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  1. Where is Paul Secor .... ?

    He sent me a pm during that contretemps thanking me for defending him when Jim literally threatened him. I didn't really defend him, just responded to Jim. Didn't seem to be a moderator there.
  2. BFT 182 link and discussion

    KATANGA! (I needed to shout.)
  3. I just read on-line that he had "come out" and was bitter about how some of his former friends reacted. I had a couple of pleasant e-mail exchanges with him and he was very forgiving about my obvious ignorance of the matters I was asking about.
  4. Kenny Burrell

    I just gave. Is it political to point out that the health care system in the USA is insane? I was criticized for pointing this out when there was a similar campaign for Barney Kessel.
  5. I hope that someone or some organization takes over "archive" and keeps his name on it
  6. He was a true scholar of, as well as a participant in, the music. RIP
  7. Since this doesn't mention sound recordings here's a good summary of where we stand with them: (And it's not good.): It basically says almost no recorded music is pd in the USA.
  8. It's a beautiful box too.
  9. I think (I don't really know, though I do know how it works on DVD releases) that the owners of the original material do not own the new masters if they're done by Mosaic or whomever else. To change the subject, the new copyright laws mean that record companies and artists now get some payment for streaming whereas only publishers and writers got anything from radio play. I don't know the cost of preparing music for release on streaming but I'm hoping that this will encourage rights holders to make almost everything they own available.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    There are some airchecks with Prez on clarinet in the Savory collection.
  11. I presume that it was the only way they could get the deal. I like the way we all presume we're smarter than they are.
  12. Here's the story on how Capital sued Naxos:,_Inc._v._Naxos_of_America,_Inc. The result was (I think) that Naxos (Canadian) no longer sells into the US. Their Ellington series was terrific-- good mastering and several cuts which were "orphans" and not available elsewhere. But I certainly see Capitals side of it.
  13. Now reading...

    I'm just about the same but I must admit I usually stop at 50 pages if I'm not into it-- though that rarely happens.
  14. This was my son's reply: There is no definitive answer, but this is the most recent case to address the issue, and also the most thorough analysis. The court answered with an equivocal “no.” (And was wrong, if you ask me.). I wrote a long article on this case before the 9th Circuit decided it. But this is US law and Bear Family was British.
  15. Weirdly enough, my son who is now a lawyer but who used d to be a recording engineer was talking abut that but I can't remember what he said. Let me ask him.
  16. As long as we're knocking folks sitting on the material they own: I'm pissed at the Goodman and Ellington estates-- or rather the lawyers representing them-- for not allowing The National Jazz Museum of Harlem (or whatever it's called) to release the Savory recordings of the Charlie Christian with Goodman, and Ellington material that the museum holds. Apparently they want more than the museum can pay since they promised everyone else they have made deals with that they would treat everyone the same. Because of the new Mickey Mouse inspired copyright laws in the US , no recorded music will enter the public domain until long after I'm dead. If FS (or anyone else) makes the music being sat on available I'm buying it. If the very few companies that now control most of the music I'm interested in don't want to release it as atoms they could easily (I think--I'm not really sure of the difficulty involved) make it available on line.
  17. Didn't Gil ask that the quartet sids not be released. (I have to admit I have them.)
  18. Teo Macero 1925-2008

    Do you mean "It's About That Time"? IIRC that's the one with an unused theme. And Teo takes another phrase and makes it the theme which is the version Miles then begins playing live.
  19. Happy Birthday, Alexander Hawkins!

    Happy Birthday!
  20. Keynote label

    I asked Mark Cederquistr and he replied: "I don't think so. There's an adhesive mark on side A (Keynote 1303-A), but that could've been from any number of things like a personal label w/the owner's name to the music shop it was sold at to a cataloging sticker and Lord knows what else. The original label is smooth enough without any damage to think that there might've been a Mercury label pasted to the other side. In any case, what you see above is how I got it in 2001. If there was another Mercury label on side A, whoever removed it did the best label removal job I've ever seen."
  21. Keynote label

    I asked permission to repost this from the original poster. It's a pretty amazing discovery about Keynote (Unfortunately I think you have to copy the whole address to get to it.) Here's a bit of it:
  22. Now reading...

    Just the first one. This must be only semi legal: I'm pretty sure that most of his work is not pd yet.
  23. Keynote label

    Between the Mosaic Pres/Basie set which includes the Keynotes and the 4 cd Hawkins Keynote set I have about 35 of the alternates. (There's a lot on the Hawkins set.)
  24. After reading the above I gave in and bought the set from Amazon. It arrived today and I'm really impressed. What Steve Wallace wrote is exactly what I would have written if I could write as well as he does. I just hope that it's as good sonically as it is visually.
  25. From the description I presume so. If you check David Palmquist's TDWAW site Duke's March itinerary doesn't leave much room for such a concert unless it's one of the last two days before he went into the hospital. I haven't been able to find a reference to this performance on-line but I'm not that good at such research.