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  1. Bu Pleasant - Ms. Bu [Muse] with thanks to Jsngry and others over at the Obscure Recordings thread. No longer obscure in this small part of north London
  2. Last night, two excellent sets from Hear In Now. The first as a trio, the second with Alexander Hawkins as guest. Recorded too, hopefully to see the light of day It's been good to have them in London for the best part of a week, playing with AEOC, and Tomeka Reid with Jaimie Branch. All three such accomplished and adventurous musicians. Mazz Swift's vocals were a surprise package to me, used sparingly but to great effect in both groupings.
  3. "In The World" Archie Shepp - The Tradition [Horo]
  4. Lou Gare RIP

    What a great shame. A few years ago he did a two or three night residency at Oto. It was the first time I'd seen him live and enjoyed it so much I returned for a second night. Wish I'd had taken more opportunities to hear him play. I have a solo recording, "No Strings Attached" on Matchless, purchased at the gig, that will now be played this afternoon
  5. Dick Grove Orchestra - Little Bird Suite [Pacific Jazz] with thanks to Jeffcrom over at the Obscure thread
  6. No, it's longer and is more Soul oriented, I'd say
  7. Mike Nock's ECM piano trio, Ondas, deserves to be a lot better known too
  8. They certainly do. Absolutely stunning performance. The string trio sounded like they'd been playing with the others for years. All made perfect musical sense. Oto does often record and release concerts so we may be lucky, it was a 3 day residency after all
  9. Sitting in a very busy Oto waiting for tonight's performance. Hoping it's even half as good as last night's seems to have been. Feeling confident.
  10. Yes on the Colbeck - one day I'll own the LP (the day my lottery ticket comes up). Don't know the Young at all
  11. Niels Viggo Bentzon (Rare Danish Jazz LP reissue)

    Thanks for the reminder, made my pledge so it's 98%+ now The Levin is very good. Clifford, I too have an original, slightly beat, and the sound is an improvement
  12. Just ordered a copy. The few available online clips sound very good indeed
  13. No, I've not. I have a later Sonet Chila-Chila which is very good. About 25 years ago a Turkish colleague persuaded me to accompany him to a gig "because I liked Jazz" and it was Temiz and his Magnetic Trio and my introduction to him. London's large Turkish diaspora was out in force and it was a great evening. I've been grateful ever since for having the opportunity to see him live.
  14. Really pleased, and a little surprised, to see that listed. It's such a strong album and was my introduction to both Vosloo and Hanslip both of whom have been worth following since. Nice choice! Another fan of El Nutto here. Any other Gibbs you'd recommend as similar? I've checked a few samples but not found anything that grabs me quite as much yet
  15. It is! I just found the full LP online. Great recommendation felser