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  1. Shipping delays

    Bertrand is the guy. Any delays won't be down to him..
  2. Shipping delays

    I received a NoBusiness order in 21days which was considered’fast’. I ordered my On the Corner box from USA, it was dispatched 28 days ago and no sign. Not panicking just yet
  3. Bruno Nicolai———-Espressioni ———( Loneos) Italian free improv or composed , its hard to tell. Interesting if a little passionless
  4. Nathan Davis——-Peace Treaty——-( Sam Records) beautifully presented reissue
  5. Had the set over a month now and I'm ready to open Discs 3/4. Spinning disc 3 just now. Really such sublime music.
  6. I'd agree Nathan Davis is on fire. I love his playing generally but this is on a whole other level. Recorded sound from this set is excellent too for anyone on the fence.
  7. Börje Fredriksson (1937-1968)

    The 1992 CD reissue of Intervall adds a long and excellent quintet track featuring a different line up which includes Rolf Ericson and Bobo Stenson. Additionally Caprice records have issued some other live tracks on a digital only. It’s on Spotify, possibly elsewhere too. I’m a self confessed Borje obsessive... I’ve still to stump up for the Odeon date.
  8. Börje Fredriksson (1937-1968)

    Dragon records reissued “Fredriksson Special” on CD in 2016. I’ve only just picked it up. It adds three tracks from 1963 to those on the LP which was issued in 1989. Being a selection of broadcasts is doesn’t appear to duplicate any other recordings. It’s not on the whole as adventurous as “Intervall” but has some excellent moments. Sound quality is more than adequate considering that these broadcasts were documented by fans rather than Swedish radio. Worth hearing
  9. Gruppo Di Improvvisazione --------"Nuovo Consonanza"---------(RCA/Schema Records) Slow mo improv compared to earlier SME with which this recording must roughly contemporary. Interesting if not exactly heartwarming stuff. For that I'll stick to AEC.
  10. Keith Tippett (1947-2020)

    Awesome is the correct word. I've always had a soft spot for "66 shades of lipstick" with Andy Sheppard.

    Got my copy. This is a great release. No liner notes to provide any info regarding the context of the recordings but sound quality is excellent . Dragon are a great label of that there should be no doubt. Where we we be without their Lars Gullin series etc. Many gems in their deep catalog. It's good to see that they are still releasing materiel albeit at an even slower pace than before.
  12. America unleashed

    The shocking footage just keeps rolling in. Excessive force applied to just about anyone in the way , protesters and press alike. De- escalation doesn’t appear to be a known approach...
  13. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    After a month of my order being “ in process “ I sent a polite email and within a few hours got notification of shipping. Perhaps my nudge reminded them of my order?
  14. America unleashed

    It's all too sad what's happened. Ultimately it's a wake call or at least should be to everyone to actively address systematic racism that is present in many western societies. It shouldn't be a political thing but just a matter of basic decency and fairness.
  15. Nathan Davis is always so good. It's no wonder his albums are sought after. I'd love to have this one too....