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  1. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Operetta for Barbara Donald
  2. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Rumasuma contains some of the best Barbara Donald on record. Simmons seems inhibited by the piano, but Donald just burns — every solo she has. You can really hear the Booker Little influence.
  3. *** SUN RA Corner***

    A legit reissue (Enterplanetary Koncepts) of this:
  4. Red Garland on Prestige

    This 2003 Japanese compilation is excellent, especially when you just want to play a single disc of Red's: 1. C Jam Blues (Groovy) 2. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Red Garland’s Piano) 3. But Not For Me (Red Garland’s Piano) 4. St. James Infirmary (When There Are Grey Skies) 5. My Blue Heaven (When There Are Grey Skies) 6. Soon (Can’t See For Lookin’) 7. Summertime (All Kinds of Weather) 8. Rain (All Kinds of Weather) 9. A Foggy Day (A Garland of Red) 10. What Is This Thing Called Love? (A Garland of Red) 11. This Can’t Be Love (It’s A Blue World) 12. And The Angels Sing (Red Garland Trio/Moodsville) 13. Billy Boy (Revisited!)
  5. Red Garland on Prestige

    Good album for 2020. Red is tight.
  6. Vinny Golia

    Saw Golia live in 1997 at LACMA. He played almost the entire gig on Eb contra-alto clarinet. Unfortunately, I can't remember the rest of the band. A piano-less quartet if I recall correctly.
  7. All Things Hat

    The Ayler appears to be a two-disc reissue of: I never got around to picking up the Stockholm/Berlin set, so it's nice that it'll be available once again. I also have Yasmina, but not Blasé, so the Shepp too is a welcome reissue. I hope that Werner keeps digging through the hat archive as well as other labels. If ezz-thetics essentially becomes a reissue label, I'm for it.
  8. Mingus - Pithecanthropus Erectus

    Any thoughts, twelve years later, as to what compact disc edition of Pithecanthropus Erectus sounds best? ("Best" being a relative term, of course.) I have a Japanese K2 20-bit edition, and Mingus's bass is artificially boosted. Anyone here happen to have heard the (ridiculous term ahead) MQA-UHQCD edition? The music, it goes without saying, is irreproachable.
  9. All Things Hat

    Maybe Werner has been reading this board ... typo corrected! Plus, these are new in the upcoming list: But notice in the corrected image for the Taylor reissue that the "Mason & Hamlin" logo on the piano has now been scrubbed away. Weird. The photo's exposure has also been lowered.
  10. All Things Hat

    Maybe Cecil united all his Units at one point and we just didn't know about it.
  11. All Things Hat

  12. Give It Up For Booker!

    You're gonna love it. It's always seemed a little more heartfelt to me than his Prestige dates. The young Bobby Few on piano adds a slight twist.
  13. "Very Early: Bill Evans, 1956-58"

    I don't find the album horrible, but I do think it's curious that perhaps the most interesting track ("My Heart Stood Still") was left off the album. My guess is that Creed Taylor didn't like Gary Peacock's solo (which seems to be giving the middle finger to the proceedings). I like Olga Albizu's paintings:
  14. RIP, Steve Grossman.

    The Day Elvin Jones Fired Up Milwaukee's Lakefront Festival of Art in 1972 I love this quartet. Wouldn't be the same without Grossman.