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Blindfold Test #6 Discussion

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I finally got a chance to listen to both discs and here goes.

Disc 1

1 - Great bop era type band. I know I have this but I can't identify it. However, I think it could be from one of those Gene Norman Presents discs.

2 - Don't know but really like the trumpet. Sax didn't bowl me over although he's solid.

3 - Nice but it only deserves mentions because of the vibes, for which I'm a sucker. Nice vibes. Bobby Hutcherson? No idea really.

4 - Nothing I like here.

5 - Don't know.

6 - Very mellow. Don't know otherwise.

7 - Don't know. Liked the sax.

8 - Found this to be the most interesting cut here. Great coversation going on between sax and trumpet. Worthy of several listens.

9 - Ellington and Hodges. Unmistakeable. Nice choice.

10 - Who else?

11 - No idea but except for guitar didn't move me.

Disc 2 - Except for track 1, which must be Gil Evans (sounded like something out of Concierto de Aranjuez), I found the rest of the disc disappointing. Nothing I really liked there or would want to listen to again. Sorry, Randy.

Randy, great job (even if I didn't like everything). Great cross-section of your interests. Thank you once again.

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I am a little late, but I finally had a chance to listen to disc one. I have not read any of the comments thus far and I typed my impressions as I listened to the disc. Therefore, these are my true first reactions to the music on Disc One.


1. I do not listen to a lot of big band music so I know that I would not be able to identify the band. The tenor soloist sounds familiar. Nothing particularly memorable about the tune itself, but the band plays with excitement.

2. Sounds like a Woody Shaw tune. Another tenor that I have heard before. If it is Shaw it could be Carter Jefferson. The tune has that late seventies early eighties Woody Shaw feel to it. Yes, I only need to hear the first three notes of Woody Shaw’s solo. He is my favorite trumpeter and I know him anywhere. I am not sure which album this is from, but I know I have it. Always a pleasurable experience for me to listen to Shaw. His music has a very distinctive sound that sounds like “Woody Shaw” even when he is not playing. I think it is from one of his Columbia recordings.

3. Wow. Another familiar tune. From Bobby Hutcherson’s Dialogue with Hutcherson, Andrew Hill, Freddie Hubbard, Sam Rivers. One of my favorite recordings and one that I have listened to numerous times. I think the tune is “Idle While”, but I am not sure about that. Great music.

4. No idea who it is. Enjoyable groove in the beginning, but right now I am wondering if this is all that there is going to be for the entire eleven minutes of the track? Okay, no it is not – here is the alto. I know this alto and it is annoying me that I can’t place it. It’s not Oliver Lake. I am enjoying the alto solo, but I apologize to the musician’s estate for not being able identify it. I still wish the percussionist would do a little more, but it is allowing room for the alto to do his/her thing. Hemphill? No. I do not know. Tune gets a little repetitive and goes on for too long with not much change in the action other than an increase in tempo. I would not feel compelled to add this to the collection.

5. An interesting beginning. The more it continues the pianist sounds a little like Mal Waldron to me. He gets a distinctive sound from the piano and is one of the few pianists whose sound I can usually recognize. I think he plays in the middle keys or something. With that said I am not going to commit to this being Waldron. Maybe I should shut up and just listen for a minute. A somewhat rumbling/ruminative piece. Not sure how much I like it. First impression is not overly wowed. I no longer think it is Mal Waldron. I almost moved on to the next track at about the ten minute mark during the extended drum solo.

6. I am listening to this disc on the computer while my daughter is watching some cartoon on TV. During this piece is the first time I have had a difficult time focusing on the music. I do not listen to much jazz vocals and this singer does not sound familiar to me. Okay there are more than one voice, but is it the same person overdubbed? Crazy idea. The piece did not do a lot for me.

7. Are there two basses, or is a bass and cello in there? Don’t know who it is, but I like this track. It sounds somewhat like a standard tune. Nice solo by the sax. Is that “Summertime”? Interesting arrangement.

8. The opening sounded very familiar. I love this kind of music – the piano less quartet stuff in the “Ornette” zone. I think I have this, but I am not sure who it is. Could be John Carter and Bobby Bradford. Of course this would have to be Carter before he started to focus on clarinet. For a second I wondered whether it could be Jimmy Lyons on alto, but no it is not him. Neither his sound, not his phrasing. A somewhat haunting piece. Carter and Bradford played a bunch of songs like this with the floating rhythm. Damn! I even think that I have listened to this recently, whoever it is.

