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  1. Lee Konitz - frescalalto

    This is a pretty good Konitz disc. There's no sense of him running out of puff. I recall a recent Konitz release where he really did sound tired but here that's not the case. If you love Lee well worth it. Beginners look elsewhere.
  2. Kenny Dorham ---------Whistle Stop-----------(BN Liberty)
  3. Mark Turner

    For me Turner is the more interesting player cf Potter, Marsalis and Redman. His playing hints at Warne Marsh as an influence which in my book is never a bad thing.

    I've always had excellent service. No fuss replacement of a CD that proved to be defective. Rapid dispatch and great communication. Ultra reliable
  5. Sonet Records Recommendations?

    Recently I culled around 100 LPs from collection. This Farmer was in the frame for taking to Oxfam. It was a Spanish LP edition with a rather sad and tatty cover. I listened to it before heading out the door. Fatal, I loved it and couldn't bring myself to part with it. Instead I dumped some Kentons, Brubeck and some duplicates of material I had on better sounding CDs ( that phenomena does exist)
  6. Sonet Records Recommendations?

    Some great recommendations so far. I've loads of Konitz albums but this one is a bit special. Wilbur Little is excellent IMO
  7. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    The BBC radio series on "Black Music in Europe: The hidden history" presented brilliantly by Clarke Peters is well worth everyone's time. I went out hunting for Zonaphone shellacs today in the hopes of finding some of the African acts recorded in London in the 20s that have been featured on the most recent episode of the above series. No such luck needless to say. The Zonaphones I found didn't look too interesting. I did however pick up a Benny Goodman with Christian, a Buddy Defranco with Max, Jimmy Ranny, a Pablo Casals and an interesting HMV/ Victor from 1922. Laughing Rag by Sam Moore and Horace Davis , a curious mix of rag time, Hawaiian and hint of blues. Recorded in NYC in mid 1921 , two other versions were released on Gennett and Okeh. The Victor version was a hit apparently. The reverse side has Beautiful Hawaii by Frank Ferera, not as interesting but not a straight Hawaiian piece either, with other influences evident.
  8. CBBB-----Off Limits-----(Polydor UK) not played this in a while but it strikes me as rather more bombastic than other CBBB albums. It lacks the groovy swagger of the best ( the two volumes recorded live at Ronnie Scott's)
  9. CBBB-----Off Limits-----(Polydor UK) not played this in a while but it strikes me as rather more bombastic than other CBBB albums. It lacks the groovy swagger of the best ( the two volumes recorded live at Ronnie Scott's)
  10. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Substituting a wider 35E stylus can do wonders to playback. I'm mostly too lazy to swap things around and just use the 32E which plays most 78s just fine. Tonight however the 35E has been deployed to great effect River Boat Shuffle/It's one of those things---------Kit Cat Band-------(HMV) B2167, recorded 1925 in London Some superb swinging hot music on these sides, sound from this moderately worn disc much less hissy with the 35 cf 32. Also played this one with great dynamics and near silent background Duke Ellington------Rose Room/ It don't mean a thing--------(Brunswick UK) 1292
  11. Early Spirit recordings finally done right!

    Sounds good, tempting.....
  12. I've the Liberty (US) and a Toshiba of which the original Liberty gets the prize. The BN Works CD is also pretty good. I've never heard a German Liberty but I'd guess it'd sound pretty fine. NP Eddie Costa/Matt Matthews & Don Elliot-----At Newport-------( Columbia UK ) two single sided/white label test pressings. All performances have a jam session informality. A young Bill Evans is on the three tracks with Elliot. Rolf Kuhn guests with Costa's trio . Summer 1957 with Willis Conover as MC.
  13. Great cover shot on that one, hope the music is as good ? sticking with Dot recordings, now playing this one..... Bud and his Summa Cum Laude Trio. -----------(Dot) USA I can't put my finger on it but Bud's playing always sounds more modern than I might have expected. He flies through the tunes in this LP. Pianist Howard Hammer keeps up but perhaps holds things back a bit. Not sure if this has been reissued- probably in Japan. Recommended if you like Bud.
  14. Eddie Costa-------The House of blue lights-------(Dot) Japan 1977 reissue costa's finest record I think
  15. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    What great range of music you played that night, must have been a blast if a little fatiguing flip records every 3 minutes. No new 78 purchases for me for some time. However I continue to play the collection I have (around 700) over Christmas played a fair bit of Teddy Wilson+/- Billie ( mainly UK master pressings) , some Satch and some Spike Hughes ( UK and USA dates).