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  1. Chet Baker, misjudged?

    Chet knew what he wanted from an early age. I don't think he had any regrets - the best of his music makes that clear. Q

    Thanks for that. It's on Youtube too. Nice - he listens to Cannonball, Getz, Rollins and Lester. Q
  3. Blue Giant is a Japanese Jazz Manga series (1-10) written and illustrated by Ishizuka Shinichi. A sequel to this series entitled Blue Giant Supreme, has also been published. The story revolves around the jazz adventures of a young musician from Sendai, determined to be the world's greatest saxophonist. Q.
  4. Hacked/Redirected/WTF?????

    Received it also - probably Monday night which meant I could not log in for a couple of days. It wanted me to download an old version of Java, which I didn't do. I finally got rid of it by logging in through a thread in Google and changing the bookmark. Q
  5. I dig Betty Carter!

    According to Steve Huey on the "All Music" site ... (and re-quoted around the net) ... "She (Betty) spent 1958 and 1959 on the road with Miles Davis ..." Is there any evidence for this? 1958/9 was a peak period for Miles with Coltrane, Cannonball, Gil Evans, Bill Evans etc. I've dug around a little but can find no references to Betty with Miles at this time. Maybe someone has some information to share ... Q
  6. holman and russo

    Are these available "complete"? A lot of fine music there ... Then again I see you may be referring to the Mosaic release ... again fine music, but "complete"? Q
  7. Some seemingly far-out Bird

    Yes, just beautiful Fats. Interesting to see in retrospect how often Hawk employed boppers in the 40's ... Q.
  8. Doug Watkins

    Absolutely - to my ears the most articulate and driving bass among the early hard boppers. Some great things with Donald Byrd - Blows Beacon Hill (Transition); All Day Long/ All Night Long (Prestige) and a Byrd - Hank Mobley date with Kenny Clarke (Savoy) come to mind. Agree about the Oscar Pettiford forward lean - apparently he was very close to Paul Chambers who also has that (forward lean). Died at 27 in a car accident. What a loss ... Q
  9. Some superb Warne Marsh on video

    Re Warne’s physicality while playing, in the 1983 documentary “Manhattan Studio” by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation about Lennie, Sheila Jordan has this to say: "Oh, it used to be a kick to watch Warne… when he was really on … he was so emotional … his whole body used to just move back … you know it was wonderful to watch him play. It was really something to see – and of course to hear …" I guess she’s talking about the early to mid 50’s. Q
  10. Some superb Warne Marsh on video

    Unfortunately the phrase 'fetishize originality' can trigger certain sensitivities on this board ... Most would agree with that. Q
  11. Phil Schaap- The Early Andrew Hill!

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NBD: NBD can refer to: Contents. [hide]. 1 Banking; 2 Logistics; 3 Computing; 4 Science; 5 Other uses. Banking[edit]. National Bank of Dubai · National Bank of Detroit · National Bank of Dominica. Logistics[edit]. Next Business Day. Computing[edit]. The network block device of Linux. Science[edit]. Neurobiological brain disorder ... I suspect National Bank of Dubai ... Q
  12. you guys wont believe this

    You mean Hank's wearing that shirt again? Q
  13. Let's send some good vibes to Barry Harris.

    Thanks for all your work spreading the message - as long as you can, keep it going ... Q
  14. Some Thelonious Monk for the holidays.

    Whatever - some might also enjoy the double CD Geneva concerts from the 60's, which includes 2 previously unreleased live tracks from the Chicago Blue Note (1956) with Ernie Henry, Paul Chambers and Willie Jones. Q