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  1. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    He may well be but my club are quite happy with their manager thanks. You won't be overly bothered by my hometown team, Reading FC, I suspect. If this is a reference to Spurs, who aren't my club but are 2 miles down the road, then they may well have just done a worse deal than Sam
  2. New Braxton House - at least co-founded by AB I believe Come to that, what about the Tri-Centric Foundation releases?
  3. George Haslam - Slam Productions Simon H. Fell - Bruces Fingers Alex Ward - Copepod Whether they would describe themselves as Jazz musicians is perhaps a moot point
  4. Just by me questioning the decision to cut at 45rpm and the resultant abrupt non-fades. Evidently one of those is on the original which I don't know so I was happy to stand corrected on that one.
  5. Cleaning Records

    It's great when that happens after a clean. Pleased your new kit is working out.
  6. George Sams - Nomadic Winds [Hat Art] very pleased to discover this. Short at just over 30 minutes but it's quality
  7. David Murray

    That's a hell of a line up. How was Moncur?
  8. Anyone who really wants to hear that music can buy the LPs, all are fairly readily available and not exorbitantly priced. They'll not get a CD reissue now unless as David says it's institutionally supported. Really how many units would sell worldwide, let's face it it wouldn't even get near to 50% take up on this board. I love the idea of Don't Preston trying to break it in the Zappa market most of whom would probably want a hologram of FZ included ☺ Streaming/digital possibly but I still don't see that happening soon.
  9. He also helps his fellow enthusiasts https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/20/rod-stewart-donates-10000-model-railway-club-vandalised-market-deeping
  10. Various Artists - Inspiration & Power 14 Free Jazz Festival [Trio Records]
  11. I've bought two of their Company reissues. Nicely done but unconvinced that cutting them at 45rpm enhances the experience of this music very much, especially when they were sidelong pieces at 33rpm. I sent them an email with this observation and they got very upset... I have an original of that Music Improv Co. title. Excellent stuff, as is the ECM
  12. Grachan Moncur III - Shadows [Denon]
  13. I'm also a big fan of saved searches, my bank account less so
  14. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    That result may well had been the ref's fault too