9. There is definitely a variety of stuff on this disc. This sounds like an older saxophonist. Contemporary guys don’t use that kind of sound. It also sounds like one of those people that I should know, but have not taken the time to investigate properly. Very passionate playing in a subdued sort of way. I need to listen to this kind of stuff more often. It has a nice calming effect and the saxophonist has an appealing sound. Its not Hodges, is it? No does not have his smoothness.

10. Coltrane from the Atlantic period. Coltrane was the first jazz artist that I was absolutely obsessive about when I first started listening to the music. Still no greater saxophonist IMO ever. Maybe it is not one of his Atlantic records. No matter, its great music.

11. Like the change to a different type of rhythm. Oops, the vocalist just came and spoiled it for me. Don’t like his voice. I like the groove of the piece. That’s about it.

I will post on Disc Two after I have a chance to listen to it.

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6. I am listening to this disc on the computer while my daughter is watching some cartoon on TV. During this piece is the first time I have had a difficult time focusing on the music. I do not listen to much jazz vocals and this singer does not sound familiar to me. Okay there are more than one voice, but is it the same person overdubbed? Crazy idea. The piece did not do a lot for me.

This sounds very familiar. Trying to squeeze my listening in amidst demands from my son :D

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So who correctly identified the guitarist on disc 2 track 5? I gotta know!!!

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Al, reread the thread, if you have the time. It's in there.

I, for one, would have never guessed it!

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Well, I guess it's safe to assume I was wrong with my guess! ;)

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I found some time to sneak in a listen to disc two. I apologize for my lack of editing and long windednes in some of my responses, but these are my honest reactions to the music.


1. I will confess that after posting my comments to disc one I reviewed some of the other posts on the first disc and accidentally saw a reference to Gil Evans regarding this track. I will admit that if I had not seen that reference Evans would not have come to mind. I have not heard enough of his music to even know what his style is like. With that said, this is definitely a piece where the arrangement is very important to its success or failure. Here the music is interesting. Once again, I do have a preference for smaller ensembles and this is something that I probably would not gravitate toward on my own. I do like the bass line. It adds an undercurrent of mystery to the track. This could also be someone like Maria Schneider, who I believe is also influenced by Gil Evans.

2. Here is one of the exceptions to my less than favorable feeling about jazz vocalists. BETTY CARTER. I have always loved her. One of the first jazz performances I saw in a club was Carter in a double bill at the Bottom Line with the Harrison/Blanchard quintet. I love her voice and how instrumental her voice can be. She can sing wonderful songs, but her voice also interacts with the other instrumentalists well. I do not know which specific recording this is from although I will point out that Carter also had some great musicians play with her like John Hicks and Cyrus Chestnut, which is part of the reason I always enjoyed her music.

3. I am trying to listen with open ears, but this track is just not appealing to me. Nice voices. There is some familiarity. Sorry, just not my kind of thing.

4. Interesting track. I keep expecting them to start something. I can appreciate the interaction between the vibes-bass-drums, but I could also appreciate an identifiable tune. This is the kind of thing that I would probably like to listen to several times because I would appreciate it more with each listen as I get more involved with the piece.

5. Sounds a little smooth in the beginning, but then we get that Frisell type rural guitar thing in there. Bass sounds like something I have heard in Pat Metheny group stuff back in the day. I have no idea who this is. No. I don’t like this track.

6. The first thing that came into my mind in the first ten seconds of the track was the blaxploitation movie era. No it’s not exactly like it, but that came to mind. The bass clarinet is trying to say something, but the backbeat is not really doing much for me. Let me start to clean the kitchen while the rest of this track plays. Maybe it will surprise me. Nope, no surprises yet. I really should not be so harsh. It is not that the music is not enjoyable on some level. It really is just a matter of what I listen for. I can listen to something like this as background music, but it is not the type of thing that will make me sit and listen attentively. I am always hoping to hear something that will surprise or even better shock or wow me. This just does not do it.

7. I like this groove so far in the first couple of minutes. I have always liked tunes with strong bass vamps. It feels like the tune is building up to something. Not an incredibly involved, or complex sounding piece, but I feel drawn into the vibe of the piece. Quality flute solo, but I do not know who it is. The piano makes a good effort to keep some tension in the piece with the stuff played underneath the flute. I bet when the answers are revealed I am going to be disappointed with myself for not recognizing the pianist. I am sure it is someone in my collection. The style sounds familiar, but I am not sure. The three that came to mind while listening were Pullen, Tapscott and Weston although there is nothing in particular about the solo that was characteristic of either of them to me. It is more the feel of the piece and the solo that conjured images of those three masters. Nonetheless, the more I listen I am certain it is not any of them. I like this track. It is a little long. Maybe it is Randy Weston. Hmmm, I look forward to the answer.

