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  1. Jack Sheldon

    RIP I have always liked his contributions to the music
  2. Taking a break from Tubby Hayes set with Discs 5 & 6 from JJ Johnson Columbia Small Group Sessions. Brilliant set in stunning sound.
  3. I’d avoided most of these because of a combination of lack of availability and reports of poor sound. It’s a pity that the unreleased material is only on the full CD set.
  4. I’ve been making my way slowly through the vinyl box. I’m hugely impressed by the music and it’s presentation. Plenty (75%) of it is new to me.
  5. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I got my shipping email regards the Mobley within 24hrs of sending a gently nagging message.... Scott again at work sorting things...?
  6. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Good to know. Mosaic sensibly not wanting to mail anything to the UK whilst it’s raining .....
  7. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Anyone in the UK or simply outside of US received a shipping notice? I’ve heard nothing since preordering months ago.
  8. Yes indeed . No white bubble wrap. I only spotted it as I saw a partially hidden glimpse of the metallic blue you kindly described. I doubt I’ve seen it if wasn’t for your description. So , many thanks 😊
  9. I eventually found my LP set when walking the dogs to the park. The Hermes delivery operative had left it outside a house further down the street. Unfortunately for me my the occupiers were away so it sat outside in the open for 24 hours before I found it. No reply from either Hermes or Decca about the non delivery. Not confidence inspiring. Outer packaging was quite damaged but LPs so far seem ok.
  10. I’m inclined to think that Hermes are being economical with the truth. My box has been left on someone’s porch or possibly just lost. They offered a photo as proof of delivery which just a blurry photo of bubble wrap.
  11. Well after chasing Decca this morning I got no direct reply but I did get an automated email saying I’d receive the parcel this evening. Hermes have had my parcel for 10 days. I then get another email saying it’d been delivered . Only snag is that whoever has received the set isn’t me. They are completely incompetent. Of no possibility of speaking with anyone to complain. I’ll try the neighbours in the morning
  12. I think Hermes are going to say it has been delivered .... only not to me... Hopefully Decca will put things right
  13. Hmm..I’m wondering where my set is as it was dispatched a week ago.
  14. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    Call me weak but despite having around 90% of this already I preordered the set. Firstly for high love of Hank, second to get the all the music and finally to support Mosaic.