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  1. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    For those who play vinyl Sundazed is having a sale on Phil Spector related music.
  2. Brexit is hurting consumers and sellers alike.
  3. Rare Gerald Wilson rehearsal takes, PJ-100

    That seems rather unusual. How would you even make it. Must have been very limited.
  4. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Good luck Lon. Hoping for the best with your father.
  5. Glad to help. Many members, such as Lon and Dan Gould were helpful to me, so I’m glad to pay it forward, so to speak. If anyone else would like the pdf, please pm me with your email address.
  6. I can’t copy the book on my copier as it’s too big. Since I’m going to Staples to purchase a new shredder I will take the book with me and copy it and turn it into a pdf. Please pm me with your email address.
  7. Let me see what I can do. I have the set.
  8. ebay madness re: vinyl

    I’m not sure if it is as that’s a Mile Davis Prestige collection.
  9. ebay madness re: vinyl

    Someone listed various Prestige test pressings on eBay. The listings say they were the property of Fantasy Records. I wonder how they got hold of them. Here’s one of the listings.
  10. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Article from the NYT on how to avoid the Variant. They also recommend a new type of mask. What You Can Do to Avoid the New Coronavirus Variant Right Now
  11. So you’re looking for a copy of the book?
  12. Mosaic is looking for 78s of the following. I had posted the general request in the B & W thread but thought its own separate thread might garner more info. If you can help Mosaic, please contact Scott Wenzel at **** WILBERT BARANCO AND HIS TRIO 623-4 Blues Rhapsody I B&W 859 624-4 Blues Rhapsody II - JO EVANS w/ MAXWELL DAVIS Orchestra 300 M.T. Boogie B&W 858 HIP CHICKS (we need the 78s and not the Stash LP re-issue) 89 Strip Tease B&W 1217 (12”) 90 Popsie - (12”) 91 Seven Riffs B&W 1218 (12”) 93 Sergeant On Furlough B&W 1218 (12”) CEE PEE JOHNSON & ORCHESTRA 155-2 Boogie Woogie Lou B&W 758 158-1 Your Wig Is Gone B&W 758 ETTA JONES With Cyril Haynes Quartet 96 Once Upon A Time B&W 39 97 Do What’s Right - LINDA KEENE 85 Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You B&W 19 87 Blues On My Mind B&W 19 AL LERNER QUINTET 480-3 Sometimes I’m Happy B&W 841 ELLA LOGAN AND ALL STARS 253 Tea For Two B&W 812 JACK MCVEA AND HIS DOOR OPENERS 609-6 Butch B&W 842 611-3 Two Timin’ Baby Boogie B&W 842 PHIL MOORE And The Phil Moore Four: 488-1 You Talk Holes In My Clothes B&W 827 489 Don’t Like ‘Em - PHIL MOORE AND THE PHIL MOORE FOUR 628 Don’t Worry ‘Bout Strangers B&W 848 629 I Know A Man B&W 855 MUSHMOUTH ROBINSON C6 Boogie Boo Blues B&W 105 THE LION AND THE CUBS (do not need the Pickwick release on this) 29 Let’s Mop It B&W 6 32 How Could You Put… B&W 6 TOMMY TODD… TRIO -1 / BOB MORSE WITH TOMMY TODD…TRIO -2 215-2 Wagon Wheels -1 B&W 775 217-2 Junior In January -2 B&W 775 CHARLIE VENTURO & HIS SEXTET 207-3 Who’s Sorry Now? B&W 1219 (12”) GERALD WILSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA 226-2 Pammy B&W 777 GERALD WILSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA 400-3 Eb-la B&W 814 401-2 Pensive Melody -
  13. In a subsequent email I asked Scott if there were alternates takes, etc. but received no further info. I assume they’d like to keep that confidential until the set is announced.
  14. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    You want Wall of Sound? This IS Wall of Sound. I’m ok with All Things. The record is a classic. I’m curious how it would sound otherwise though.
  15. Phil Spector Dead at 81

    Only way to listen to Let it Be is Let it Be Naked, de-Spectorized.