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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Roy, Fats Eager - outstanding!!!
  2. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Thanks Stanley. RIP.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Right! My Warne Marsh "An Unsung Cat" on Storyville purchased a few years ago came as a cdr with that black/ blue frame (and no liner). What's the story there?
  4. Essential John Gilmore?

    Kosmos in Blue: John Gilmore Anthology Vol. 1 (don't know if there is a volume 2) is readily available as a download. For those wary of the space music aspect of Sun Ra, it's very approachable - fine tenor and interesting arrangements.
  5. Errol Buddle Interview

    Fascinating interview with someone who was right there during the Golden Age!
  6. R.I.P. Annie Ross

    Fine video!
  7. Charlie Parker: One Night in Birdland

    Those 50's Birdland broadcasts are a mess date wise and personnel wise - and so much of the music (particularly that featuring Bird, Bud and Fats) is sublime. Questions remain ...
  8. Charlie Parker: One Night in Birdland

    Miles certainly sounds excited on the Paris recordings with Tadd - maybe Juliette was waiting in the wings ;-) but his playing doesn't have the elegance, form and balance of Fats, which the "slow"/ "long" 52nd St. Theme of June 30 has (to my ears).
  9. Charlie Parker: One Night in Birdland

    My understanding is that Monday night was jam session night at Birdland, and that these were regularly (?) broadcast, so it's quite possible that Blakey and Russell were caught on tape over several Monday nights. But for Fats, June 30 is a very late date, as he died from TB, a very debilitating disease, a week later. To make matters more complicated (for me) I feel that the first excellent trumpet solo on the "long" 52nd Street Theme (5:39) from the Miles Birdland Jam Session dated June 30 is in fact Fats, not Miles. Essentially I find it hard to believe it is 1950 Miles when it sounds so much like great Fats . However, my intuition is probably incorrect if the date of the session is actually June 30 ...
  10. Charlie Parker: One Night in Birdland

    Thanks for raising the topic. I agree with you that the recordings would appear to be from multiple nights and (possibly) venues. The Miles Davis Birdland Jam Session from June 30 1950 (?) is somewhat similar, at least as far as dates are concerned. Both Miles and Fats are listed on trumpet on some tracks and as we know Fats died from TB on July 7, so the identity of listed trumpeters soloing on some of the tracks is open to question.
  11. Agree with John L and Niko.
  12. Interesting - look forward to seeing that.
  13. Warne Marsh book Out of Nowhere

    Ah yes, I remember it. I enjoyed the author's descriptions of the music - he obviously resonated with Marsh's playing. But it was a novel, based broadly on Marsh's life from a novelist's perspective. The Chamberlain book is factually based, so should be read first. But for someone who enjoys the music, "Nowhere" is a good read ...
  14. Chet didn't cover this on record or on bootleg somewhere? Be nice to hear what a supposedly pure(?) ear player did with it. Of course what the rhythm section was doing would be meaningful ...
  15. R.I.P. Annie Ross

    Nice tribute and song selection from Marc Myers here https://www.jazzwax.com/