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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Monk 1954 Paris Centennial Edition -----(Vogue/ Sony) Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere. The sound quality seems excellent plus it features 23 mins or so of unreleased music from the same spell in Paris . The new tracks are trio recordings with Jean Marie Ingrand (bass) and Jean Louis Viale (dms) the final incomplete track probably as Dave Pochonet.
  2. I've this issue too. It sounds so different from the Conn. cd which has much more high frequency information. The Toshiba LP sounds fuller and arguably less thrilling perhaps even dull by comparison . I've kept both😜
  3. Neil Young-------Hitchhiker-----------(Neil Young Archives) I'm no NY expert but this is good Neil Young-------Hitchhiker-----------(Neil Young Archives) I'm no NY expert but this is good
  4. The Paris session isn't in the greatest sound on my CD edition , so I might be tempted if this Sony release offers a significant upgrade. I don't think I've got a legitimate issue of the Danish date. Sony sensibly prices these sets to sell and they are well produced. The only one that was poor in that regard was the Volume which had a fold out inset , which I hate...... I too enjoyed Vol 5 , the sound was stunning and the whole package worked very well.
  5. The Convergence Quartet--------Owl Jacket--------(No Business)
  6. sad news, RIP Valerie
  7. news of the Teddy Wilson had me dig out some of the Hep CDs of his material. The music is just so fine that I'll be sure to go for this set. I also spun some Hep Goodmans Plays Mel Powell & Plays Jimmy Mundy which really didn't do a lot for me at all. Sorry Benny....
  8. Who are you just discovering?

    Not so much as what. I followed my nose to Strut Records. They've put out some excellent Sun Ra issues including RSD 2015 release Planets of life or death. I've been listening to their endless fascinating world music ( for want of better word) such as .... Reunion Island 1975-1986 Peru Bravo- Funk soul and psych
  9. Donde Esta, Bev Stapleton?

    I'm getting used to it. Not had any problems with it so far....
  10. I've never corresponded with Valerie but I've loved her stories. She told these well with insight and humour. It was clear to me that on this evidence alone she was/is cut from the finest cloth. I like others here hope that she'll be comfortable with those she needs around her.
  11. Steve Lacy 1965-1972

    I had this a few days . It's a typically excellnt Emanem reissue with unreleased material. It's all in great sound and as ever with Lacy , the music is as great as it's fascinating.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Veryan Weston-------Gateway to Vienna---------(emanem) disc one , just not sure how memorable this is. It's well played but it's not engaging my soul much. I'm not familiar with Weston, so I must give it a chance .
  13. Lucky Thompson

    I might be forced to get this if only to get "Plays for the Club" which to the best of my knowledge has never been reissued. Otherwise I have all of this and as LT obsessive I can thoroughly recommend the music.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Steve Lacy -----------Free for a minute (1965-72)-----------------(emanem) disc one - Disposability. Immaculate reissue plus 44 mins unreleased music. A bargain
  15. Over the long term rather than immediately after purchase , I'd think that Herbie Nichols , Lee Morgan and Konitz/ Marsh probably would be the top three. Least played would be Herman Columbia, Basie Verve and Basie Live Roulette. You might think I don't like Basie, quite the contrary but a little goes a long way.