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  1. Ella Fiitzgerald - The Lost Berlin Tapes

    I saw Ella on this tour, in London. I wonder if they also recorded the Roy Eldridge/Coleman Hawkins group with Tommy Flanagan that also performed that night. Would love to hear that!
  2. Album sleeves featuring great haircuts

    That's Alfred Lion on the left, isn't it?
  3. McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81

    RIP. Very sad I was lucky enough to have seen him with Coltrane and Dolphy in 1961, and also in the 70s with a quintet. Will be playing some McCoy later on ...
  4. Brian Rust, he of the discographies, used to write Traditional Jazz reviews using the pseudonym "Oliver King"
  5. Preferred Streaming Service for Jazz

    I did use Tidal but have switched to Amazon HD. I think the user interface of Tidal is slightly better but as a Prime user, amazon is cheaper and I fell the sound quality is very good. The only real problem I have with these services (and especially Amazon) is the number of public domain issues. Search for any jazz album recorded before 1962 and you will find dozens of PD versions and it can be difficult to pick out a genuine release.
  6. Blakey vs. Baker

    Elvin Jones as well
  7. Beethoven piano sonatas - Pienaar?

    The sonata performances are on the decca box linked above. I have the Brilliant issue and think it is wonderful. Another good set is Annie Fischer on Hungaraton. Don't particularly like Kovacevich in this repertoire. Kempff mono set is wonderful too.
  8. Here is a relevant thread from 2005 on the previous CD issues.
  9. Mastered for MQA! Ugh! However it appears they have now found the master tapes which is good news. I believe some previous issues were needle drops. (not sure which ones off hand, perhaps Mexican Green)
  10. Rock exploded in 1971?

    No, they are just 10 or 20 years younger than the ones voting for the 70s
  11. Are they WAV files by any chance?
  12. Album artwork can be stored in various places. Personally I attach it to the music files but it can also be stored in the 'Album Artwork' directory. I think it goes there if you buy from iTunes or ask iTunes to find artwork. I don't use this feature so I am not completely sure. If your iTunes directory was empty then so would have been the Album Artwork directory so if you only copied over the .itl or .xml file you would indeed lose artwork. For what it's worth I upgraded to Mojave with zero problems, in iTunes or anything else.
  13. That's interesting about the artwork. I would have thought you might have GAINED about 5%. They recently introduced a bug where if your artwork was not perfectly square it would not display. That bug is fixed in the iTunes in Mojave though. Are you sure you don't have an iTunes update waiting for you somewhere?
  14. Trane and, um, Mel?

    I have a copy of that Dolphy jam on CD somewhere, I will have to try to find it. IIRC it is recorded abysmally I saw that Coltrane/Gillespie tour in Walthamstow, London.
  15. I have only just seen this thread. I was at the LSE gig. I was at UCL at the time and George Foster was running the Jazz Club there. My feelings pretty much match George's. A friend of mine, also at the LSE gig, found himself in a lift with some of the band including Beaver Harris. When the lift went up, Beaver made a comment something like "Rocket to the Moon..."