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  1. Annette Peacock

    I think they (Peacock/Bowie) would have been great together. I wonder why, exactly, she declined his invitation. They seem like kindred spirits in a way. That's a good question about Patti Smith. I could never get into Smith's music as much as Peacock's, alas. Maybe it's because I see Peacock as the more deserving underdog. Her music, for me, has considerably more substance. Not trying to knock Patti's contribution to art, but ...
  2. Jimmy Giuffre

    That makes sense. Manfred likes a wet mix. I still wonder why he cut the track "Used To Be" from that 2-disc set. If memory serves, there was enough room to include it. Regardless, that ECM reissue is desert island stuff.
  3. Annette Peacock

    This album: ... is the one that should have made her more ... famous? Discogs lists it as "Blues Rock Avantgarde Experimental." Not a bad description actually.
  4. Annette Peacock

    Yes, that was in 2014, on both vinyl and compact disc. It appears to already be out-of-print. The compact disc had two bonus tracks: "Flashbacks" and "Anytime With You." Right — and the original text was great! First Pressing: Revenge: "The Bigger The Love, The Greater The Hate" Second Pressing: One of the best Annette Peacock albums doesn't even have her on it. (Well, she sings on one track and was present for the recording session.) I think a number of members here might own this 2-disc set. It's an excellent distillation of Peacock's work as a composer. Crispell is locked in with Peacock's use of space and suspended feel for meterlessness. Nothing Ever Was, Anyway If you only own one Annette Peacock record, I'd recommend this one (even though it's formally a Marilyn Crispell record). I don't know this one as well. Closer listening is necessary!
  5. Annette Peacock

    I think that, unfortunately, that probably had a lot to do with Revenge not getting the exposure it deserved. The "Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show"? I can almost see people in the late 60's passing that one up in the bins. I still think people pass on it.
  6. Jimmy Giuffre

    I'm so used to the ECM mixes that I never even considered a Verve mix. Are they considerably different?
  7. Annette Peacock

    Revenge is a great album. Better than great. No wonder Bowie wanted to record with her in 1972. She was making music in 1968/9 that he wouldn't make until a number of years later. She seems a direct and considerable influence on his vision.
  8. Annette Peacock

    Annette Peacock the composer. Annette Peacock at the keyboard (piano, synthesizer). Annette Peacock the singer. To this day ... still under-discussed. What are your favorite albums she's on? Or your favorite compositions? I stumbled upon this short documentary just today. An Acrobat's Heart is one of my favorite albums on ECM.
  9. Jimmy Giuffre

    Some day, the most unheard iteration of the 3 ... Jimmy Giuffre, Don Pullen, Cecil McBee ... will be heard. This group rehearsed around 1966. There has to be a reel-to-reel somewhere! (Okay, there doesn't have to be, but Giuffre did own recording equipment.)
  10. How to quickly wrap up an awkward Sunday brunch get-together:
  11. Jimmy Giuffre

    The Columbia album ... reissued? I wish Mr. Uehlinger had searched out some European live recordings. There's a Tübingen concert from 1961 still out there, as well as a 1965 UK performance with Don Friedman and Barre Philips. Probably some other European radio recordings as well.
  12. Jimmy Giuffre on Verve: 1959-1961

    Agreed. I wonder if ideas had been brewing for a while. When Giuffre heard that Debussy trio for flute, harp, and viola ... I guess this is what instigated the transition to freer playing. (At least this is what I recall reading.) Was Paul Bley the harp part?
  13. Chick Corea Japanese reissue series

    Received today! (Three titles.) Will listen over the weekend.
  14. Jimmy Giuffre on Verve: 1959-1961

    I need to spin the Stitt/Giuffre album again. It's been at least three years. Will report back after doing so.
  15. Re-listening now. This album is as good as I initially thought it was. I have to imagine that Roscoe & Co. smiled upon hearing it. Well-recorded (live) and thoughtful.