8. Randy you sure have some eclectic tastes – and I mean that as a compliment. This is something new to me. Kind of atmospheric with not much fire to it. The mix is a little funny, but the tenor is familiar. Sounds like Charlie Haden on the bass.

9. Expressive trumpet. I am tired. My wife will be home from work any minute and I don’t want to get caught. Sorry – temporary distraction. I have listened to a lot of music like this. The drummer is really kicking these guys in the butt. No I do not know who it is. The tenor really let it all out. Music like this appeals to my emotional side more than my intellectual side. I would have to think that is what the musicians are going for here – grab you by the throat and make you pay attention. Here is a thought I just had – for all the passion that the two horn men solo with, did their solos tell any sort of coherent story? I am sure they did, but it is one you do not get on the first listen while sitting at the computer with one ear on the kids in their bedroom and the other on the music while at the same time fearing the arrival of the boss. In addition to wanting to be shocked by the music, I also listen for compelling stories with some logic that really say something. It is the difference to me between 50 cent and Nas. One has some nice hooks and is enjoyable, but in the end ain’t saying a damn thing. The other, IMO is nothing less than a street poet. I digress. Nice track.

10. Don’t like the echo. I may skip ahead to the last track. I am not going to skip ahead, but I am not having a response to this track.

11. Nice conservative track to end the compilation after the eccletism that preceded it. The sax is trying to push the boundaries a little. Is that Sun Ra? Sorry, momentary insanity.

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I don't have time at the moment to read the entire thread in particular Jim Sangrey's guesses. I thought I heard Dewey Redman on track 8 - that is why I said it was familiar. Track eleven, it reminded me of some of the more conservative stuff done by Sun Ra. I might look for that album.

Thanks for putting this one together.

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Damn! 229 comments already . I am a slacker!

Here goes...

1.1 - Great bop band to start! I'll hazard a guess that the Tenor soloist is....ummmm....I don't know. A bit raucous, and that's a good thing! I liked it.

1.2 - Aha! Woody! I love this tune. I could listen to this stuff all day long.

1.3 - Interesting, loping melody. It's pretty good. I like the saxophone (weird sounding soprano) solo. Bobby on vibes? I warmed up to it more as the song progressed.

1.4 - Rahssan? No, but i like it! Yeah! Quite a groove. Very fun.

1.5 - Wow. I must find this record. Very hypnotizing groove. Bordering on the out, but keeping it in. This tune reminds me the piano is a percussion instrument.

1.6 - Someone in the twilight of her career. I don't recognize the singer or the song, but it's nice. Wait! It's a duet. Is that Nina Simone? Hmmm... I need to brush up on my singers.

1.7 - Interesting instrumentation. Almost didn't know a sax was in there until he started wailing. Very nice.

1.8 - A lot of space in this song. I really like it. I think so far this is my favorite.

1.9 - Ellington? Hodges? What more can you say. I need to spend some serious time with Duke.

1.10 - JC making CHs masterpiece his own. I love the sound of these Atlantic recordings. One of the first records that sucked me in.

1.11 - ??? No clue. Not too fond of the vocalist. Good groove though.

Disc 2 comments to come later.

Edited by Jim Dye

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Okay, I admit it - I cheated and looked! -_- Events conspired against me and though I listened to each disc several times (maybe 3 or 4 times all the way through) I was never able to analyze (i.e. "guess") the tracks as I normally like to do. I did recognize a couple of the vocal tracks and commented on those earlier, and a few others I felt fairly sure about - but in skimming this thread it was mentioned that all tracks were sucessfully identified and with the "answers" thread already started temptation got the best of me. I swear it won't happen again (unless it does, of course).

(It also didn't help that I misplaced disc 2 last week, but it was finally found in the jewel case of my daughters' Wiggles CD. Now, however, I can't figure out where I put disc 1. Yes, it's been that kind of week...)

