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  1. Stockholm record/CD stores?

    Andra Jazz looks interesting. I'm staying at a Scandic hotel, about a 20min walk from the Munich Brewery. Looks like there are ample public transportation options for getting to the area where Andra is.
  2. disposable razors here. The Bic or Gillette kind that come 10/bag. Works just as efficiently as the expensive blades.
  3. Happy Birthday Chuck Nessa!

    happy birthday Chuck. Have an ice cream
  4. well, better than Fallon. That guy is someone I just don't "get" at all. More irritating than funny.
  5. Happy Belated 11th Birthday to the O-Board

    I was not aware that the Politics section is gone (thank you!). When did that happen?
  6. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3

    I rarely listened to the original, edited release, but so far I am really enjoying this one! Superb playing, especially by Miles. I had no idea Airto played flute with Miles, which is a nice surprise. Love the cover, too! Wish I could get this on LP size packaging.
  7. neil young, audiophile

    The reason it hasn't come out to date is that it's Neil's least favorite record. I like it, though it's a mess. It's interesting as much as a psychodrama as for the music. Neil's doing too much drugs, he fires his friend Danny Whitten on the eve of a huge, high-profile tour, Danny then dies by his own hand, and Neil has to go out and face huge audiences expecting to hear Harvest. The record is an incredible document of those encounters. As for the format in which it's being re-released, it's been noted since the '70's that those 4 records are "of a piece" - call it The Danny Crronicles (I know, I know, Bruce Berry too). It's the journey of a man going through hell, and emerging the other side. As for why now, and in this format, it's for Record Store Day. it's good to support the survival of record stores. Not exactly. He hasn't reissued it yet because of the way it was mastered. The recording and mastering were done straight to the CompuDisk (or what his producer David Briggs called the CompuFuck), so there is no way now for it to be remastered, remixed, anything. He has said that it would sound terrible on CD.
  8. Anthony Braxton

    I was until they moved from $7.99/month to $100/year. If I could break that up over months I would do it but I don't really have $100 to blow at once. I'm sure there's a good reason they did it that way, but it's a little frustrating. Exactly my situation. Can't drop $100 like that.
  9. neil young, audiophile

    Not much. He developed some loss of hearing during the Weld tour in 1991. Not surprising, since that was Crazy Horse's loudest and most intense music
  10. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3

    I thought this thread was about the upcoming Miles bootleg release. My mistake.
  11. Winter Olympics anyone?

    I can't watch NBC coverage. Until I can get CBC restored, I'll have to follow it on the internet.
  12. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3

    I like the cover. Best one of the series, so far!
  13. these outdoor games are just ridiculous. it may be nostalgic for some of the players in the sense that they may have played outdoors as kids, but the league has been an indoor sport for over 100 years! weather is a factor, and if a playoff spot came down to one game for one of the teams involved, I'd be upset if my team didn't make it because they lost the "outdoor game". The puck moves differently when it's snowing, or what about that game a year or two ago when it in the 40s? They were almost playing on slush! It's such a gimmicky spectacle. And really, how many kids today are learning to play the game outside anymore? At least around here, there are arenas where kids go to learn how to skate and play hockey. And when I was growing up in Canada, I played on some frozen lakes as a kid but the majority of my experience was in the various arenas around town.
  14. No wonder I was so confused when I left Canada for America. Wasn't sure what month/day it was
  15. Horace Silver 1928-2014

    Sad to hear. One of the best
  16. JazzLoft Going Out Of Business

    Really sad. JL was my source for Hat discs.
  17. CONTEST: 2013 Grey Cup

    Very late. The Roughriders of SK (not the Ottawa version), 20.
  18. Any Zappa fans?

    Just got this email last night: Here's the tracklist: 1. When it's perfect 3:18 2. The new brown clouds 2:44 3. Frog song 17:23 4. It just might be a one shot deal 1:57 5. The ending line 3:12 6. Blessed relief/the new brown clouds 5:03 7. It ain't real so what's te deal 13:14 8. Think it over some/ think it over some more 5:20 9. Another whole melodic section 1:53 10. When it feels natural 1:27 Total time: 55:32
  19. Keith Jarrett: No End

  20. Happy Birthday Ken Dryden!

    happy furlough birthday
  21. "Droid" is a marketing term used by Verizon for a line of their Android phones. If it's not on Verizon, it's not a "Droid". It's really not that complicated to configure notifications. Sounds like you just need to set the native notification to on but with sound off, and then route all notification control through the other app.
  22. Keith Jarrett on a Rant

    I saw the trio in Ann Arbor in 2000. No problems. It was a great concert. I appreciate the no photography rule. It doesn't distract just the performers.
  23. How's the weather?

    disgustingly hot and humid here yet again. I truly miss winter.
  24. Keith Jarrett: Somewhere

    Those are some of the best parts! Never get enough of that record