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  1. Thanks for posting. A good read and overview. This was the phrase that really made me wonder "the family traveled in a VW bus...which Cherry redesigned so that he could sit in the lotus position behind the wheel, using his hands to work the brakes" Great improvisation
  2. The vocal tracks are great, Twible at his best and the choir is superb. The Fela tribute is a highlight. Loving this
  3. Mine's arrived. Straight in the player, sounding great. Nicely packaged, obviously a lot of thought and care has gone it producing thi
  4. Has anyone got a copy of this they want to offload? Would like it to be as clean as possible. And yes, I do realise it's available on CD.
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    That's it indeed. There are some advantages of living here...
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    Root canal and extraction £62. Glad I'm not a performer and happy with roguishly inscrutable smile
  8. Yeah, Hamer really stood out on the first listen, more so than Harriott himself. "Reg, give the bloke his trumpet back in one piece, will ya"
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    Indeed. I'm going for the gappy smile option...too old to care now
  10. Yes, I was going to note something about the power of the music overcoming the 'limited' sound quality... I blame GP for the purchase of this, wine in hand watching Jazz 625 thinking "why haven't I got that Harriott LP?". The joy of internet shopping, with wine
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    I'm in the midst of the self same dental treatment so I feel your pain. I am also very very grateful for our National Health Service looking at your costs
  12. Joe Harriott Quintet - Swings High [Cadillac]
  13. I'm a big fan of those Family albums and a few of the others on that list. This makes me think I should head over to Spotify to check out the names I don't know. Always an education, John
  14. Which makes it even weirder as the album I'd been listening to previously was her 'Transfiguration'...
  15. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    I have no idea but I'm very keen to find out. Any Brown from that time will have me investigating. Another live release like the Giuffre perhaps