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  1. Tony Williams of Spotlite Records dies at 80

    Sorry to hear that - incredible what he put out! A lot of love went into that catalogue! RIP.
  2. James Mtume (1946-2022)

    Interesting that you went back to Bird, Bud, Fats, Dameron etc. Many don't.
  3. Thanks folks. Listening to Lennie's changes behind the bass solo, I hear "You Can Depend on Me" (Wow) - but I can't hear that through the line. And I can't hear "It's You or No One" either ... or, as yet... Time will tell... amazing.
  4. Enjoying disk V (duos/ trios with Sonny Dallas). Would anybody know the changes for "Forever Lines" (track 4)? I can't quite place them and it's driving me nuts. Often there is a hint in the title but if so, it eludes me.
  5. Audio CD is here (+ 4 tracks of Tristano / Marsh quartet at Half Note 1958)
  6. Chubby Jackson in "The Psychedelic Priest"

    "Ebullient" was how he was often described in the jazz press - apparently had a vaudeville family background. Lennie Tristano was pianist in "The Chubby Jackson Quartet" when he (Lennie) arrived from Chicago in 1946, but there were personality problems, as you might imagine. I always thought he was the guy who shouted out "Here comes Charlie Parker!" on that "Your Father's Moustache" track by the Harris-Jackson Herd broadcast from Birdland in '53 but on checking (Losin) it seems it was drummer Morey Feld . Anyway, wild band, wild track and great Bird ...
  7. Parker & Gillespie footage (DuMont TV show) in colour

    It's not perfect, but It's a pick-up group in the early days of TV. We're lucky to have it! You're getting a bit mean in your old age, Gheorghe .
  8. Wasn't it Lester and Bird? I seem to remember doing that ...
  9. V.S.O.P. Quintet-Historical importance

    I thought I was the only one ...
  10. Barry Harris RIP

    Thanks for that, Mark - hours of enjoyment ahead.
  11. Barry Harris RIP

    RIP Barry - thanks for the beautiful, meaningful, swinging jazz ....
  12. “Bird In LA”

    Right! No "underwater" playing from Haig here (Tristano) - he's on fire! Diz is great too!
  13. “Bird In LA”

    I received the cds a couple of weeks ago and feel it’s a worthwhile package. Essentially it’s an historical document of Bird's various visits to the West Coast - there is greater Bird available, so primarily it’s for completest Bird fans – I’m one of them so the sound (not great/ not too bad/ heard and enjoyed much worse) is not a problem for me. Beef is too much Harry the Hipster, included for the scene, I guess. Highlights for me are the opening “How High the Moon” with Diz, Cherokee with Nat Cole (which I had from long ago), and the session with Miles and Albany. All the Bird is interesting. The slightly stoned sound of the ranch party adds to the stoned atmosphere.
  14. “Bird In LA”

    Amazon Japan says release 11/24 (¥3960).
  15. Hank Mobley Quintet 1957

    OK - checked it out - some mixed reports but it would seem not cousins as in family - maybe bass cousins