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  1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Is it allowed for a sixty year old to really, really, enjoy this film? It's a fun film to watch.
  2. Now reading...

    What I Stand On: The Collected Essays of Wendell Berry 1969 - 2017. Nice collection that I'm slowly making my way through.
  3. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    I think you can consider the Gary Templeton for Ozzie Smith trade a win for St. Louis... Templeton was never that great with the Padres.
  4. Now reading...

    Spirit and Trauma: A Theology of Remaining by Shelly Rambo (what a name!). A very interesting book on trauma and ways to help people see both the death and life aspects of trauma in their lives, especially helpful if someone is counseling a person with a religious background. Heavy influence of Cathy Caruth throughout the book.
  5. What Are You Watching

    To say the least! Which is why I enjoy it tremendously. It's small town tv fantasy land, just like Hallmark Channel's version small town USA.
  6. What Are You Watching

    Corner Gas: Season 3
  7. Anyone seen this yet? I like Malick, but it starting to seem it's all one movie with him, and each film is a redoing on that one film.
  8. Now reading...

    The Rector of Justin: A Novel by Louis Auchincloss. Been reading this as my bedtime book and it's much better than I expected.
  9. Now reading...

    Rereading this, it has a lot to say about today's world...
  10. what are you drinking right now?

    I liked the Hess Select, it had a lighter taste that other cabernets I've had, and for $20.00, well worth the price. I'm going to try others in the next couple of weeks.
  11. what are you drinking right now?

    Hess Select 2016
  12. what are you drinking right now?

    I couldn't resist! Got it as a gift. Living in the heart of the wine country has its advantages -- I live next door to the Opus One vineyards.
  13. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Heaven's above, I'm so sick and tired of Yasiel Puig's act! He, of course, is not the one to charge the entire dugout, but he was the one who charged other players after things had quieted down, knowing full well that there was no way he could get to them, and even if he did get to them, the only thing he'd do is yell at them. And this guy acts like he's so tough! PUKE!