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  1. windmill tilter!

    "Lola" is one of the first modern jazz LP's from Poland (along Krzysztof Komeda works), featuring Wlodek Gulgowski on piano (later on Michal Urbaniak Fusion) and Czeslaw Bartkowski, local drum star (also many albums with Urbaniak, StaƄko and others). It's also rare and expensive, considered like a holy grail by collectors in Europe. I guess it will make an instant hit.
  2. It looks like we've got cover and a full setlist - 2 LP's with previously unreleased material! According to Rough Trade its 86$ and has 12p booklet... ... aaand some great news from Strut's Facebook: "There will be a CD format released in the Autumn, yes"
  3. GAD Records - Polish Jazz (and more)

    There are some nice treats from the sublabel od GAD, Chickadisc: Toto Blanke "Electric Circus" - PSI "Horizonte" (some undeground 70s German jazzrock) - Mark Nauseef "Personal Note" (this one is a KILLER, raw like 70's Miles, with Joachim Kuhn, Trilok Gurtu and Jan Akkerman) -
  4. I just got notification about nice offer on Bandcamp from Matsuli Music.They're making a yearly subscription for 7 LP's of very rare jazz/spiritual/jazz-rock recordings from Africa for 130$: MM115 Dudu Pukwana and the Spears (due June 2020) MM116 Zorro Five - Jump Uptight (due June 2020) MM117 Busi Mhlongo - Urban Zulu (due June 2020) MM118 Chris Schilder - Spring (due Q4, 2020) MM119 Spirits Rejoice - African Spaces (due Q1, 2021) MM120 The Beaters - Harari (due Q1, 2021) MM121 Harari - Rufaro/Happiness (due Q1, 2021)
  5. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    Oh yes. They have even teased the Tokyo 1973 (or 1975) video in "Electric Kind of Blue", as far as I remember. I really liked the idea of covering a whole year in the Bootleg Series. Especially years 1972 (covered only on this messy "Live ath Philarmonics").
  6. Previously unreleased Sam Rivers live recordings

    Hell yeah. It would be great, if NoBussines pull out also Sam Rivers' box-set, just like those for Jemeel Moondoc and WIlliam Parker. Both good looking, with amazing books and tons of unreleased stuff.
  7. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    That's true, although I always feel like the inclusion of whole "Get Up Wit It" was not necessery and I'd like just get more takes from previous sessions. But the "Jack Johnsonn" sessions are also neat. Yes, lots of repeatable stuff, but many jewels hidden, some great bonding between musicians withouth Miles. And both "The Mask" takes are brilliant, brutal jazz-rock pieces. Wonder if they're ever going to release those sessions from 1975-76 ("Minnie" from Complete On the Corner is the only 1975-1979 studio track ever released) and those strange from 1978 with Coryell and Masabumi Kikuchi (who was so into Miles, to say at least). But it seems like the Miles Legacy crew pulled the plug out from the vaults for a while.
  8. The classic square-box complete sessions are back: It says it's limited. And I don't see it anywhere on Amazon, so it can be truth. The list of reissued boxes its: - On The Corner - Jack Johnson - Seven Steps - Miles Davis/Gil Evans - Miles Davis/John Coltrane - In A Silent Way - Quintet 1965-68 - Bitches Brew I don't see there Cellar Door Sessions though.
  9. Hawes, McBee, Haynes Live @ Jazz Showcase vol. 1

    Thanks a lot!
  10. Hawes, McBee, Haynes Live @ Jazz Showcase vol. 1

    @T.D. - can I get link to this "coming soon" section?
  11. Albert Ayler - Bells / Prophecy Expanded Edition

    Wow, i didn't realise there are HAT reissues going one. Two Ayler's and Marion Brown are definitely being ordered right now! Thanks.
  12. Aketa Disk/Deep Jazz Reality reissues

    There's a new batch of Deep Jazz Reality - a collection of Tribe's albums, mostly Wendell Harrisons'. The most interesting is definatyle the 2CD "A Message From The Tribe". The second CD is full of alternate mixes (which is a bit of a bummer, as there are no outtakes or live tracks, but still - some 70's music was a bit too rough and new mixing could resurrect it, like Stanton Davis on "Isis Voyage")
  13. Wow, that sounds awesome! Really looking forward to this set and I hope it will be issuead also on CD (I hate this LP-only craze) But if anyone had missed, here're the released Sun Ra's albums from Egypt 1971. Available on separate CD's and in 8-CD box set with various 70's gigs.
  14. Chris Spedding - lost jazz album (re)-emerges

    There's a funny story about this album - it was supposed to have lyrics, vocals and all this stuff, but - to Chrises surprise - there was just instrumental session released with no add-ons. And lucky us! Have you heard "Backwood Progression" or "The Only Lick I Know"? The first one is, well, let's say accetable, but the latter is just awful.