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  1. I haven't enjoyed a thread as much as this for ages, in no small part due to Big Beat Steve's entertaining erudition but also due other contributors, notably Niko and TTK, too. Thanks everyone and thanks to Rabshakeh for the idea. Keep it coming!
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That's a terrific album. Great band.
  3. I have only ever 'copy image' from Discogs mostly and just paste. I do come across your problem if I ever try paste a photo from my gallery
  4. Andrew Cyrille - The News

    Equally looking forward to this as I agree with you about his other ECMs
  5. Thumbs up for Doldinger. Rolf Kuhn is someone I've often thought I should investigate further
  6. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Very early and in no way definitive. They certainly don't reflect our government's reckless 'freedoom day' rhetoric or reality. The effects of the opening up on community infection rates won't be measurable yet. Look again in a couple of weeks. I want to be hopeful but I don't feel it. I know of enough double vaxed people who have caught it in this new wave. Thankfully so far without deaths but with some serious illness. The country's daily death rate is rising again and hospitals are beginning to feel the pinch once more. I'm continuing to wear a mask and that's as a glasses wearer. The way I see it is that mask wearing only works as a mutual protection so the more people see others without them they won't bother. If everyone continues then a protection level can be achieved as a critical mass wear masks. I'm on a train now doing a journey I have done regularly through the pandemic. Mask wearing, which is still required on public transport, is markedly down from about 90% to 65%. Not good as I see it
  7. Nonetheless, I echo the thanks for your post. Very interesting, thanks for taking the time to post it
  8. British jazz reissues

    EP ordered, downloaded as well. Excellent release JiB really do have the longest lead-in times on th market for their vinyl releases. 6 months!
  9. That's a lovely album. Horace Tapscott! good to hear about the variation, I love the live version. I'd buy that T-shirt
  10. good to hear about the variation, I love the live version. I'd buy that T-shirt
  11. Larry Young Mosaic.

    All of them a solid gold winner
  12. Larry Young Mosaic.

    'Talkin' About', 'I Want To Hold Your Hand', 'Street Of Dreams' very happy to have all of those included
  13. Bother! (wallet accepts the apology) They differ sufficiently then? edit to add: Honest Jon's to the rescue!
  14. Larry Young Mosaic.

    Ha ha! I recently bought it for less than a 10th of that price
  15. Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet - Blue Beginnings [Jazz In Britain] Staying in Europe, prompted by the thread elsewhere Jef Gilson - A Gaveau Live [Sam Records, 2020] wondering if I need the studio version too