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  1. I swear I saw Greg Abate on a commercial for a local furniture store on a trip to Providence.
  2. RIP Johnny Mandel

    I don’t think Frank Sinatra made a more swinging album than “Ring-a-Ding Ding.”
  3. Stan Kenton Short on TCM

    Quite a week on TCM - “Odds Against America,” “Elevator to the Gallows” and “Knife in the Water.” Maybe I’ll put off cutting the cord awhile longer
  4. TTK's First Organ Groove Record

    “Son of Ice Bag” had a brief moment around that time, but with a couple of later exceptions, seems to have disappeared. I heard Jack McDuff do it once, and Hugh Masakela (who also recorded it). Was always curious about it, there had to be a story there...
  5. Stan Kenton Short on TCM

    And last night.. “The Glenn Miller Story” AND “The Gene Krupa Story,” followed by something with Benny Goodman and later, Kay Kyser. And commentary with Christian Sands! Surreal.
  6. Paul Horn Corner

    3 tracks from “Cleopatra” show up on a compilation of Columbia material on a CD called “The Jazz Years,” on the Black Sun label. (His first 2 Columbia albums were out on Collectables, one of that labels more sensible efforts.) A stray track from the “Profile” sessions - “We Three Kings” - was on the original “Jingle Bell Jazz” LP - that, and Chico Hamilton’s “Winter Wonderland” (with Charles Lloyd) never made it to the altered CD version.
  7. Stan Kenton Short on TCM

    And, as we type, “Anatomy of a Murder” is on.
  8. Gladys Hampton Quartet

    Thanks! But what exactly is Glady’s role?
  9. Is that anything like the Bob Thiele Collective? Or maybe Jackie Gleason?
  10. Herbie Mann

    I caught Mann many times, in several configurations, and 2 of these occasions stand out as memorable as anything I’ve ever heard. The first, maybe late 1969, he bought in a small group to the staid Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh - Roy Ayers had just left, so it was Sonny Sharrock, Miroslav and Bruno Carr. Sharrock soloed on every number, the place shook, I don’t think there’s a record that captures what he sounded like live. Not sure that the audience was prepared for it (how could they be?) - unbelievable. The second was at Yankee Stadium, summer of ‘72, part of the Newport Festival. Sharrock was still there, Pat Rebillot and David Newman. The audience was huge, diverse, pumped up, and Mann had them even before he played - I’ve never been in a more enthusiastic crowd. (Pity the group that had to follow - which was the Giants of Jazz!) You can hear it for yourself, the album “Hold On I’m Comin” is mostly from that performance. Sonny Sharrock at Yankee Stadium! (And one of the least memorable concerts I’ve been to was during his disco phase, where he threw frisbees out to the audience.)
  11. Stan Kenton Short on TCM

    I rarely watch TCM, although (like Rooster) I do scroll through the listings. But since we’re stuck at home it’s been on more often, catching up with stuff I should have seen (“Gaslight,” “Laura,” “Strangers on a Train,” that era), so hopefully Comcast will leave it alone here. Anyway, Stan Kenton - as with most of those short films, pretty hokey - lots of June Christy, a male vocalist I never heard of (Gene Howard), a female dancer the focus of “Artistry in Rhythm,” a cliched narration... Good band, though. (The Lord discography has it as December, 1945.). Couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes.
  12. I see this listed for this afternoon at 3:00 (EDT), I’ll be tuning in. TCL has been playing music related titles the past day or so - “All Night Long” yesterday, “Beast With Five Fingers” and “Shoot The Piano Player” later today. (Now THERE’S a juxtaposition!)
  13. Tacos and Herb Alpert

    Bossa nova? That would have to be Laurindo Almeida & the Bossa Nova All Stars. Brazilian classics like “Ramblin’ Rose” and “Hava Negila.”
  14. Lee Morgan: The Last Session

    I think I once read that A & M tried to sign him, he could have gone the Wes Montgomery route.
  15. Tacos and Herb Alpert

    I prefer Chet Baker & the Mariachi Brass for my dinner music.