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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That Tyner, White, Clarke trio is something to behold. Looking forward to the watching the rest of it
  2. Not Two Records New Releases

    I'd buy lots at that postage rate! My cart for the new Guy and the Holmander box came to just shy of 100 euro, 25 euro of which was postage. Too rich for me. Postage from Poland to UK has risen dramatically in the last few years (as it has from US) making download and streaming the only affordable option if available I'll keep an eye on other sources for the Guy
  3. Not Two Records New Releases

    Thanks Steve, some very good news there A new Guy large ensemble piece is reason enough to by any boxset. The rest will be great as well and I prefer Percy to Peter so that suits me fine. I've seen Wickihalder in a trio with Guy and in the Blue Shroud and he's very good indeed. Only issue will be the cost...
  4. Interesting read, thanks for posting
  5. I like the 'ethnography' descriptor. It's vital music and does transcend the recording quality. The Shaw Ensemble recording would be great to hear. I've never heard a Charles Shaw recording I've not really enjoyed
  6. And I was just about to tell you about 'Hells Bells'...isn't it great when record companies do our bidding.... I'm really enjoying the McKinney particularly the vocal elements which pleases me as it was a bit of a punt on the back of minimal sampling. I think the Vick will be in my bag fairly soon too. NP. Jerome Cooper, Kalaparusha, Frank Lowe - Positions [Kharma] great music that overcomes a pretty primitive live recording that makes the players sound like their down the end of a corridor or even next door!
  7. Harold McKinney - Voices And Rhythms Of The Creative Profile [Pure Pleasure]
  8. Joseph Jarman - Sunbound, Volume One [AECO Records]
  9. Sarathy Korwar and Upaj Collective - My East Is Your West [Gearbox Records]
  10. ebay madness re: vinyl

    It does make me feel better about my expenditure on LPs when I see how much folk are prepared to pay for a 7"
  11. Joseph Jarman, Don Moye featuring Jonny Dyani - Black Paladins (Black Saint)
  12. Joseph Jarman - RIP

    Very sad news, condolences to those on the board who knew him On Monday I saw a quintet of UK musicians (including Alexander Hawkins of this parish) play a very intense and thought provoking version of 'Non-Cognitive Aspects Of The City'. I bought a copy of 'Song for' off the back of the experience. I've been thinking a lot about Mr Jarman this week, now this...
  13. US based, higher profile (helped by the increased coverage of all things Monk this last year). Just think of it as a particularly small US independent . Still fits my theory which is just a theory, not claiming 'the truth' just sharing a thought
  14. Because DJs play what they think the audience will like and critics vote for what they like. Different segments or am I missing something from as a viewer from afar (apologies if that is the case) FWIW I thought the list, and especially the top 10, was pretty solid selection but then it probably reflects my taste so I would say that. For others with different tastes it probably looks all askew. I do need to hear the Wayne Shorter because Not Two is a small European independent with limited US distribution I'd guess. The only European labels represented ECM and Intakt have quite a higher profile, the only other smaller labels are US based.