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  1. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Yes, I saw that, thanks, Lon. I was wondering if anyone else had any comments to make.
  2. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Now that we know whose parcel arrived/didn't arrive, may we have reports on the sound and the booklet?
  3. "New" Gene Ammons footage

    Must check out the Ammons video. He had a husky tone that we tenor players would like to have. Thanks for posting.
  4. Jimmy Heath RIP

    This is sad to hear. What a history. I saw the Heath Brothers in Victoria, British Columbia, in about 1981. Jimmy played a scorching solo on "On The Trail", better than on the Riverside album of the same name, though that is a favorite of his albums. He was also very effective on Bags's Impulse album, "The Jazz 'N' Samba".
  5. Route 66 TV Show

    I had a look online about the show, and was disappointed to see that the locations were seldom on U.S. 66. This means that little of the old highway is seen. The locations were in a large number of States. I assume that readers know the route of 66 and that most of its path was gobbled up by I-44, I-40 etc.
  6. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Tom, it's "Third Season". It does have a previously unissued track (2012) but it is not the previously unissued track in the Mosaic. The new track is an alternate of "Me 'N' You".
  7. Route 66 TV Show

    I saw the show when it first came out, but I don't recall what it was like. I miss U.S. 66. I've been to many parts of it - in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and the L.A. area. In particular, Springfield, Missouri and Albuquerque, New Mexico. When driving West along Central Avenue in Albuquerque, with the sun setting in front of me, I hear Nat Cole.
  8. Cassette tape production revival?

    From bitter experience, I know only too well that all "updates" cause problems or deterioration. I always say "No", but some force themselves on you. A recent "update" for Youtube messed up my list of watched videos. An "update" for my VPN actually crashed during the installation process, and I had to delete the entire VPN and use an earlier installer which I had kept. "if'n it ain't broke, ... "
  9. Apostrophe

    Yes, I know about the tune. The Forum title is plural: the forum is for musicians. It is just a typo that slipped through. We live in the era of "we have three dog's".
  10. Apostrophe

    Dear Moderators, will you kindly put the apostrophe in the forum title after the S? Thanks!
  11. Cassette tape production revival?

    Yes, that might be it. I wasn't aware that Dolby wasn't on portables. I thought it kinda took over. My player is a big household on on a shelf. Any family portables were mono trash ones, so we weren't concerned with the sound. Back in the day, I had a nice cassette player in the car. Actually, they were standard in some cars years after CDs appeared. My 96 Volvo wagon originally came with a cassette deck.
  12. Best and worst sounding RVG Blue Note CD

    The (U.S.) RVG of "A Fickle Sonance" does sound tinny. It sent me after the "Blue Note Works" CD, which is fine - as usual. So, get that version if you want a good one. There might very well be good Japanese versions since 2000. The Japanese RVG of "Speak Like A Child" sounds great. (I haven't heard the U.S. RVG of that.) It has also a neat replica of the gatefold LP cover. Overall, though, I haven't had much trouble with RVGs from either country. Often, they are the only way to get some tracks. An important example is "I'll Be Around", first take, by The Three Sounds, which was almost hidden on the JRVG of "Out Of This World". The CD sounds fine to me.
  13. Booker Little

    I never heard it said that Booker died because of drugs. I doubt that the family has anything to worry about. A fascinating story. Thanks for posting!
  14. Cassette tape production revival?

    Naturally, I have been using CDs (and the occasional LP) for many years, but cassettes using Dolby sounded great and there was no audible tape hiss. I don't see any need to go further than that. I recall transferring a CD of Artur Rubinstein playing Brahms's First Piano Concerto onto a cassette. The playback was indistinguishable from the CD. It isn't the point, but in earlier years, I had a Tandberg open-reel tape deck, and that sounded great at 7 1/2 i.p.s. I couldn't afford to run at 15 i.p.s., and, at half speed, there was a 2-hour playing time. (It took 7" reels.) It would be interesting to see what kind of system they have come up with, and whether the difference between it and Dolby can be detected without laboratory equipment. "All the highest notes, neither sharp nor flat - the ear can't hear as high as that - , still I thought I'd please any passing bat, with my High Fidelitee." (Flanders and Swann, "At The Drop Of A Hat", ca. 1960.)