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  1. Dodo Marmarosa

    In the article, Dodo says his solo on "You're Drivin' Me Crazy" with Jug is a favorite - it's easy to see why - just beautiful! Also, I just realized that Bird does not solo at all on that take of Ornithology ... Thanks James
  2. Good Question. It’s a graphic novel by Dave Chisholm (Z2 Comics) https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/charlie-parker-bird-100-continues/ In particular: “This fall, for ‘Bird 100’, Parker’s longtime label Verve Records, in conjunction with UMe, will offer an illuminating new perspective on a previously under-examined chapter of Parker’s life with a new collection titled Bird In LA, featuring unreleased songs recorded during Bird’s storied visits to Los Angeles in the mid ‘40s through the early ‘50s.”
  3. Sonny Rollins and Max Roach

    You might like to check out RLR 88624, CLIFFORD BROWN AT THE COTTON CLUB (Cleveland) 1956, which doesn't seem to get a mention here. It's a 3 CD set, reasonably well recorded (live, 1956) featuring the group with Sonny on tenor. It also has 3 bonus tracks from a radio broadcast from Town Casino Buffalo NY).
  4. Happy 94th Lou Donaldson

    Dear Lou - All the Best! Just played Dee-Dah with Clifford and Elmo- Beautiful!
  5. Bill Charlap

    According to Med Flory, Warne Marsh dressed like a beekeeper!
  6. Just beautiful - many thanks!
  7. RIP Ira Sullivan

    Great musician - beautiful trumpet on J.R.'s Blue Note. RIP
  8. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Roy, Fats Eager - outstanding!!!
  9. RIP Stanley Crouch

    Thanks Stanley. RIP.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Right! My Warne Marsh "An Unsung Cat" on Storyville purchased a few years ago came as a cdr with that black/ blue frame (and no liner). What's the story there?
  11. Essential John Gilmore?

    Kosmos in Blue: John Gilmore Anthology Vol. 1 (don't know if there is a volume 2) is readily available as a download. For those wary of the space music aspect of Sun Ra, it's very approachable - fine tenor and interesting arrangements.
  12. Errol Buddle Interview

    Fascinating interview with someone who was right there during the Golden Age!
  13. R.I.P. Annie Ross

    Fine video!
  14. Charlie Parker: One Night in Birdland

    Those 50's Birdland broadcasts are a mess date wise and personnel wise - and so much of the music (particularly that featuring Bird, Bud and Fats) is sublime. Questions remain ...