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  1. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    When I moved to Toronto in 1965 John Norris was in charge of the Jazz Section of Sam's. That was how I met him.
  2. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Hey it's only 11:45 here.
  3. Musical Hoaxes

    Does "Jonathan and Darlene Edwards" count.
  4. I have what I think is the whole broadcast (and I think it was sent to me from someone on this board).
  5. Who remembers these?

    I have both boxes. I think that's all there were. There was also a book. They're all still available at Amazon.
  6. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    The first discounted jazz cds I ever saw were some Impulses at Sam the Record Man in Toronto. I got Quincy Jones and Benny Carter. Also they I remember that the first cd release of The Koln Concert left off the last movement.
  7. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    RCA was especially bad at the time. They did great double Lp reissues with added never before released material but the cd version were missing some of that material. e.g Tijuana Moods.
  8. I've been listening to a lot of the AFRS Jubilee shows (I've downloaded about 150 of them) while I work out or drive to LA. This morning I listened to one from May 1948 featuring "The Neal Hefti Quartet": Hefti on trumpet, Joe Mondragon bass, Blnky Garner drums and Jimmy Rowles piano. They back a couple of singers (including Hefti's wife Fran Warren) during which Hefti plays some nice obbilgates (sp?) and Rowles, of course is great. They also play two numbers on their own. Hefti introduces the first one as "untitled" and claims it's from a Woody Herman arrangement that was introduced on "The ramp of the Burbank Theater". It turns out to be "I'm Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover" which they play cornily and during which Hefti vocalizes by repeating the fiirst line over and over. It's hard to listen to and not funny. The second number is introduced as "Channel One" supposedly in homage to a local radio station but what they then play is Moose the Mooche and they play it well. A lot of the humor on these shows is dated (though some of it's pretty funny still) but this is some of the of the worst attempts at humor I've heard on the entire series. Maybe they were all stoned.
  9. Michael Gibbs with Gary Burton Live 1969

    What's the date of that recording?
  10. Downloading YouTube sound to I Tunes

    I use Audio Hijack. You do have to pay a bit for it but it seems worth it to me.
  11. I threatened to but couldn't figure out how. Maybe you could do it. BTW it's basically a "prepared" piano. i.e. with tacks.
  12. Sonny Criss and other "almost theres"

    Or how many people do.
  13. He explained that it's to make it "educational" so that the estates can't force them to take it down.
  14. The Ellington listening session is up!!!
  15. Finally Getting to So Many Unplayed Jazz LPs

    I usually try to play every new acquisition at least twice before I file it away. OF course if I buy a large box set (like some pf Alan Lowe's collections or Mosaic boxes) the unheard pile starts to get fairly high. Also every few years I buy a cd and discover I already own it but have no memory of having listened to it.
  16. David wrote: Feather sold his shares in Mercer Records Inc. to Mercer Ellington on May 28, 1957 for $100 plus 25% of the sales proceeds of certain recordings by Mercer Records Inc. to Coral Records Inc., net $300, and an earn-out of 25% of any additional money received from Coral Records in respect of those recordings.
  17. Ellington scholar David Palmquist tells me that Mercer Records was sold to Coral which was a subsidiary of Decca which is now part of Universal.
  18. Today's tenor players

    I saw Benny Carter give a good concert in his nineties.
  19. Michael Gibbs with Gary Burton Live 1969

    I made reference earlier to seeing The Gibbs band with Jack Bruce on acoustic bass in Hampstead in the early '70s, but I can find no record of such a concert on a site that lists every known Bruce gig. Does anone in the UK remember this or have a reference to it or did I just hallucinate it?
  20. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    Last night I got an e-mail from Spotify saying that it was available fro listening now! Not sure how they knew I'd care since I rarely use Spotify and don't recall ever listening to Mingus on it. Nevertheless they say "Fresh tracks by your favorite artists, including Charles Mingus, on a personalized playlist that we update just for you every Friday. Listen to it now on Spotify."
  21. I didn't know the story of the tunes genesis. Has the Cannonball aborted session ever been released?
  22. The Hodges is from a 1947 date for Vogue. Maybe Mercer got the US rights at some point. The New Piano Roll Blues is from a Mercer date Sept 21, 1950. It's on Chronogical Classics 1191. If I can figure out how to do it I'll post it here somehow. (I have no idea how.) Why is the Serge Chaloff record here?