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  1. Grasso Brothers

    Here's Luigi with another fine alto player, Joan Marti.
  2. Grasso Brothers

    Barry Harris has said that the Grasso Brothers (Luigi - alto, Pasquale - guitar) are "the best musicians in the world". This features Luigi's arrangement/ alto. Pasquale also solos. These cats are incredible musicians. There's a lot more stuff on youtube.
  3. Where the hell is Phil Schaap?

    Always enjoyed Birdflight and many other treasures - All the best Phil. Q
  4. Very nice - interesting series.
  5. Great read! Quite a lady! Too bad about Allen - "cursed with flair" is a pretty accurate self- assessment ...
  6. Charlie Parker Blindfold Test

    Very interesting - too bad about the first half of the tape.
  7. Actually the (political/ social) movement away from American jazz by some German (and British) musicians is a worthy topic...
  8. Not quite sure what you are saying ... what has Taylor's visit with Schlippenbach have to do with "Tiger Rag"? (and possibly the emancipation of German musicians from their American predecessors/ contemporaries)?
  9. Analog People

    "The Sound of Jazz" - surely the greatest jazz TV program ever made ... there's a whole hour of this, including Billie and Lester. Joy indeed!
  10. Stan Kenton Live: any recommendations please?

    Apologies : this should be the page for the Ellington shows: http://otrrlibrary.org/OTRRLib/Library%20Files/D%20Series/Duke%20Ellington/
  11. Stan Kenton Live: any recommendations please?

    Thanks for the information!
  12. Stan Kenton Live: any recommendations please?

    Index of /OTRRLib/Library Files/S Series/Duke Ellington Collection 25 Ellington radio shows (mostly 1940s) ...
  13. Stan Kenton Live: any recommendations please?

    Amazing resource for the 52/53 Kenton band. See: Index of /OTRRLib/Library Files/S Series/Stan Kenton Collection. What else is in this library?