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  1. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    I’ve briefly compared the Paris set to the sound from the 2CD Laserlight/Delta (2002) set. The new Sony set is properly in mono and seems to have fewer audible tape flaws. The laserlight CD is a stereo transfer from the mono tapes ( I think ). Overall the new set sounds a bit better.
  2. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Disc One sounds very good on first spin. Liner notes make the point this is the first legit commercial issue of any of the material with "the proper permissions' i.e. not just asking grandma if it's ok. As per usual nice package from Sony.
  3. Johnny Lytle - Soulful Rebel/People in Love

    Thanks to MG’s recommendation in the Vinyl forum, Johnny Lytle The Soulful Rebel/ People & Love just arrived. Very impressed. It’s the first I’ve heard by Lytle and also the first for me on Real Gone Music. Whole package most impressive.
  4. The London sessions sound excellent on the Mosaic. The Paris 1954 solo sessions sounds very murky compared to the Vogue CD issued over a decade ago. That CD in turn has been significantly better by the most recent reissue which adds extra tracks but has much better sound
  5. Oddly I recall this reaction previously. On this occasion I had to lift the needle as I could withstand it no longer.
  6. Great minds.... I was playing this very title earlier today. Althea Young's vocals sounded particularly dreadful on this Liberty pressing, I don't recall is sounding as bad an the Mosaic set. Possibly because you can hear what she's doing more clearly on the LP. 🔥
  7. Thanks MG , your soul jazz ( or whatever term one uses) are of the highest order. My Achilles is that I like or love most styles of quality music and so from time to time some grease is called for. I was spring cleaning today and had two Groove Holmes LP targeted for passing on ( Living Soul and Soul Message). I played them both and changed my mind even if neither is a masterpiece. I think we are incredibly lucky here to have your expert ear .... although it's always costly
  8. Thanks for that Lytle recommendation. Ordered the CD , should be here for the weekend. The prices for the LP seemed OTT but a silver disc will do fine.
  9. I've never heard any of the Johnny Lytle Riversides, listened randomly to a few tracks on the streaming service as wasn't too excited by what I heard. I'll admit it's no way to any music you care about but it serves as a screening process. NP a couple of favourites...neither new.. Air------Air time-------(nessa) I noticed that Threadgill has a new one coming out soon on Pi Annette Peacock-------I'm the one ------( RCA) I've been listening to a few recent reissues ( Bamboo) with Paul Bley
  10. Australian Jazz

    Don’t know those two- will checkout 🔍
  11. Australian Jazz

    The Gravity Project looks very interesting and Andrea Keller trio ought to be 👍
  12. Paul Bley-------Improvisie-------(Bamboo)
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    The broadcast does have interviews with Michael Cuscuna, Ron Horton, Greg Osby etc other finds played this afternoon a very fine concert by Don Grolick and currently Buster Williams trio with Geri Allen and Lenny White. Geri more than robust to withstand fairly heavy drumming. I preferred her with Motian. Enjoyable club date from 2003.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes I think it’s that performance. I don’t know if the Hill/Shepp was broadcast. It’s certainly not in my MD collection.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    This morning connected my old Minidisc player and found it works just fine. From my disorganised collection of MD Andrew Hill - —-solo recording 2000 broadcast on BBC Jazz on 3 Cecil Taylor /Bill Dixon/ Tony Oxley ——trio recording London 2003/4 ,also broadcast on Jo3 despite its limitations these sound pretty good