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  1. And I agree completely about 'The First Minute...'. So we have the same top three just in a slightly different order I find all of 'Winter in America' moving. This song just slays me every time
  2. Rena Rama - New Album [Dragon, Sweden 1986] Dragon really pushing the boat out on graphic design and titling for this album. Not as good as the previous one posted, this may well go on the "to sell" pile.
  3. ooh, 'Winter In America' in my house. 'Pieces Of A Man' a very very close second
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Thanks, into the cupboard I will venture. I bought it when it was released but looking at the line up with hindsight it does look a bit of an odd collection of players.
  5. First listen in years, inspired by your Jazz I Sverige thread. It's a lot better than I remember it, worth a listen definitely. it's quite beefy in parts, a bit like the early Garbarek Quartet ECMs which isn't much of a surprise. If it were reissued today Stranger Than Paradise would have it in the 'Spiritual Jazz' (which it isn't) section and rave about it... I've been mulling a major sifting of the LP collection and had this in mind as a "to sell", not now
  6. Rena Rama - Landscapes [Japo, Germany 1977]
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's in a cupboard here somewhere, should I get it out for a spin?
  8. Jazz I Sverige

    I have the Maffy Falay, Rena Rama and Iskra. Of the three Iskra is the most interesting, Falay the most fun and Rena Rama the least played. I'd say each of them merit a stream on a quiet day but none is essential. I'll be interested to hear views on other titles, good thread.
  9. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Were you listening to Cornbread as well? I admire your stamina too!
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's really good. So is its predecessor, possibly better
  11. BFT#220

    Track 8. A piano trio on ECM. Not many of them and I have a lot of them. Do I start listing them... Marcin Wasilewski?
  12. BFT#220

    Track 2. Nice enough. Sounds a bit folky and American. I have no idea who it is but very happy to copy @@Dub Modal's suggestion of Marc Johnson Track 3. Enjoyed that, no clue who it is Track 4. Now this is right up my street, that fusing of Middle Eastern/Arabic instruments with trumpet. Emir ElSaffar comes to mind immediately and is my inclination. it's not Yazz Ahmed I don't think, too much Arabic instrumentation. Ibrahim Maalouf has left this behind a bit now, could be an early one of his but I don't think so. Trying to think of others. It sounds modern rather than examples recorded in 70s like Maffy Falay. Definitely want to know who this is Track 5. Here we go, it's that Billy Harper/McCoy Tyner vibe and no surprise hearing this on a Pim BFT I'll take a guess it's not recorded this century or if it is the leader recorded similar stuff 40 years ago or more. Drummer goes on a bit. Track 6. never a big fan of solo piano so this doesn't grab me too much. A wild guess, Jason Moran? Track 7. Craig Harris is my immediate response after 45 seconds. I'm completely sold on it and I hope someone IDs it quickly so I can track it down. Best track so far Track 8. I recognise this, sounds like an ECM. Is it Bobo Stenson? Although I'm not sure the drummer is Jan Falt so if it is Stenson it's an earlier one. I think I may well have this Track 9. Pleasant enough but leaves me a bit cold, I'm afraid Track 10. after 30 seconds, Go Go Penguin? I'll be back with thoughts on the remainder later. Nice selection so far
  13. BFT#220

    Is Track 1. Jay Hoggard, one of his Muse dates perhaps? I like it whoever it is
  14. BFT#220

    Thanks Pim, I shall listen over the next couple of days. I bet Mal's in there somewhere