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  1. Culture War, Young Lions & Trend Manufacturing

    Just when you thought it's gone ... IT'S BACK!
  2. Honi Gordon

    "Take the A Train" is also included on First Bass - Oscar Pettiford (IAJRC-CD-1010).
  3. Honi Gordon

    The Gordon's version of "Take the A Train" from Hamp's Jazztone 1956 date with Pettiford etc. is a hip classic.
  4. The Tuba players

    Anything you can recommend of him playing bebop lines?
  5. The Tuba players

    Not sure that I can think of anybody who could do that fluently. Who would you recommend?
  6. Always enjoyed this 10 inch LP. My version (I think there were several) had "Boplicity", some of the '49 Tristano sextet tracks plus a trio version of 'Yesterdays' ...
  7. Lee In Paris (1953) on Vogue - the level of Lee's playing here with a quartet approximates that of the live recording on Pacific Jazz with the Mulligan group. There's a further release on Vogue that contains all the out-takes. Incredible!
  8. 3.5 hour four-part Charlie Parker documentary by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (1989). Clips, interviews with Bird, Chan/ Harvey Cropper (artist)/ Red Rodney/ Max/ Klook/ Roy Haynes/ Monk/ Chet/ Red Mitchell/ Moody/ Milt Jackson/ Percy Heath/ Bob Dorough/ Elvin Jones/ Tristano etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlS_c2kXQOI&t=6627s Fine production based on recollections (and projections) by Chan and Harvey Cropper plus clips & interviews with musician colleagues accompanied by musical excerpts (some rare Bird to my ears) … Highly Recommended!
  9. Dual solos

    Warne & Warne (overdubbing)
  10. Dual solos

    Good Call!
  11. “Diggin' Diz”

    This interview (linked below) with Stan Levey by Alun Morgan mentions the first session. Morgan mentions a "mysterious acetate" ... https://jazzprofiles.blogspot.com/2018/09/stan-levey-alun-morgan-interview.html
  12. Happy Birthday, Barry Harris. 91 years young

    Keep swinging Barry! Happy Birthday.
  13. Dodo Marmarosa

    In the article, Dodo says his solo on "You're Drivin' Me Crazy" with Jug is a favorite - it's easy to see why - just beautiful! Also, I just realized that Bird does not solo at all on that take of Ornithology ... Thanks James
  14. Good Question. It’s a graphic novel by Dave Chisholm (Z2 Comics) https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/charlie-parker-bird-100-continues/ In particular: “This fall, for ‘Bird 100’, Parker’s longtime label Verve Records, in conjunction with UMe, will offer an illuminating new perspective on a previously under-examined chapter of Parker’s life with a new collection titled Bird In LA, featuring unreleased songs recorded during Bird’s storied visits to Los Angeles in the mid ‘40s through the early ‘50s.”