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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Chad Taylor Trio - The Daily Biological [Cuneiform]
  2. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Julius Eastman - Femenine. Apartment House, livestream from Wigmore Hall
  3. That sounds very interesting. Just checked Discogs I'm also surprised they don't pop up on UK Jazz recordings more. I think Orphy Robinson may have played them in the past
  4. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    I live happily with the 1977 UA edition not that I play it very often not because of the pressing just don't need to hear it much
  5. BFT 198 Link & Discussion

    Yeah, that would be a great listen
  6. That was all over Twitter at the time. I decided it was a luxury I and my shelves could live without.
  7. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    The expanded 'Too Late To Stop Now' is a gem, not least for the DVD and Van's hilarious attempts at a high kick. Music is peerless. I suspect that Dante had something to say about hanging out with Sir George Ivan. People might be a bit more inclined to listen to him if he didn't throw phrases like 'Fascist bullies' into the public arena. Not a lot to respect there, I'm afraid.
  8. New Corbett v Dempsey

    First listen to the Graves/Pullen and first time hearing this music. Impressive stuff. The hand painted sleeves reproduced in this cover are something else. Have the ICP with Pukwana to investigate next.
  9. Giant Steps at 60.

    £30, tempting indeed. I remember not being able to afford it when it was released. Maybe now's the time, an opportunity to consolidate my JC collection which is pretty comprehensive but spread across various editions. Or, I could just head over to Spotify and save the shelf space Thanks Niko, that's really helpful. I have a very early CD of 'Giant Steps' and 'Coltrane Jazz' so no alternates. I also have the recent mono LP of GS so it's the alternates and the sound that make the current reissue tempting.
  10. Giant Steps at 60.

    If everyone is happy with 'Heavyweight Champion' am I safe to assume that for someone like me who doesn't own that box (am I even allowed to still post here...😃) this current issue is pretty essential?
  11. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    Morrison has produced some of my favourite music. Astral Weeks, possibly my favourite album. Over the years I've accepted that he was a curmudgeonly reactionary and squared that with my enjoyment of his music as I don't hold by having musical heroes. However I find this episode deeply disturbing. Peddling lies is not 'speaking truth to power', it's highly irresponsible as more lives are lost here and in other countries. My only compensation is that he's largely irrelevant to the wider population so that his infantile but dangerous rantings will go largely ignored.
  12. Brother Ah - Divine Music [Manufactured Recordings] currently 'Meditations', previously 'The Sea' Each time I play LPs from this box I enjoy them more. A great collection.
  13. I thought that was pretty good. Interesting response in the comments from Mr. Spillett about recognising that Tubby was no saint. No surprise to see Mr. Weller as an exec producer. Glad to know my Jam and Style Council purchases are being put to good use
  14. Jacques Coursil (1938-2020)

    Order placed. Thanks for highlighting it's existence. The LP is evidently not taken from the performance below but unclear if it's from another performance or from a studio. I'm sure LP sleeve will reveal all on arrival.