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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe (Ninja Tune) Good to have them back but could have been a stronger return
  2. Just back from seeing this. I'd rate it as a good primer or intro to the label for folk new to Jazz. I can't really see anyone with any depth of knowledge learning much new. Starts off as a fairly straight chronology, highlighting Wolff and Lion's story and their love and support for the music and the lack of commercial motivations. Highlight of this section is clips of a very entertaining Lou Donaldson interview. Next section focusses on Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter who provide a very nice double act interview developing the story of BN in the 60s, diverting to Miles's Quintet, the hits from Morgan and Silver, touching on Civil Rights movement. Session film of 'Masquelero' played by HH, WS, Glasper, Akinmusire, Loueke, Hodge, Strickland is the only 'live' performance. It's good. Third section is rebirth, Lundvall, Norah Jones, US3 and influence on Hip Hop. This is a running theme with Glasper, Akinmusire, Terrace Martin featured throughout alongside Cuscuna and Don Was and I think an important one to the film maker who definitely wants to draw the line through to today and today's scene. There was some huffing and puffing in the audience during the Hip Hop section. The audience wasn't young 😀 A highlight for me was the extensive use of Wolff's session contact sheets and shots I'd not seen before, many I had, but bear in mind I'm a BN fanatic. There's worse ways of spending 85 minutes and £6.
  3. Joe Daley Trio - At Newport '63 (RCA Victor)
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Dwight Trible - Mothership (Gearbox) Life's always better for a new DT release
  5. Peter Brotzmann Group - Alarm (FMP)
  6. So am I after the first listen. Thanks for the earlier encouragement
  7. Roswell Rudd - The Definitive Roswell Rudd [Horo]
  8. Larry Young - Heaven And Earth [Blue Note]
  9. Larry Young - Contrasts [Blue Note]
  10. Yes, I think mine too. Just playing 'Unity' now and 'Mother Ship' is lined up next
  11. Larry Young - Into Something! [Blue Note/Music Matters, 45rpm] one of my all time favourite album covers. The music's pretty special too.
  12. That's a great record. So good that I bought it twice without realising! The only time I have done that, that I've spotted anyway