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  1. Without knowing the terms of the license, it's hard to know. Sometimes, in any commercial relationship, you're allowed to use up the inventory but it's not a universal rule, based on my experience.
  2. In the last two days, I've been on an E.M. Forster kick. Until this year I had never seen any of the Ivory-Merchant movies. They, to say the least, outstanding.
  3. Elek Bacsik

    Thanks for the original information. Too bad he didn't progress farther musically. I found the Serge Gainsbourg videos interesting. I had vaguely heard of him but never heard of him. I will want to investigate him a little further.
  4. Elek Bacsik

    Earlier this week Jazz Wax posted an article about Elek Bacsik, who was a Hungarian Gypsy jazz guitarist who is not well known today. He was the cousin of Django Reinhardt. See Elek Bacsik Elek Bacsik Videos Some of his stuff is pretty interesting, especially All Things You Are with Serge Gainsbourg.
  5. Not to argue against myself but Mosaic would need the money in advance, long before the set ever came close to production.
  6. A Note to the Classically Insecure On listening to classical music and "getting it." This article in the New York Times could also apply to any form of music, such as jazz
  7. Although they've probably explored this but I wonder if a subscription model would be feasible for certain projects, or perhaps having people invest in certain projects, sort of selling securities to a project. Trouble is, they would be projects without any expected return.
  8. Without more information it’s hard to know the contours of the proposed transaction: the sources of his funding (all cash or a combination of cash and debt) and how the outstanding debt was to be treated, etc.
  9. Inventory and overhead is always a big concern , especially for a small business.
  10. That they have liquidity issues is not new news but what they said in the first paragraph is almost like a warning that they may be ceasing operation soon.
  11. I thought it was generally pretty good although not everything excited me. Here’s a review of the Bee Hive set from Jazz Times.
  12. This is not comforting news: Last Chance! The Complete Bee Hive Sessions Final Pressing - Advance Order Request In this time and place, the Mosaic business model is becoming harder and harder to sustain in this rapidly changing world. We aren't sure what the future will hold for us, but we want to let all of you know how much we appreciate that your support has allowed us to constantly make our dreams come true with set after set and that we intend to persevere. The way we operate may change but our mandate remains steadfast. We've always been diligent about warning you when sets were running low so you wouldn't miss out on titles that you wanted. But at this point, some sets which are temporarily out of stock may not be pressed again. We want to keep every set active as long as possible, but sometimes, we have to reach out to you to determine demand before investing precious resources in another pressing. A case in point is The Complete Bee Hive Sessions (MD12-161), a marvelous collection of superb hard bop albums recorded between 1977 and 1984 with artist like Curtis Fuller, Clifford Jordan, Sal Nistico, Dizzy Reece, Nick Brignola Junior Mance and Johnny Hartman among others. We are currently out of stock and cannot afford to repress the set without a substantial number of advance orders for it. If you've been considering this collection and not yet obtained it, now would be the time to step up in order to secure one. If you place an advance order for this set, we can determine if another pressing is possible. Your credit card will not be charged until we repress the set and ship it to you (however paypal is immediately deducted from your funds). We regret any pressure or inconvenience this may cause you in your purchasing decisions, but this is the only way that we can safely proceed. Thank you for your support and understanding, Michael and Scott
  13. Who's playing bass?

    I can’t say who it is but that trumpet player doesn’t look like McGhee to me.
  14. Robert Sunenblick RIP

    I hope this doesn’t come off as morbid or disrespectful to Dr. Sunenblick’s memory but does anyone know what’s going to happen to Uptown now?