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  1. The way it works is that to sell you have to give eBay your bank account info. Once you get paid, eBay will deposit the funds in your bank account. This usually takes place two or three days after you get paid.
  2. The size is the problem unless they can think of a way to chop it down.
  3. Yes, the BN leader sessions from the 60s and there’s a lot of them. Maybe the problem for Mosaic is that it would be a big box and they’re worried whether it would be too expensive. Conceptually, it’s not much different than the Henderson box, just more of it. What about a Blakey box from the 50s. Wouldn’t that be popular?
  4. I’d be surprised if we don’t see a Morgan 60s set in the next year or so.
  5. For sellers, eBay went to their own system but for buyers it’s still PayPal. I have no idea how this works. They’ve been doing a phased introduction so maybe PayPal will be completely dropped in time. I haven’t see any extra fees. It’s just how a seller gets paid that has changed.
  6. Back in January I asked Scott about vinyl and this was his response: “As for vinyl, we do have a passionate number of LP buyers but not enough to warrant release. We tried with our 3000 series and not enough sold. We have to be careful these days with what we issue!”
  7. Agreed, since the set isn’t even out
  8. There seem to be quite a few comments already. I don’t know if this is the norm.
  9. I now have hearing aids and they make a significant difference. Good to hear about the AP SACD. I lost out on Ike’s Blue and Sentimental on eBay but noticed AP had a SACD.
  10. Considering my age (no spring chicken anymore), up grading seems less important than it used to be. I’ve been tempted to purchase several TPs but have held off because I already have them in cd. Upgrading is just not that important for me anymore.
  11. I’ve kept my individual Mobley copies and didn’t plan on selling them. I don’t understand this “two camps” thing. For me there’s just the music. I still buy CDs but I also like to buy vinyl and some of the Tone Ports are the best version of the music I’ve heard. My first TP was The Kicker and the first time I put it on it was like “wow,” so since then I’ve become more interested in vinyl. The Henderson set is supposed to be out the 26th.
  12. They both reproduce music and that is the common element, the music. When I play music on my system, whether it’s cd or vinyl, the output is music. It’s not vinyl music or digital music. It’s music. My original point is that I’d like to hear them both. Maybe Dub Modal is right but unless we hear the comparison, we aren’t going to know. To Mark Stryker’s point, I’ve reached the point where there is too much other music to explore to keep buying the same thing multiple times.
  13. That’s true but I’d still like to hear a comparison .
  14. How is it apples to oranges. We are taking about how a song sounds. That’s apples to apples. Why do people buy Japanese CDs of BN material? It’s to get the “best sound.” What does “best sound” mean exactly? The best sound compared to the originals, which is LP. No one says you should buy a LP if you don’t want to. That’s a personal choice. Most of my collection, including BN, is cd and although I realize vinyl probably sounds better, I’m not about to drastically change that.
  15. I’d love to hear a comparison between The Kicker on Tone Poet and The Kicker on this set. I’d be surprised if sounds better than the TP.