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  1. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    I listened to the two tracks of Slugs today and whilst the music sounds good I'm not sure about the SQ. My enthusiasm has dimmed a little now
  2. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    I thought the postage wasn't too outrageous at £15 for the pair but there's still the possible customs fees to factor in. I like what I hear. I can't see there being distribution outside US.
  3. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    making me think of Braxton (unsurprisingly), George Lewis and Bill Dixon. Not a bad set of references. Interesting stuff. There's a volume 2 too
  4. You do! It's as good as you think it is. Note the "45 tours" which I didn't spot before ordering.
  5. Francois Tusques & Sunny Murray - Intercommunal Dialogue 1+2 [Ni Vu Ni Connu]
  6. Source for new Japanese jazz vinyl??

    Good experiences with Ella for me too. I'm not sure I have bought from madpierrot but do recognise the name. I do find buying Japanese used vinyl a bit of a lottery though. I've had a number of examples of visually perfect LPs having significant background noise. I wonder whether it has something to do with the humidity which can also play havoc with the covers.
  7. Turn the Tubby up and celebrate!! Happy Birthday CA
  8. Last Sunday

    Would love to see those musicians, and some other Chicagoans (native and assimilated), in the UK. When my lottery numbers come in I fully intend to pay for Cafe Oto to put on a Chicago evening. Until then, I dream and read reports like this
  9. It never takes much time for the hoary old "vinyl good v vinyl bad" debate to raise it's head does it I regret selling my copy of "Live Bullet" and giving away "Back in 72", both by Bob Seger...for almost entirely sentimental reasons
  10. Bandcamp has the function to give download albums/tracks as gifts. Things move on but stay the same. The Liebman CD is available here - third result on a Google search https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/davidliebmanfriends You may have to import from US but that's a price we have to make occasionally living in Europe. All depends on how much you want to hear something. The reason I buy occasional downloads too.
  11. I'm waiting for a price drop after a few months for the CD box, or even a stream, to pick up alternates. I'm rationing myself, trying to get to know each album before moving on as it's all new to me; so still only 5 LPs in. Favourite session so far is ' Tubbs in NY'. But favourite individual tracks are 'The Folks Who Live On The Hill' and 'Down In The Village'. All going nicely with the Beeb's Keeler drama too. Think a visit to Bar Italia is required this week 😃 My reading of the Spillett bio has now caught up with my listening
  12. Noah Howard

    I really enjoy 'Black Ark' too. Others I own and think well worth a listen are the two on ESP, 'Noah Howard Quartet' and 'At Judson Hall' (Ric Colbeck!) and also 'Berlin Concert' on FMP Ones I'd like to hear are 'Schizophrenic Blues', 'Space Dimension' (recently bootlegged reissue by the looks of things) and 'Live At The Swing Club'. I've not investigated his later work so will be interested to see what opinions this thread generates on them
  13. Maybe Job instead of Jehovah. Fingers crossed for a speedy and pain free arrival
  14. I'm pleased it's turned up. Time for a Tubby Xmas! Hermes really are a pile of @##@. I bet it was packaged differently to the photos they sent you