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  1. Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield heralds a "CD Revival"

    I never heard of BTS either. I figured it didn’t stand for Bacon Tomato Sandwich. Boy groups? No, thank you. I never stopped listening to CDs, or buying them. They’re still the most convenient way to listen to the music.
  2. Prestige's Moodsville, how many were there?

    39. There was a thread about it a few years ago.
  3. LP cleaning advice?

    It all depends on how much you want to spend. I have a Nitty Gritty Vacuum Cleaner but it’s not inexpensive. I used to have a Studebaker and it did a nice job and it was only around $40. In the same vein is a Spin Clean but it’s a bit more expensive. In my opinion a wet clean is best but you can buy ones that just do a dry clean. If you look on Hoffmann you can find a lot of suggestions. Here’s a thread from a couple of years ago on cleaning records.
  4. Bill Evans Dancers with the Bill Evans Trio

    They all fit the bill!
  5. Bill Evans Dancers with the Bill Evans Trio

    Never heard of this before.
  6. Last night I ran across a graphic comic book that Blue Note is producing with Z2 Comics called Enter the Blue. Z2 is the same company that published the Charlie Parker in California book. More information here: Blue Note Records Enter the Blue Graphic novel tells supernatural tale inspired by Blue Note Records
  7. I wonder if they have the authority to sell any prints now. I’m planning to go to a frame store as well.
  8. Everyone look what I got comin’!!!!!!!

    He finally saw the light.
  9. My first one was Hank, followed by the Morgan set.
  10. The reverse is interesting: “Please return to Charlie Laurie.”
  11. Received UPS shipping notice today. On @sidewinder question whether these were sold before 2000, I think I purchased my other prints before then.
  12. Being one, I’m sure UMG would not be coming after you. They are concerned that you make copies for profit, not an occasional display. Moreover, it falls within the fair use exception. See Fair Use