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  1. Lee Morgan: Roulette Sides (10 inch LP)

    May 12th 1960 is the date given in that issue.
  2. My copy arrived today and I'd agree 100% , solid session and very enjoyable but it's no Rosetta stone for sure. Well worth it. NP Binker & Moses---------Journey to the moutain of forever--------(Gearbox) LP 2 these guys are new to me (although they've release previously on gearbox ) No less than Evan Parker guests on the second LP. Good meeting of minds. Nothing earth shattering but solid modern jazz with strong rhythmic sensibilities.
  3. Lee Morgan: Roulette Sides (10 inch LP)

    The Morgan material was released on CD (Minor Strain) in the late 80s /early 90s with tracks by Thad Jones . The latter IIRC were reissued in improved sound on the Thad Mosaic box.
  4. Roscoe Mitchell, BELLS FOR THE SOUTH SIDE

    Listened to disc one on repeat last night. Once again I'm simply blown away by Roscoe's extraordinary musical vision. I found the comments above plus a you tube video helpful in working out who it's playing what. It always helps me to visualise the musicians with music of this nature. I'll move onto disc two today. This is a major piece of work. Congratulations to all.
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Today- not withstanding complaints from the family .... alexander hawkins --- Unit(e) olie brice-----of tides roscoe mitchell---- Bells for the South side all excellent !
  6. Roscoe Mitchell, BELLS FOR THE SOUTH SIDE

    That's Bristol., Ingerland etc That could have been Scotland only Scotland is cooler (and wetter) .
  7. Roscoe Mitchell, BELLS FOR THE SOUTH SIDE

    Not better, best 😜
  8. Roscoe Mitchell, BELLS FOR THE SOUTH SIDE

    Arrived yesterday. This'll take time to digest. Only annoyance so far is that it's hard to work out who is playing on each track. Understatement to say that the liner notes do not make it easy to figure this out for half the tracks !
  9. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    Received today . Managed a brief listen to disc one. Sounds very promising .
  10. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    PM sent too
  11. Lars Gullin

    Ok, well I've got all of the Dragons and would echo Lon's appraisal that they're all excellent. The more recently mastered Volumes have slightly better sound and better notes. My picks would be Danny's Dream Vol 5 , for the title tune and After Eight Vol 11 for the flower septet pieces - heard in vastly improved sound compared to the Collectibles CD. Get them all and then try to find the wonderful Anagram discs issued under Gullin's name, Harry Backlund and Rolf Billberg. All feature great Gullin largely from the mid Sixties . Sound of these can be challenging but is ALWAYS worth it!
  12. Threadgill - disc one - just arrived
  13. I've listened to the new mix on Spotify and it's very good indeed. Much clearer separation of the instruments / voices , having said that I'm not sure I'll bother with a physical copy. Quite happy with the mono box, first CD issue and an original Parlophone mono LP👀👀
  14. Horace Tapscott----- Autumn Colors------(Bopland Japan) fine trio session, shows a clear debt to Herbie Nichols perhaps more than Monk
  15. Great set, I love Ella's young voice especially . Plenty of instrumentals though of those less inclined to vocals.