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  1. The Fireside baseball books are outstanding. Einstein (Charles, that is) is overlooked today.
  2. This is a rather old thread to be sure. Still go with these choices. Read Teammates a couple of years ago. Wonderful book.
  3. He also played for a few other teams but will always be a Pirate in our mind.
  4. Roberts wasn’t really an Astro that long. Dodgers counter with Newk. No contest.
  5. That’s all right: Dodgers have Sandy, more than enough to cover the above. Scott will still be scuffing the ball.
  6. Now reading...

    Finished Going After Cacciato last week. A very unusual book. So many things to think about.
  7. Looks like you may be right. Well, it won't be the first time (nor the last, probably) that I was wrong.
  8. I read that wasn’t true and that he’s at the game.
  9. Sonny Clark Trio on Time 2 LP reissue news

    I take it that this is only a LP release.
  10. You know it when you see it.
  11. On what theory. Pitching prevails in the playoffs and LA’s SP is better. Bullpens aren’t even comparable.
  12. One of the great performances in recent memory. Three quarters of his pitches were for strikes. Excellent is two thirds. The pitching in this series has been a treat to watch.
  13. Soccer/Football

    Let’s hope there is a unified Spanish team next year.
  14. Now reading...

    Starting to read this, a recent addition to my Spanish Civil War library.
  15. My thoughts are this topic has no place here. Any other questions?