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  1. I could never get into him. I will have to try again.
  2. Thanks. Glad to help. I will ship on Monday.
  3. Correct but Princeton Record Exchange seals them so you can’t look inside. I think they do that with all or most of the box sets they have and they have a lot of boxed sets, not just jazz. Single CDs and vinyl (not referring to Mosaics) can be inspected.
  4. A long wait indeed. I’m pretty sure you will never see it at that price. It was complete and although the box was sealed, I’m sure it was in mint condition. I’ve purchased a sealed box from them (as well as other cds) and the discs were mint. They check everything they buy closely.
  5. Probably but it was pretty crowded and people were buying records by the bags. In fact, when I called asking if they had a certain record, they asked where I was calling from. I assume that if it wasn’t from the upper east coast, they wouldn’t have answered the question.
  6. Star Trek TV Show

    D.C. Fontana, who helped create Star Trek, along with Gene Roddenberry, has passed away. D.C. Fontana Obituary
  7. Yesterday I went to Princeton Record Exchange, which was pretty crowded. Anyway, they have quite a few Mosaic, both the big box and Selects and the prices were very low. No new news there but still kind of shocking. The Tolliver (which I picked up for Justin) was $29; you can’t find it for less than $85 on Discogs. They had a Maynard Ferguson; only $299; cheapest I’ve ever seen it. You can’t buy it on Discogs or eBay for less than $450. And on and on. Even the recent Teddy Wilson was heavily discounted. Admittedly, Princeton Record Exchange wants to move merchandise, but still.
  8. Cleaning Records

    I just purchased Mobile Fidelity sleeves from Sleeve City as I’m running out of the poly-lined ones I presently have.
  9. Cream - Goodbye Tour 1968

    Great idea.
  10. An error. They obviously meant remastered.
  11. Cream - Goodbye Tour 1968

    Baker thought they were playing jazz and I seem to recall — but could be wrong — that he tried to hide that from Clapton. But when you go to the record store, everything has their own section.
  12. Article in Rolling Stone on the new edition of Let it Bleed: ‘Let It Bleed’: Why the Stones’ Nastiest Masterpiece Feels Right on Time
  13. Cream - Goodbye Tour 1968

    I think there are quite a few participants in the thread as John noted. What I mean by “lost” is that because the number of participants is not as many as in the main jazz thread — which is how it should be since this is a jazz forum — people might miss the rock posts. If you miss a day looking at what people listening to, you’re likely to have catch up on several pages.