First, a few general observations. Randy, thanks for the very interesting discs. I liked almost everything here, though there were a couple of tracks that I could live the rest of my life without. At the same time, I'm not sure if anything was truly "revelatory" for me. In most of the previous tests, there were a couple of standout tracks for me - truly unique (to me) listening experiences - but I don't think anything moved me quite so much this go 'round. But that may have less to do with the music than with my frame of mind while listening.

Truthfully, after reading the answers, I realized that I have more of the specific tracks from this BFT in my collection than from any other BFTs - and yet I didn't recognize them. :blink: And I'm at least familiar with most of the artists here. I know I have I/3, I/7, I/9, II/8 and I think a couple of others as well. I can't believe I didn't recognize the Jarrett track, but it's not my favorite track from that album. Missing the Hill I'll simply chalk up to a brain fart.

Looking at my meager notes, I thought that II/1 was some Rodrigo piece, like Concierto de Aranjuez, though obviously not the Miles Davis version. Gil Evans was not far from my mind on that one. For II/2, I suspected Cassandra Wilson or Abbey Lincoln. Betty Carter falls into that same category for me: I like each of them in doses, but they're not my favorite female jazz singers. I'm more of an Ella, Dinah, or Blossom guy myself.

Track 10 is Getz? Jeez, that's why I generally don't care for electronically enhanced instruments. What a way to ruin such a beautiful tone. :(

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The really funny thing is, now that I'm reading the other posts in this thread, I have three browser windows opened: this one, the answers thread, and another permanently linked to AMG. :D

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OK, this is the first time I'm doing this, so I'm not supposed to look at the others' answers before I put down mine, right?

Disc 1.

1. ----

2. Woody Shaw

3. ---- It's a good one!

4. ---- Alto player sounds damn great. The whole band is killin'.

5. ---- Don Pullen?

6. Jeanne Lee. The other singer I can't tell.

7. Johnny Griffin - Soft and Furry. Love that tune. :D

8. ---- These people know their Ornette.

9. Duke

10. Trane

11. ---- I like this. Guitar player sounds like Joe Minasi.

OK, off to check the answers. Will do Disc 2 manana.

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OK, this is the first time I'm doing this, so I'm not supposed to look at the others' answers before I put down mine, right?

I'll let couw answer that. ;)

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Disc 2.

1. Gil Evans

2. ----

3. ----

4. 1970s Walt Dickerson. Not too much room for makes on this one.

5. ---- Pat Metheny?

6. ---- I like this! Nice 1970s groove.

7. Randy Weston

8. Zounds like Keith Jarrett

9. ---- Another Ornette-inspired track. Maybe Prince Lasha?

10. ---- Sounds like Jane Ira Bloom or something.

11. ---- Weird bass. No clue.

Time to check the answers.

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Okay here I am, late as usual and ready with my comments. I've stayed true to my principles and haven't read any post from this thread yet.

I'd first like to say that not since JimR's disc have I come across music which complimented my own tastes as well as this one. I'm still shaking my head after Sangrey's discs! ;)

Secondly, I've participated in four of these tests now and this is the first time that I've been able to identify a track along with the artist. And I was able to do this twice on this disc!

Here we go:

Disc ONE

1. Don't know this one but I'll guess it's Bird.

2. "Obsequious" from Woody Shaw, "Love Dance." I've got this on the 32jazz "Last of the Line," which is one of my favorite cds.

3. Is that a soparano sax towards the end? Pretty. I'll say Lionel Hampton.

4. I don't have any jazz vocals and this one does nothing for me.

5. Don't know this one but I do like it.

6. Again, Jazz vocals aren't exactly my specialty area. This is a nice song.

7. I think I've heard this one before and I might own it, but I cannot identify it. (I can't even find my TV remote control right now. ;) )

8. I think I may own this one as well. Have heard it before. Can't identify it.

9. Nice tune. Never heard it before.

10. "Body and Soul" from John Coltrane, "Coltrane's Sound." McCoy Tyner's piano work is haunting.

11. Dont' know this one, but I think it's called "Crucificado." ;):P Not bad.

Disc TWO

1. Nice Tune.

2. Don't know, but I'm gonna take a stab and say the pianist is Roland Hanna.

3. Don't care for this one, but if I ever need recommendations on jazz vocalists, I'll know where to go. ;)

4. I'll say Walt Dickerson.

5. Sounds like Pat Metheny. Amazing how nice electric guitar can sound in a jazz setting. Really nice tune.

6. I'll quote Dan Gould: "Don't know, Don't care."

7. I'll take a stab and say Cecil Taylor in a conventional mood.

8. Got a set of congas for X-mas as a kid, Randy? ;) This one's okay.

9. Don't know this one.

10. Don't care for this one.

11. Again, I don't know this one.

Thanks for letting me participate. These discs are keepers. :tup

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i´m listening to them and posting my reactions promptly. i´m on the 2nd audition of the discs but the first one really paying i go...

