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  1. Watkins is good! On lots of great hard bop sessions.
  2. Fwiw, I figure it will go out eventually but also assume the completion of the series will take much longer than initially planned. (And also a non-zero chance that it is never completed.)
  3. Haven’t listened to it yet but this quartet’s first album was terrific. In general albums under Formanek’s name tend to be great.
  4. Maybe a mistake but the adjective I mentally attach to post-1970 Ron Carter is “boring”
  5. Yeah. There are a few recordings of the band from 1971 - Berlin, Ossiach, and Vienna. The band’s sound was already quite different by the time Live in Tokyo was recorded in early 1972.
  6. Just listened to this for the first time. It’s really, really good.
  7. I really haven’t been into many of their recent releases
  8. The Steve Coleman solo album, Invisible Paths, is excellent, one of my favorites of his. Also, the album It’s In the Twilight by Paul Shapiro is patchy but the opening track (“Light Rolls Away the Darkness”) is a classic.
  9. Some things I believe 1) the “magic” mostly ended w/John Wesley Harding 2) Nashville Skyline is a great album 3) Self Portrait is fun to listen to 4) Blood on the Tracks is a classic 5) Desire is wildly overrated w/the exception of “Isis” 6) I’ve found myself enjoying a lot of the later stuff
  10. My entryway into jazz was via prog rock in the mid/late 90s. Rush -> 70s Genesis -> Brand X -> Mahavishnu -> Miles Davis & John Coltrane
  11. I'm actually interested in recommendations owhich music from this genre+era people think has held up well! Some positive recommendations: Early Ozric Tentacles (Pungent Effulgent, Erpland, Jurassic Shift) Bruford Levin Upper Extremities (w/David Torn & Chris Botti) The King Crimson "ProjeKcts" (esp the ProjeKct Two studio album Space Groove, and the live recording of ProjeKct One) Also, I wouldn't call it good, it's far too ridiculous, but I find that I enjoy the first Liquid Tension Experiment album. A recording that's definitely unencumbered by excessive worries about "would this be in good taste?"
  12. So good. One of the best “complete live at…” box sets I have heard
  13. Too bad! I hope they change their minds. But if not, there are other ways to access the material.
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