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  1. Welcome to BFT 210

    2, 8, 9 I believe
  2. Big Ears Festival

    Bought in today.
  3. Welcome to BFT 210

    And I'm wrong, there were two different exact matches on time. Title Track
  4. Welcome to BFT 210

    If I'm right based on timings, the album shares its title with a drummer's middle name and the track shares it's name with a pianist's first name. Charles Sullivan
  5. Welcome to BFT 210

    Charles Sullivan?
  6. Welcome to BFT 210

    Svend Asmussen on 11?
  7. Welcome to BFT 210

    1. Feels like Shepp, and could easily be Dave Burrell on piano. Who would be on vibes if it is? 2. Could be Kenny Barron. 3. Woody Shaw 4. The tenor sounds like Booker Ervin 5. I hear Jarrett in there, but between the bass player and the absence of vocalizations, I'm certain it isn't. So, Brad Mehldau? 6. Miles influenced electric music, but not Miles. Herbie Hancock, Eddie Henderson and Wallace Roney are possibilities. I'll go with Eddie Henderson. 7. Familiar composition, makes me think I know a Woody Shaw version, but this isn't Woody 8. Marilyn Crispell or Myra Melford with a fiddle? 9. Starts with an Indian sounding drone. The Indian feel is present throughout, but doesn't predominate later in the composition. Notable lack of ego in the playing, it's all about blend and flow. Really good, but I don't have any idea who. 10. Very much influenced by McCoy Tyner compositionally. 11. I really think that's a viola. Doesn't fit stylistically very well with either of the names that jumped to mind, Mark Feldman or Harry Lookofsky. 12. Accordion and stringed instrument. Astor Piazzola? 13. Sonny Rollins 14. Do we have Shepp bookends on this BFT? He had a trombone in the band for a lot of late 70's stuff.
  8. Welcome to BFT #209

    I didn't spot the Joey Baron connection right away, but Ron Carter is on bass.
  9. Welcome to BFT #209

    All have players who recorded with Miles
  10. Welcome to BFT #209

    Two other thoughts I've had on #3 are Emily Remler with John Swana, and Jack Wilkins with Randy Brecker. Otherwise back to the ECM catalog, and I don't think it's Enrico Rava.
  11. Welcome to BFT #209

    Indeed. My favorite Frisell isn't jazz at all, but his playing on Lucinda Williams' Americana/Rock/Country album West. Was BillF right on everything? if not, please let us which ones he did nail.
  12. Welcome to BFT #209

    1. Art Pepper? 2. Feels like the trombone's date. Slide Hampton? 3. Edging toward ECM, possibly Tomasz Stanko 4. Piano and Bass, familiar melody. Angel Eyes? No, just similar. Kenny Drew and NHOP? 5. Has a bit of township feel like Abdullah Ibrahim or Chris McGregor, but I hear no keyboards. Maybe Carlos Ward? 6. I think this is Gil Evans, possibly from The Individualism Of Gil Evans. Would that be Wayne Shorter on sax? Great album! 7. Feels like it might be from this century. Grounded in tradition rather than bound by it. Kenny Barron? 8. Congas joined by Guitar, then restrained Sax, organ and bass. John Abercrombie? 9. Has a Konitz feel, but no Warne Marsh. 10. Ballad, ECMish. Eberhard Weber? 11. I like these jumpy little rhythms we are getting into here. Steve Turre? 12. Alto and guitar, tenor too. Sonny Stitt? 13. Organ with acoustic guitar. Unusual combination. Maybe Joe Pass?
  13. Happy 91 Helen Merrill.

    The What's New with Clifford Brown is magnificent.
  14. Welcome to BFT208!

    While I think liking Steve Wilson better than Sonny Fortune is a stretch, he does appear elsewhere on this BFT and Bryan Carrott is also on the same album. Non-brass horns on oth ertracks in this BFT 1. Jane Bunnett 2. James Carter 3. eddie henderson w donald Harrison 4. Barney McAll w Gary Bartz and Peter APfelbaum 5. James Newton 6. Jazz Crusaders w Wilton Felder 7. Anthony Branker with Steve Wilson, Ralph Bowen 8. Vandermark 5 w Dave Rempis 9. Rollins 11. Tapscott w Steve Smith Aubrey Hart (pic) Adele Sebastian (fl) Jesse Sharps (sop) Gary Bias, Michael Session (as) Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Charles Chandler (ts)
  15. Welcome to BFT208!

    I don't think you would refer to Bunnett as "this guy" and I don't think Newton doubles on anything not a flute, so Gary Bartz? I haven't spotted any vibes on Bartz's leader dates on Wikipedia.