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  1. Now reading...

    This is simply an amazing book. The author, a psychiatrist, survived four concentration camps, and a good part of the book (the book is 160 pages in length) details those experiences and how he survived. The remainder revolves around his theories that we can find meaning from suffering. He quotes Nietzsche that he who has a "why" to live for can bear with almost any "how." This a good article about the book,
  2. Now reading...

    A powerful book.
  3. Now reading...

    A great study of the criminal mind that builds in intensity. I'm a big fan of the Karla Trilogy having read it several times and countlessly watched the Alec Guinness portrayals of Smiley. Can't wait to get it.
  4. Jazz Piano Moods Poll

    I finally purchased this set, at a price probably cheaper than when Mosaic was selling it. In fact, it looked like it came from Mosaic as the cd cases were still sealed. Patience is a virtue.
  5. Art Tatum

    Thanks for the article. Really enjoyed the analysis.
  6. Dodgers are in the middle of a horrible streak. They must think they're in the Twilight Zone or something. Probably a little league could beat them right now.
  7. Westerns.

    I've seen Three Godfathers a couple of times and it's terrific As I'm sure you know The Searchers was a very influential movie on directors like George Lucas. I forgot to add that the Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a favorite.
  8. Westerns.

    The Searchers Red River High Noon Stagecoach She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Three Godfathers (wonderful movie)
  9. I also had a problem with the Hines set and thankfully Scott sent me a replacement disc.
  10. Sorry to hear that. RIP, Valerie.
  11. Just go home? Will you send them their paycheck? Mm, didn't think so.
  12. Horace Parlan, Mobley and Art Blakey and the JMs.
  13. Maybe just a year? Years might be optimistic. In response to Jim's question from a couple of days ago, my uneducated guess is they will do a slow fade and then one day they'll be gone.
  14. Belated wishes Lon!