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  1. Did Volker Kriegel influenced Pat Metheny?

    For sure there were many, but I was looking specifically which guitar players could influence him in a way that is clearly audible.
  2. Did Volker Kriegel influenced Pat Metheny?

    It's hard to deny Metheny's genius, especially when talking about his 70's recordings. But I was always wondering, how this young guy came up with the style that was so unique, like without precedent. We're not talking about another McLaughlin, Montgomery, Benson, Szabo. We're not talking either about music that clearly came from all the guitar-driven jazz-rock albums or a straight soul-jazz or country influenced music I'm still digging early and pre-jazzrock recordings, I've listented to dozens of famouse and thrice as much obscure guitarist and I couldn't figure out, what could inspire both his style and sound. He was a jazz-rock enthusiast in early 70's and - according to Bill Milkowski book "Jaco" - his early playing with Jaco was much more fiery, as on this bootleg "Jaco", a studio album with Paul Bley and Bruce Ditmas. Bob Moses stressed out in Milkowski's book, that he was a bit disappointed with the final effect of "Bright Size of Life", complaining that the music captured was far from the flaunt Jaco and Metheny were supposed to show with Moses alive in New York's clubs. I couldn't figure out all of this till I started to dig Volkrer Kriegel, great German guitarist, one of the stars of MPS label. He cut great psycho jazz-rock stuff with the Dave Pike Set and he recorded a bunch of amazing albums. And more I've been listening to him, the more I catched: the chords, the single notes, the passages, the tone, the aura, use and cooperation with other instruments. Here's a bunch of tracks featuring Volker I gathered - it's usually not a whole song (and definitely not those distorted, blues-oriented solos), but rather elements, "ingredients") It's not like I've found that Pat cut a part of his song with a saw. But given the exceptionality of Metheny's style and absolute scarcity of links between him and his older fellow guitar players from USA, I started to think that maybe this guy was an actual inspiration... Well, Metheny played with Burton and recorded with him "Ring" in Germany in 1974. Maybe all of this doesn't sound so crazy. I wonder what are yours thoughts about Metheny's inspirations, folks. And I mean those "audible".
  3. Mingus at Carnegie Hall, Deluxe Edition

    At one point Santana team asked fans through social media about some bootlegs, like they were having a lot and completing missing shows. I thought it's all for a splendid, King Crimson box style release that will appear some day. Well, I guess about 8 years passed and still nothing.
  4. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Anyone have bought the Calvin Keys album from Real Gone Music? I'm wondering what's the sound quality.
  5. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Is there any info about the further Volumes of this series?
  6. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    Thanks @Rooster_Ties - I guess I'll order this Enja CD, as the rest of the material looks also fine. Too bad it's still separate tracks. I bet there is more in the archives. btw - I see there is also second track of Hutchers-Land band on this LP
  7. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    Not that one looks interesting: Bill Evans, Bobby Hutcherson, Karin Krog, Archie Shepp ‎– Live At The Festival. A 1970-1973 material from Ljubljana Jazz Festiva in Slovenia. Second CD issue ever, the last track looks like an 18-minutes fiesta with Bobby Hutcherson & Harold Land band.
  8. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    I wonder if it's not the case of source album. The "Shawn-Neeq" sounds bad from the P-Vine CD and any sources from the web. Not like "audiophile bad", rather "bad bad" - like it was transfered directly from LP or the master was flawed.
  9. Weather Report - The Columbia Albums 1976-1982

