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  1. I recall vacuuming up Murray and other Soul Note/Black Saint LPs for £2 from Fopp. These introduced me to the likes of Roscoe Mitchell, Frank Lowe etc
  2. Mark Turner Meets Gary Foster

    I bought this a few years ago. I was impressed with it and was glad I'd picked it up. That said I've not played it in a while...
  3. Seriously good album from Mr Holman. I’ve got the CD but it sounds superb
  4. Frank Lowe Sextet———Skizoke——-( CJR) cracking date from 1981 with amongst others Butch Morris and Wilbur Morris. Fidelity is a touch rough which suits the music perfectly. Very impressed with this new arrival
  5. clips sound very interesting but this reissue seems very expensive at over £50 for a single LP !
  6. What music did you buy today?

    I just sprung for Spring too. Came up as a Bandcamp recommendation and it's very nice release indeed.
  7. Mine arrived. Looked quite dirty with some powdery white marks and debris stuck down in several places ,some were probably white dusty finger prints. Then I discovered heavy multiple small scratches at the beginning of side 2 - sounded for 49 revolutions !! Poorest new pressed record I've seen in a while. Going back....
  8. Roy Brooks - Understanding

    The Brooks has way better sound than I was expecting. A fine release in all aspects
  9. RIP Dr. Lonnie Smith

    Very sad - his music was always worth your time.
  10. New Sam Rivers and others on No Business

    I was initially very disappointed with Vol 4 having got used to the sonic excellence of Vols 1-3. Having listened to Vol 4 repeatedly I can easily get past the deficiencies of the recording to enjoy the music which is very fine indeed. Vol 5 remains unopened but now I know not to have high expectations of the sound quality.
  11. So this is a must. I'm taken particularly by the variety of settings suggested although it'll be good to see the full track listing etc
  12. Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra------- Live at Century City Playhouse--------- (Nimbus) Ten months after ordering this just arrived, numerous pressing delays followed. Arrival was further delayed by me adding some Italian movie soundtrack LPs which weren't quite in stock. Overall beautiful music here and really great service from Soundohm (Milano). I'd highly recommend them to anyone interested in freer edge of jazz, Italian sound tracks, etc
  13. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    I've had other albums where playback has been transformed from distortion to serenity when I upgraded my TT and tonearm. I've always thought that these LPs were poorly mastered in that only the most precise TT set up could play back as intended.
  14. Our beloved dog Scout

    very sorry to hear of your loss. I know how much my dogs mean to me and my family - never easy
  15. I think Ron got a pretty hard time for his CD transfers from the late 80s/ early 90s. In my view I think they stand up pretty well and he deserves more credit. Hope he enjoys his well earned retirement.