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  1. Terumasa Hino--------Journey to air---------(Love/Ultra Vybe) Pretty wild workout. I'll need to give this a few more listens to establish if the star studded band actually make it airborne. I know nothing about this reissue program other than it being part of RSD2020. For anyone interested pressing seems very good but then again I've got nothing to compare it to. Printing quality of the sleeve is adequate , about the same standard of the Blue Note 80 LP series.
  2. not played this in probably a decade but I recall it being really excellent. Another to dig out...
  3. My local RSD shop didn’t carry this title. They’d just opened up after an extra prolonged lockdown I guess they didn’t want to take the risk
  4. I got my copy today via amazon uk in less than 24hrs!
  5. Charli Persip

    Sad news. A great musician
  6. Elvin Jones Mosaic

    I'd be happy to help if Daniel has any problems. I recall copying the Morgan 50s set booklet for someone here but struggled to get it work properly using an A4 flat bed scanner. In the absence of an A3 copier i ended up photographing the pages with a macros lens...
  7. Irene Schweizer

    Of the duos , the only one i know is the Sommer one which i recall liking (not played it in a while). I recently picked up the FMP reissue of Santana (rec. 1968) with Favre and Kowald. Very enjoyable set with a clear debt to Cecil Taylor.
  8. What music did you buy today?

    It’s excellent
  9. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    A couple of new discs just arrived from Holland. First up..... Guus Janssen/ Win Jansesen------Home Made Music----(geestroden) I've admired Guus J for nearly two decades since seeing him perform. Here his playful side is well illustrated. JS Bach like melodies and other eccentricities pepper this entertaining release. What's not to like when a disc starts with Herbie Nichol's House Party Starting. The other disc is as yet unopened new release from the ICP - de hondemepper (ICP 062)
  10. Thanks for this, ordered....although it'll take over a fortnight to reach Scotland.....border quarantine perhaps?
  11. is the vinyl reissue already out there?. Everywhere lists 4th September as far i can find....
  12. Another thumbs up for the three volumes on NB. All excellent, performance and sound. I order from NB directly too. Highly reliable with orders getting here in about 4 weeks. I'm happy these were on CD as I'm not convinced by NB's vinyl pressings.
  13. Rarest "classic" BN in CD Era?

    it's been a while since I played this but recall that the balance and sound quality left a little to be desired.
  14. Same here too. I picked up TOTS years ago and was indifferent to it but as time has passed I've enjoyed it as I've dipped in and out. I don't get rushing but a building of tension.
  15. Rarest "classic" BN in CD Era?

    I'm not the biggest JOS fan, with many of his recordings leaving me cold but Cool Blues is superb. Absolutely love it...