Disc 01:

T01-this sounds 40's for me. i do respect any form of Jazz but this is not my favorite style.

T02-this one is very good, sounds more recent to me maybe the 80´s. really liked the bass player..bass is always something that i listen to carefully. everybody is playing very well and i like uptempo performances like that. trumpet made me think about Harrell....Criss Cross could have released something like that....probably a composition from the session leader...very good!!

T03-vibes, i love vibes!!!nice blues and probably the viber is the leader...i don't have any guess who original composition.....this is also from the 80's/90's probably....i have really enjoyed this tune!!!

T04-an afro introduction, reminded me my Ivory Coast days....AEC maybe? i don't like´s similar to a brazilian musical style known as afoxé played mainly in Bahia....not for me

T05-challenging and very stimulating...the piano player is the leader of course.....i'm changing my mind, with almost 10 minutes i think this tune would be perfect with 4 or mins max..too exhausting and repetitive... a pity....

T06-did nothing for me...didn't liked her/his singing....where is the forward button :g

T07-cello!!! i like the sound of a cello. the tune sounds familiar but i'm not finding the answer.....just good nothing really special

T08-didn't liked this one....i´m not sure what is the idea behind this....

T09-i think i have this on CD but it´s just a feeling....i will not take my chances guessing who is the sax player but i´m sure is one of the giants...

T10-this song is so beautiful.....a sweet rendition, lovely piano playing, relaxing of my favorites so far....i´m sure i will feel ashamed when i read the answer for not knowing exactly who is playing....

T11-a breath of Santana is in the air....the guitar player is the leader....didn't liked the singer.....i can't remember when was the last time i've heard this song....

will post disc 2 immediately....

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Disc 02:

T01-i like this kind of arrangements....makes me think about Sebesky....beautiful tune...i can feel a CTI mood and Creed Taylor producing the whole stuff....i´m loving this a lot!!! is this Benson on the guitar? i love this particular sound of guitar...this is more than great..i need to get this on CD ASAP!!

T02-Betty Carter right? mixed feelings on this one....sometimes i like, sometimes not...when the singer is not present it's better....

T03-flute is so beautiful in Jazz music....sarah vaughan is in the house....beautiful song....never heard before it....the male singer seems familiar but....the guitar could be johnny smith or any other white it sounds more like a group...i´m lost.....Sarah clone is not there anymore.....somebody help me....i lost my senses :g

T04-more vibes!!!!! i could listen to something like that for hours and not getting tired...Hutcherson is the vibe player, if not i´ll be surprised....

T05-a pat metheny atmosphere....don't like it....

T06-this sounds familiar....i have this i´m quite sure....god i hate myself.....i can't believe i will not remember what is this....something that my father used to play a lot at home.... now i´m pissed off :angry: .....shame on me.....Joe Farrell? i give up...Eric Gale on guitar maybe? this is awesome, terrific, brilliant!!! now it sounds like a Benson tune on is Benson and Airto on father will

take me out of his will if i miss this :w

T07-good piano technique.....i have heard this before once in my life....this one is interesting...could be Lalo Schifrin and one of his several different projects...Yusef Lateef maybe.....the piano player is awesome....some Jamal on him....maybe too long but it kept my attention till the end...very good!

T08-this is from Ivan Lins? very similar to Começar de Novo aka The Island.....i could sing this song easily over it....this is very very good!!!!! i´m curious about this one....percussion is really creative....there's also an Arabian mood....i´m curious yes i am!!

T09-i must admit that i´m kinda tired right now but this is good....maybe on my next audition i´ll get it....

T10-sounds like ECM to me....too ethereal for me...ECM & me...the impossible marriage...don't like this one for sure...

T11-my ears are happy once again!!! straight-ahead jazz! sounds familiar but i will not take my chances....i´m really tired from the Carnival parade :lol: but it´s damn good!!!!!!

my overall feeling Randy is that i´m very happy to have your discs, i´m pleased with most of the tunes which is fine considering it´s a double-cd. congrats on your selections!!!!!

thank you very much once again Randy!

Marcus Oliveira


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