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  1. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Yup, thanks for the tip!
  2. Which albums is Pele looking at?

    Good ole reliable engines
  3. what happens to the NEA now and Lincoln Center and stuff

    I don't know if this will be deleted because it's political but it's only a proposed budget; it needs congressional approval and several representatives have objected to the cuts.
  4. Which albums is Pele looking at?

    I'm fluent in Spanish and lived in Brasil and it says The King Pelé A New Star of Brasil.
  5. Bird's Savoy and Dial recordings. Louis' Hot Fives and Sevens.
  6. Now reading...

    Lincoln in the Bardo. To say it's different would be an understatement.
  7. I listen to Sirius XMs jazz station from time to time. I enjoy their Organ-ized program on Friday evenings.
  8. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    The stick seems like an idea. I have to see if my wife's car has a USB and try it out.
  9. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    Perused all the comments and I'm with Catesta. As far as putting albums on the iPhone space is not unlimited so I place very few albums on the iPhone. An option is just to use the iPod but that means fiddling with that while you're driving. Not a great idea. With a 6 cd changer you can load them before driving so no messing around needed. All that being said, I realize some of us are swimming against the tide.
  10. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    Well, I stand partially corrected. I was looking at the CR V since we want to downsize from what we have (Acura MDX) and the CR V doesn't have a CD player so that's off the list. Also taking a look at the Outback and it comes with a CD player. A CD player is one of my must haves.
  11. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    I'm in the market for a new car and although i haven't test driven any yet, that is not what I'm seeing. At any rate, I wouldn't buy a car without one.
  12. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    Yes and I wouldn't buy one that didn't have one. Truth be told that's where I do most of my listening.
  13. 2017 Fundraising Goal

    Ditto on both counts.