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  1. Lennie Tristano used it effectively on solo recordings at one stage in his career - not with a bass player (as I recall).
  2. Anton Webern's genitals

    It seems not. According to the original passage, -- he was conducting in shirtsleeves only -- .
  3. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    Didn't know about Mosaic mania. You mean even I might be considered hip?
  4. I seem to recall that at some point (50's, 60's, 70's?) Gail was running a small motel somewhere in LA.
  5. Now reading...

    Good book! There's a thread somewhere ...
  6. Nostalgia

    That's a profound quote and very true. The rarer 2nd take is even better than the master, IMO.
  7. Donny McCaslin

    Heard The Passion of Charlie Parker on a long flight home - was intrigued because at the time there was no information available about who was playing ... but played it right through anyway and I was, well, perplexed but basically found it interesting and, dare I say it, moving. Unlike JSngry, I find rhythm sections who continually fool with time irritating in the extreme - and here so often they almost seemed to have something going (swinging in 4/4) which could have pushed the tenor (McCaslin) into something significant, only to quickly drop it for something else - and the tenor responded accordingly and the opportunity was missed. But, McCaslin is a hell of a player who is all over the horn - a lot of legato chromatic playing - he sounds like Warne Marsh in the upper register and has a remarkable tone - almost phosphorescent (?) which greatly adds to the overall atmosphere. Rhythmically he has it covered but occasionally breaks up his flow with corny marching band type nonsense. The vocals/ vocal passages are very hip and perhaps capture something of Bird's scene. I dislike fusion intensely but this is not that simplistic. It's a unique workout on Bird's tunes and lifestyle that manages to capture something pretty profound - for all the wrong reasons (from my viewpoint).
  8. Jim's "woke" - get it?
  9. Grasso Brothers

    Here's Luigi with another fine alto player, Joan Marti.
  10. Grasso Brothers

    Barry Harris has said that the Grasso Brothers (Luigi - alto, Pasquale - guitar) are "the best musicians in the world". This features Luigi's arrangement/ alto. Pasquale also solos. These cats are incredible musicians. There's a lot more stuff on youtube.
  11. Where the hell is Phil Schaap?

    Always enjoyed Birdflight and many other treasures - All the best Phil. Q
  12. Very nice - interesting series.