    I'm waiting for the reissue of Lost Tapes. They went OOP surprisingly fast. I wonder why Sony isn't releasing more of that stuff, like Hancock or Mahavishnu, when nowadays albums are going oop after not even a year.
  10. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    I just got newsletter from Real Gone Music about upcoming 2 releases from Black Music - "Shawn-Neeq" by Calvin Keys (spectacular thing!) and "Spring Rain" by Rudolph Johnson. They're supposed to be remastered - well, I've got the 2005 P-Vine Japan CD and the sound is distorted. I'm wondering how the'll manage with the quality this time. Original message: We’re getting a jump on February’s Black History Month celebrations by releasing a couple more new Black Jazz label releases on CD and LP…and yes, we have exclusive vinyl variants on each for our customers (if you already ordered those from us, you’re all set)! Calvin Keys’ 1971 debut album for the Black Jazz Records label announced the arrival of a new star in the jazz guitar firmament. Keys had spent the ‘60s backing up the crème de la crème of jazz organists—Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff, Richard “Groove” Holmes—but for his first record as a leader, he was eager to play with a piano player instead. So he recruited one of the best—Larry Nash, who, besides being a member of the L.A. Express, played with everybody from Eddie Harris to Bill Withers to Etta James. Bassist Lawrence Evans, drummer Bob Braye, and flautist-songwriter Owen Marshall rounded out the group on Shawn-Neeq, which might remind some of Pat Metheny’s early work (Metheny acknowledges Keys as an influence), or Grant Green. But what gives Shawn-Neeq extra depth is that it comes from the heart; as Keys says in Pat Thomas’ liner notes, which feature an interview with the artist: “My thing was, I write about some of the experiences that I’ve had in my life.” Keys has since become a fixture in the Bay Area jazz scene; this is the album that started his journey. Another gem from the celebrated Black Jazz catalog, freshly remastered by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision and ready to be savored on CD, black vinyl, or clear with heavy black splatter vinyl limited to 200 copies and exclusive for our customers! Columbus, Ohio’s Rudolph Johnson drew comparisons to John Coltrane during his career; like the jazz legend in his later years, Johnson eschewed drugs or alcohol and spent his time every day either meditating and rehearsing on his horn. You can definitely hear a little bit of Coltrane in Johnson’s playing on Spring Rain, his 1971 debut release for the Black Jazz label, the first of two he recorded for the imprint and the first he recorded as a leader after some sideman work (most notably for organist Jimmy McGriff); his ability to explore the upper registers and overtones of his tenor sax while retaining control is quite striking. Of course, this being a Black Jazz release, along with the bebop sounds of “Sylvia Ann” and the mid-‘60s Blue Note stylings of “Sylvia Ann,” there’s the soul jazz of “Diswa” and the groove funk of “Devon Jean,” all played by, as is typical on Black Jazz releases, by top-notch sidemen including drummer Raymond Pounds, who’s played with everybody from Stevie Wonder to Pharoah Sanders to Bob Dylan, and pianist John Barnes, whose work is very familiar to Motown fans (Supremes, Temptations, Marvin Gaye). Bassist Reggie Jackson, who appeared on the Walter Bishop, Jr. Coral Keys record we previously released, rounds out the quartet. First vinyl reissue of another stellar Black Jazz release, also remastered by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision and also featuring liner notes by Pat Thomas. And, just like Shawn-Neeq, available on CD, black vinyl, or clear with heavy black splatter vinyl limited to 200 copies and exclusive for our customers!
  11. Black Jazz & Tribe Records

    Any idea what's here? Apart from the title track, which made on a single as Part 1/Part 2
  12. Black Unity Trio – Al-Fatihah

    About distribution in other countries, directly from GGR "No, they are only available via our website."
  13. And I found a setlist. Looks like all new material is here plus all/allmost all previously released. "All tracks are remastered from the original tapes and the CD set also features a 24-page booklet featuring new sleeve notes and rare photos by Hartmut Geerken and background information on the recordings by Paul Griffiths " CD1 - SUN RA AND HIS ASTRO-INTER-GALACTIC-INFINITY-ARKESTRA – LIVE IN EGYPT VOL. 1 (NATURE’S GOD) / (DARK MYTH EQUATION VISITATION) (original album) 1. Discipline No. 27 (3.55) 2. Interview With Ra (4.16) 3. Solar Ship Voyage (2.33) 4. Interview With Ra (Concluded) (0.25) 5. Cosmo-Darkness (2.08) 6. The Light Thereof (5.12) 7. Friendly Galaxy No. 2 (10.16) 8. To Nature’s God (9.05) 9. Why Go To The Moon? (2.39) SUN RA AND HIS ASTRO-INTER-GALACTIC-INFINITY-ARKESTRA – NIDHAMU (LIVE IN EGYPT VOL. II) (original album) 10. Space Loneliness No. 2 (11.41) 11. Discipline No. 11 (9.39) 12. Discipline No. 15 (2.44) 13. Nidhamu (13.12) CD 2 - SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA – HORIZON (original album) 1. Starwatchers / Theme Of The Stargazers (1.20) 2. Discipline No. 2 (5.28) 3. Shadow World (13.31) 4. Third Planet (5.00) 5. Space Is The Place (3.26) 6. Horizon (7.49) 7. Discipline No. 8 (8.29) 8. We’ll Wait For You (1.38) 9. The Satellites Are Spinning (11.14) 10. Enlightenment (2.37) 11. Love In Outer Space (7.13) CD 3 - UNRELEASED RECORDINGS 1 1. Next Stop Mars (6.27) 2. Pleiades (1.59) 3. We’ll Wait For You (8.39) 4. The Bridge (4.50) 5. Nidhamu (Part 1) (13.31) 6. Nidhamu (Part 2) (6.04) 7. Discipline No. 27 (1.16) 8. They’ll Come Back (0.43) CD 4 - UNRELEASED RECORDINGS 2 1. Calling Planet Earth (2.51) 2. Imagination (1.19) 3. Discipline (3.47) 4. Angels And Demons At Play (3.12) 5. We Sing This Song (5.44) 6. Space Is The Place (5.14) 7. Organ Interlude (1.16) 8. Angels And Demons At Play (13.34) 9. Egyptian Oasis (3.06) 10. Egyptian Oasis 2 (3.33) 11. Space Is The Place (5.19) 12. Neptune (10.00)
  14. Thanks, I missed that email. I'll wait for more info - got all three 'known' albums from the Art Yard box.
  15. And what would be inside this CD box? The description on Bandcamp doesn' tell a lot - it looks for now as a 1CD release with "best of".