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  1. BFT#220

    1. Very nice. Jay Hoggard? 2. Solo bass. Trying to think of who has recorded solo bass, it's absolutely not Kowald, feels more mainstream than Joelle Leandre, and I do think it's bass, not cello. I'll guess Leandre. On second listen possibly two basses 3. The lead instument seems to be a fluegelhorn, but it's the most clarinet-like sounding fluegelhorn ever. Nat Adderley? 4. Rabih Abou Khalil? 5. McCoy Tyner, early to mid Milestone era, I think 6. I can't rule McCoy out here either. If so much later and finding his way back to the mainstream after having created a new mainstream. 7. Steve Turre - I thought didge at first but it could be conch shells. Or even both. One of the lower flutes as well. 8. I wouldn't be surprised if this is on ECM. Marcin Wasilewski, maybe? A real trio, not leader plus. 9. In a Sentimental Mood composed by Ellington but played by a later piano trio. Tommy Flanagan? Wait, here's a tenor. Can't rule out Ben, but I don't think the piano is Duke. The bass is so upfront it does seem like a later recording. What a tune, it draws out the best in just about everybody. 10. Are there two keyboards here? No but the two riffs that play off each other seem SO independent of each other. Bad Plus? 11. We do love our Tapscott, it could be Horace. But this is Pim, it could be Mal Waldron. I'l go with Mal
  2. BFT #219 Reveal

    Agreed. I've checked out Ackamoor and Sinephro on Amazon since finding out who they were. And the Galper had me clueless until the very end.
  3. BFT 218 Answers

    Patrick Brennan was a fascinating rarity. I recognized Marvin Blackman's name from a Tarika Blue album I like. I see it's on Bandcamp: https://patrickbrennansound.bandcamp.com/album/soup
  4. BFT #219

    Wikipedia says: In the early 1970s, Swallow switched exclusively to electric bass guitar, of which he prefers the five-string variety. It's possible they are wrong.
  5. BFT #219

    Acoustic bass guitar is really rare, I think it's an electric. I find him to be very recognizable on electric bass.
  6. BFT #219

    Jon Christensen is the drummer tkeith couldn't think of, I think. I like him. Arild is playing high notes on the bass, no violins on 8. I didn't pick up that there were 2 basses on the record date for 10, have to listen again for the bass(es).
  7. BFT #219

    This was nearly unguessable, but you guessed it. Awesome
  8. Favorite ECM Records of the 21st Century

    Five Ralph Towner CDs released this century. All tend toward tasteful rather than groundbreaking, but worth checking out.
  9. BFT #219

    OK, I peeked. Great choice for crushing preconceptions.
  10. BFT #219

    Bley first recorded in 1953, so I wonder if the pianist on 4 really came before him. If so, Hank Jones could be in the mix.
  11. BFT #219

    Peacock on 3 means it might be the Paul Bley. Kikuchi is another vocalizer, I think. Other names I thought of for 8 were Gato Barbieri, Ivo Perelman and the Maneris.
  12. BFT #219

    1. I'm thinking Jackie McLean with Charles Tolliver. Yes that sounds an awful lot like a tenor, but Jackie always did. 2. Brandee Younger? Not a lot of harp between Dorothy Ashby and her that wasn't played by Alice Coltrane. 3. Nice open trio concept similar in feel to later Ahmad Jamal, but I don't think it's Ahmad. That's a lot of bass, makes me think of Buster Williams so maybe Kenny Barron 4. In a Sentimental Mood. Earl Hines did a couple of wonderful Duke Ellington solo collections, but this feels a little to modern to be the Fatha. Let's try Tommy Flanagan. 5. Nice panorama of earlier jazz styles. When I think of who could do this and who would do this, I come up with Duke Ellington. 6. Very pleasant. Sonny Fortune? 7. Synthesizer in the mix here. Not Hancock or George Duke, too laid back. Maybe Paul Bley? 8. Boy that sounds like Dewey Redman. Until it starts sounding like later Albert Ayler - like Live in Grenwich Village 9. Even more like Ahmad Jamal. I think this is a tune associated with him. 10. ECM Gary Burton and Steve Swallow? with Pat Metheny? 11. I think it's Pharaoh, even though those records with Michael White had a widespread influence, and it could be later. 12. Grooves so nicely that you have to pay sharp attention to convince yourself it's actually solo piano. A hint of gospel. No real clue, I'll throw out Stanley Cowell as a guess.
  13. RIP Paul Plimley

  14. Richie Cole

    Well I don't live in a police state and am doing what I can to keep it that way. But I think it's great that those who like Woods and Cole are speaking up. And I did note Woods' excellent taste in rhythm sections on Exhibit A.
  15. Richie Cole

    I often saw him in the same light as Phil Woods, technical facility but not that much feeling. Collaborations with Eddie Jefferson are probably his high points.