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  1. Mars Williams Ayler Christmas Part 2

    Nor me (like B##xit has happened already...). I thought similarly about Amsterdam
  2. Recent Arkestra shows in London (about 2 a year) have been about a tentet pulling from that pool and from others
  3. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    Massive Van fan too. My favourite albums today are 'Astral Weeks', 'Veedon Fleece' and 'Common One'. Tomorrow it will be the same three but in a different order. The day after that 'Wavelength' or 'Hard Nose The Highway' may get a look in I have to say that I think the albums since 'Hymns To The Silence' have been patchy at best. I really started to be annoyed by the increasing number of songs he wrote generally moaning about the music business. Everyone who follows his career knows his reputation for not being the cheeriest but these songs sound like self-indulgent whining at best. However, I still listen to each new album and would make a good double album compilation of the stand out tunes from the recent albums. I'd actually prefer it if he were less prolific and exercised a little more quality control but he his who he is and just on the basis of tunes like that sublime one posted by Joe above he's earned the right to release whatever he wishes irrespective of what I think. The multi-disc 'It's Too Late To Stop Now' is ridiculously good and I'm also very fond of the outtakes compilation 'The Philosopher's Stone'. I hope they release more expanded versions of the earlier albums. Edit to add: how on earth did I forget to mention the sublime 'No Method...' Joe, thanks for posting the Terry Reid which I had never heard but shall listen to a lot now that I have. Lovely
  4. I bought Groupcomposing recently, it's well worth your time CT, believe me. Give it an outing
  5. Wolfgang Schlüter R.I.P.

    always enjoyed his contributions to these
  6. In the queue for Ben Lamar Gay at Oto. Soundcheck sounding great
  7. I'll be buying this if it makes it over here at a not too mad cost
  8. Happy Birthday jeffcrom!

    Happy Birthday!!
  9. Happy Birthday!! And, thanks for posting such interesting music. Hope you have the birthday playlist set up
  10. Thanks. Sadly Sorey's not in the band next week, Cleaver instead.
  11. How was this? I have a ticket for their visit to London in a couple of weeks time. A rare visit