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  1. Last minute folks please note. I will be dropping the reveal a couple days early so I don't have to worry about it from Big Ears.
  2. Not Paul Smoker on 12. The trumpet on 14 is Wadada Leo Smith, but the track is not part of the Yo Miles series.
  3. Correct ID. I did play it because I liked it.
  4. Except for the part about being right! I'm not always in the mood for the extreme tartness Dolphy and Ornette can bring to the table, but have learned to appreciate, and there are times when it's just right for me. And I love Charlie Haden, without Ornette there would be less Charlie Haden to enjoy. Like Dan I tend to like tenors more than altos. Just not always the same tenors. Remaining sleuthing (or waiting for Tim Webb or JSngry) to be done: Artist on 1 - tune IDed co-leader on 5 Tune, drummer and full name of trumpeter on 12 tune and all musicians on 14 (trumpeter has been narrowed down) Well done so far, Organissimo Forum!
  5. I'm OK with that. Will be ripping right away. I have ordered.
  6. Well done on the IDs. 11 and 15 (tune) not IDed by anyone yet. I make a point of not reading the thread until I make my first guess, would say that sharing what you know should not rain on anyone's parade. Some people hide a link behind the word "this" to insure that only people who are ready to know find out. Cartoons and early jazz have had a long and somewhat symbiotic relationship. Frequent use in Looney Tunes probably didn't get Fletcher Henderson many gigs, but may have financially benefitted his later years. I had to look up the Bob Clampett reference. You could choose to word it as animated, or cartoonish. I'll go with the former. I do like this version, but Joe Lee Wilson remains my go-to version of Over the Rainbow.
  7. IDed above. Austin Cromer with Diz.
  8. Melba Liston is a fine arranger, did good work with Randy Weston too.
  9. My early thoughts Thursday Allison Russell 6-7:15 Bill Frisell 7:30 - leaving early Joe Lovano w Marilyn Crispell 8:30- 9:30 Los Lobos 9:35 if I can get in leaving early Vijay Iyer 10:30 - 11:45 Friday Greg Tardy 1:00 - 2:15 Antonio Sanchez 2:20 Leaving early Mary Halvorson Amaryllis & Belladonna 3-5 Arooj Aftab - Vijay Iyer 5 leaving early Ava Mendoza 5:45 Maybe end of Tyshawn Sorey 6:50 - 7:15 William Parker 8:45 - 9:45 Ned Rothenberg 10 leaving early Tarbaby w David Murray 11-12:15 Saturday Zorn 12 leaving early Christian McBride 1-2:15 Charles Lloyd 4- leaving early William Parker 4:30 - 5:30 Trio Imagination 5:35 in progress Sun Ra Arkestra 7-8:15 Rickie Lee Jones 8:20 if I can get in. Blood Ulmer 9-10 Maybe end of Zoh Amba Cecile McLorin Salvant 10:45 - 12 Sunday Zorn 12 Wadada 2:15 James Brandon Lewis 3:15 Bill Frisell 4:15 Sona Jobarteh 5:30 Zorn or C McBride 7 Shara Nova 8 Maybe Zorn 10
  10. Austin Cromer does indeed sing on this BFT. And we have the bandleader too! Tune previously IDed as Over The Rainbow. I read or heard that it was a jukebox hit back in its day.
  11. I don't say much once I get desperate enough to Shazam, but I was likewise blown away. You educated away a misinformation I thought I knew, which I mention in my early BFT 228 comments.
  12. Thanks for the feedback so far. You called a correct tune on 8. Tune correct, artist IDed as Gene "Jug" Ammons above.
  13. Thanks to Felser and Dan Gould for the impressions. Glad to have accomplished WWFL and WWDL in the same BFT.
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