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  1. Ellington Treasury Shows

    i'd agree that it is very poor practice to sell CDRs without clearly saying that's what is for sale. I've a small number of CDR purchases most dating back to the early 2000s. None of them still play ok.
  2. I've worked my way through the Savory collection and then onto the Teddy Wilson Brunswick/Columbia set. I've not bothered to do an AB comparison with my Hep discs but the sound of the Mosaic is really excellent. Some of the tracks are from 'vinyl test pressings'. When would these have been made. At the time of recording or decades later in the vinyl era i.e. 50s etc?
  3. Yes I found this too. I’ll need to cut a slither off .
  4. Ron McMaster Retires From Capitol Mastering

    In some ways it feels as if the argument has come full circle. First McMaster got panned and RVG's masterings praised, then voices of concern were raised re RVG and some started professing that the McMasters' were the real deal all along. Meanwhile Malcolm Addey is ok but Larry Walsh not ok. My take as someone who really cares about the music is that none of this really matters. Advantages of certain masterings are always overstated as are the deficits of others. Personally I'm more fond of the McMasters I have as I've owned these longer and they feel part of my initial jazz education, when I bought sessions more slowly. By the time RVGs came along my basic jazz education was complete and then I hoovered up any sessions I didn't have.
  5. Ron McMaster Retires From Capitol Mastering

    I think he did a great job on the whole. The McMaster CDs from the late 80s to 90s have stood the test of time pretty well. Hope he enjoys his retirement and can reflect on a job well done.
  6. I've now realised that I own Vol 2 and 3 but not 1 . Good music
  7. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    The British media were no less jingoistic in the 48hrs or so running up to kick off. The commentary on TV here was as overinflated as it gets but a least it didn’t disparage the Croatians (too much)
  8. Freddie McCoy————Peas and Rice———-(Prestige) RVG 1967 Joanne Brackeen on the piano or organ on all tracks bar one. Pleasant album with some variety and just enough grease.
  9. Charlie Rouse redux

    I’ve not really thought about this until this thread but I realise that I’ve viewed Rouse with or without Monk as almost two different players. He’s always been a solid if not spectacular player. A bit like Junior Cook or George Coleman ( in my eyes) I’m bemused about how apparently controversial his contributions to Monk’s output are. More contentious to my mind was why Monk didn’t develop, progress or otherwise move on the group with Rouse. Now don’t get me wrong but whilst I love all the Colombia studio albums they’re all pretty much interchangeable. They solidified his tunes through repetition in a way that Bud Powell should have dealt with his compositions. Despite that virtue they lack ambition.
  10. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Speaking of neutral, that’s me and the England team for much of the first half. They deserved a win by some margin but the likes of Croatia will give them a fright if they are that tentative next game. Pickford is pretty damn great. Arsenal could do with someone with his skill set. Ol , just a half decent goalie would be nice.
  11. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    The game took its time to get going. Pretty dull until the first goal. Good for England’s confidence. Swedes not really made a game of it.
  12. Elvis Costello battles cancer

    He seemed in fine form when he performed at the Playhouse, Edinburgh under 2 weeks ago. He was the only performer not to leave the stage at any point in the 2 plus set. He was full of energy and his usual chat. He referred to a diagnosis of prostate cancer. I wish him a speedy recovery. His music has helped me for forty years. Big fan❤️
  13. Elvis Costello--------This year's model-------( Radar U.K.) Elvis cancelled the rest of his European tour today. A few weeks ago when I saw him perform he referred to having had prostatic cancer. He's now been advised to rest. Prostatic surgery can bring all manner of complications. I hope he gets better soon. Spinning this title. Pump it up and Chelsea prompted me to buy ths as a thirteen year old. As I've indicated previously I've not looked back. Vamos Elvis !
  14. Trane Talk

    Lucky Thompson said hello to the soprano earlier than Trane (not so sure about Lacy). I for one have been enjoying the soprano tracks on the recent issue.
  15. My set arrived with UK customs four days after Mosaic posted it. It then sits in customs for nearly 2 weeks before they send me a letter detailing import fees. This was mainly a handling fee of nearly £12 !! I wondered what the fee would have been if they acted more swiftly 🤤