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  1. Booker Little

    Fascinating. I never heard that Malcolm and Booker were related and couldn’t find anything on the web. He was a hero of mine when I was in high school. I think I still have the paper I wrote.
  2. I haven’t had that issue but since Mosaic now makes lift off tops, I’m sure it has been an issue in the past.
  3. Courtesy of JazzWax, the poet Billy Collins wrote a poem on Hank Mobley: Listening to Hank Mobley around 11 O’Clock After a Long Fun Boozy Dinner, the Four of Us, at Captain Pig’s, Our Favorite Restaurant in Town I’m lying down now, solo on a couch, imagining along with the music that if I were, say, 15 or 16 tonight and in possession of a fresh can of pink or orange spray paint, I would climb the 4th Street overpass and write in big letters HANK MOBLEY SWINGS for all to see on their morning drive to work. But having sailed some time ago into the quiet cardigan harbor of my life out of earshot of the siren songs that lure men onto reefs of foolishness not to mention the bridges of bravado, it’s enough to let the soap bubble of that Hank Mobley thought drift slowly across the living room and burst with no warning, much to the amazement of the cat.
  4. Belated Happy Birthday
  5. "Meet Juiie Wilson" (Cameo Parkway)

    Her obituary: Julie Wilson, Sultry Cabaret Legend and Actress, Dies at 90 “In a 1987 interview with the music critic and historian Whitney Balliett, Ms. Wilson named Holiday as her major influence. ‘No singer has ever moved me so much,’ she said. ‘No one has ever had such pain and emotion in her singing. She is why I wear a gardenia in my hair every night.’”
  6. Indeed. Probably no progress like that today.
  7. Thanks. I listened to a couple of cuts yesterday and while I recognize their influence, they seemed to be lacking feeling. Allmusic calls them a little stiff. Maybe that’s the right word. I haven’t heard much Graham Bond so may check them out.
  8. Thanks. Yes, it’s dirt cheap. This group doesn’t seem well appreciated to me. Do you have any Blues Incorporated? Thoughts?
  9. Copyright

    Nothing to do with music but here’s an article on “the most interesting authors and their works that have entered into public domain in all jurisdictions where the economic component of copyright is exhausted on January 1 of the year following the 70th anniversary of the year in which the author has died.”
  10. Mingus at Birdland 1961-62

    Here’s a previous discussion on Solar.
  11. Thanks GA. I recently saw the first one in a vinyl store and think I may pick that one up. As to the Complete Animals I may pick it up although it dates back to 1990. There was a box set issued in 2013 called the Mickie Most Years and More but it’s OOP and the one copy I’ve seen on Amazon is $249; no Discogs sellers have it.
  12. Mingus at Birdland 1961-62

    My question is and still is, what is the source of their recordings?
  13. Cassette tape production revival?

    I have a Sony reel to reel, which I received from my parents for making honor roll in 10th grade (1966) when I lived in Barcelona. My friend Ronald (who also had a reel to reel) and I used to make tapes of our records or what we heard on the radio and bring it to each other’s house and spent a lot of time discussing the music. I don’t know if I have any tapes as they’d be up in the attic and it’s very cold up there right now. Don’t have the heart to toss it, even though it’s very bulky.
  14. Depends on the period you’re talking about. They were great and trailblazers between 1962-65 until Alan Price left. Many memorable songs, classics. After that, not as good in my opinion. I’ve heard Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted, recorded in 1977 with Alan Price, is very good, although I’ve yet to sample it.