Jazz Messengers. I don't know of Orkhestra. Shame there's no decent UK distribution (especially given the likely post-Brexit situation) for this music anymore. Too small a market I can only assume. Maybe I need a sideline...
  4. Roscoe Mitchell's "Ride the Wind"

    Is there any UK or European distribution on the horizon?
  5. Clifford, do you know if the contents of all of those DG Avant Garde boxes were available as single LPs? I believe a good number were
  6. I have a copy of that that has for some unfathomable reason remained sealed. I was at the gig and wonder whether subconsciously I'm trying to preserve that live experience which would be odd as my memory of the performance is getting more hazy. I should break open the LP, I guess
  7. Anna Hogberg Attack- s/t [Omlott] followed by New York Art Quartet - Call It Art [Turning Point] LP.1
  8. Sirone - Artistry [Of The Cosmos] one of my all time favourites (despite never managing to get a clean copy, after several attempts)
  9. Anthony Braxton

  10. Tim Berne

    Well, that should just about cover things for a while. Nice selections, Hope you enjoy them all
  11. Australian Jazz

    Glad you enjoyed it. Whenever I see them my view of who's the most impressive of the three rotates through the evening which probably says a lot more about them than me.
  12. Tim Berne

    Following on from the Soul Note years of Misterioso's suggestion, the JMT releases are uniformly strong and provide a variety of sized ensembles. I think this run is one of his strongest but that may be because I was hearing them contemporaneously. Personal favourites are Fractured Fairytales and the Hemphill tribute Diminutive Mysteries. The studio dates are probably the best entry as the live ones such as the three cds of The Paris Concert are pretty exhaustive (and some might say exhausting), same for the early Screwgun releases. 40 minute plus pieces not unusual here