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  1. Humans have agency and choose to take part. If they are badly injured or die then that's part of the risk assessment they should have made. The bulls however have no choice but are put in an unnatural and probably frightening environment and react accordingly. My sympathy is with the animals that are exploited for human "entertainment".
  2. Bill Dixon/Cecil Taylor - Duets 1992 [Triple Point] First dive in
  3. It lives up to its name
  4. Just ordered a copy. Thanks for highlighting it. I'm not sure how I missed it's existence earlier, very careless of me.
  5. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Outplayed, out thought by a better, fitter team No don't do that, just stick with the national stereotypes as an intelligent, fair minded Dutchman
  6. Now reading...

    Just started and enjoying it so far
  7. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Thank you both for such in depth and informative answers that I'm going to reread in the morning. @Dan Gould - no blasphemy that I observed. Singing was in the order you suggest. We did see double plays and spent some time admiring the throwing speed against running speed. Something is very similar in cricket which I know has learnt a lot from baseball in that area over the last 20 years. And yes, hitting the ball propelled at such speed with a round bat seems based more on hope than anything else. At least cricket batsmen have a flat bat and get to see the ball bounce 😀 @JSngry - I could get very interested in the entire pitcher/batter dynamic. In cricket we spend hours discussing how the bowler is using the ball, the atmospherics and the pitch to outplay the batsmen. The "boring game"quote almost sums up my reaction to today's game although it never really bored just had a steady rhythm that was ocasionally interrupted by an explosion of action. That contrast was in itself important and key I felt. Hey, a cricket international Test Match can last 5 days and still be exciting!
  8. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Just back from the game. Well that was an entertaining and at times bewildering experience. As a big cricket fan I couldn't help making comparisons and as cricket is often derided for its lack of action I was struck by how few times the batters actually hit the ball! 5 innings I think with no score...I guess there was plenty of nuance for experienced watchers to enjoy in that time. Also struck by quite how much time is taken when the ball isn't in play. It was really a much more static a spectacle than I had thought it would be, with just occasional bursts of action. Please forgive a neophyte a stupid and possibly insulting question. My friend and I were debating how much control batters have over placement of their hits. I though I detected a tactical choice to go for ground shots after about inning 6. My mate reckons that it's so hard to just make contact as a batter that placement (very important in cricket) is more luck than judgement. Enlightenment gratefully received... Great atmosphere but what's with the community sing song of "Sweet Caroline"? "Take me to the ballpark"I took to be traditional but Neil Diamond??? 😀 (unless it's a pun on his family name...) They're back here next great and we both said we would be too
  9. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Thanks Brad, I'm going on Sunday. Not too sure how much of the nuance I'll understand but certainly looking forward to the experience. Still time for some more rules reading....
  10. Marion Brown: Le temps fou

    Yeah, bootleg quality. Thankfully I didn't pay for it
  11. Now reading...

    That looks intriguing I'm just finishing this. Enjoyable enough read but strikes as quite superficial and betrays the it's culled from so many sources. Taught me things I didn't know about the period that just predates me. I've grown up with its influence. A good primer, perhaps.
  12. Marion Brown: Le temps fou

    I've got a copy of the reissued vinyl which has pressing issues which don't play through, twice on side one. Side two is a bit crackly too in places but hasn't been cleaned yet so that may be OK. Buyer beware - maybe worth asking sellers to check. It's a great album.
  13. Thought I'd bump this thread as I've been really enjoying Sadao Watanabe's 'Paysage' since it arrived a few weeks ago and I don't see it mentioned above. Peacock, Kikuchi, Togashi, Murakami, dream team. Looks like I need to check out the s/t on Sony and the Mariano collaborations next. Also been enjoying the two 'Cantos' albums, one with Togashi the other with Sato by Toshiyuki Miyama's New Herd. Very good, freer, big band.
  14. Dance remix of A Love Supreme!!!??

    I thought of that too. I have the 12" single of it somewhere
  15. Dance remix of A Love Supreme!!!??

    Thanks for posting that. I rate de Clive-Lowe too but didn't know the Rotterdam Jazz collaboration, great stuff