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  1. Damn, I really like this perspective. Thanks Rod! MG's question is a good one. For me, I have a shedload of ska/rocksteady/roots reggae in my collection. Within the ska collection, for example, there is some amazing/classic stuff... but I also have some absolutely godawful third wave stuff that was clearly created by high school or college band geeks for whom ska may have been just the flavor of the month. Compared to ANY remotely competent jazz or classical musician, that godawful third wave ska is clearly shite. But, I tend to reach for it more often than some of my "genius" classical CDs. I guess I'd rather listen to ska than classical, and if the ska is shite, well... I can live with that. So no, MG, you're not the only strange one.
  2. Cindy? Really? I think the best player in the game deserves a little more respect than that (although, truth be told, I think Datsyuk might be the best overall player in these playoffs right now). Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold, WJC, Hart/Ross/Richard/(soon to be called)Lindsay Awards... not bad for a 22 year old! I agree with you about the overhype of Crosby vs. Ovechkin... it's the equivalent of the Yankees vs. Red Sox that ESPN shoves down our throats every chance they get. The game of hockey is good enough to not need such unnecessary hype. Anyway, as boring as it would be to most folks, I would love to see Red Wings/Penguins Part III this year. At the very least, Anyone But Vancouver!
  3. James Brown was absolutely great on this show. Having said that, I think the Rolling Stones burned on their short set. Brian Jones was into it, which couldn't always be said for him during live gigs around this time, and Mick Jagger owned that stage almost as much as James Brown did.
  4. Chris, Why haven't you answered this most pressing of questions yet? http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_did_the_Danes_feel_about_their_king_in_Number_the_Stars
  5. Dan, Is there any reason Gracie isn't in your avatar anymore? I also have a Weimaraner (named "Mobley"), so whenever I see your avatar I'm immediately drawn to Gracie's regal face. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with what's going on at your house! Cheers, Shane
  6. Whoa! I didn't know Moncur played with Joe and Kenny (I'm assuming this is the trombonist, and not his father). I would have loved to have heard that set. Anything on record by this particular group? Cheers, Shane
  7. Yeah, I've noticed that the fewer the tracks, the less accurate the system is. Just today I loaded Mal Waldron's "Crowd Scene" (two tracks) and CDDB popped up some dubstep album instead. Still, the system is pretty incredible... I'd say the hit rate for what I load is at least 90% (probably higher).
  8. Allen, WTF is wrong with you? You bump a month old thread to bring up more of the same Nazi shit that you constantly trot out? Please, enough of the Nazi "jokes"... there's nothing remotely funny about them. Please...
  9. Not a chance. Goody's in his own world here, as his arguments just aren't supported by science. There's no question that Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, A-Rod, and Manny were/are great hitters... some of the best hitters the game has ever seen... but there's also no question that the PEDs enhanced their power numbers. The 61 shots hit by Maris is the record, as far as I'm concerned... although Ruth's 60 was so far beyond the league average in that year that it would be hard to argue his season wasn't the greatest of all time.
  10. Unless I'm way off, only the first 12 seasons of the Simpsons series have been officially released (although season 20 will be released in January on Blu-Ray, I believe). So, anyone offering all 19 seasons of the Simpsons at this point must be offering bootleg content. Cheers, Shane
  11. Hey Chewy, Just thought you'd like to know that someone taped that Charles Lloyd show you attended and it is currently up at Dime. And in reply to kh1958, yes, Jason Moran was on piano for the gig. Apologies to Jim A. if this isn't appropriate for the board... please let me know and I'll delete accordingly. Cheers, Shane
  12. So... angry... so... very... very... very... angry. First, my alma mater (the U of C Dinos) blows a big lead in the Vanier Cup and loses, and then the Riders piss away the Grey Cup. 13th man my ass! What an unbelievable mistake! My dad, a life-long Riders fan, was at the Grey Cup game yesterday. I didn't have the heart to talk to him last night, as I'm sure he was in no mood to discuss the game. Congratulations to Noj for winning the contest (again!), and a huge THANK YOU to GA for running this (again!). Cheers, Shane
  13. APE is a lossless format audio file similar to FLAC or SHN, but it is far less popular than those two formats. You can get an APE plug-in for Winamp, but I believe Foobar plays it right out of the box. I'm not sure if the VLC player plays APE files without a plug-in... I think it does, but I don't have any APE files handy to check on that at the moment. FLAC FTW, though... IMHO. Cheers, Shane
  14. Well of course... Toronto is the center of the universe in Canada, especially to those at the CBC (TSN as well). It's a major inconvenience to have to refer to any of the other cities/provinces, or give them any credit. How else can anyone explain the fact that the Maple Leafs are ALWAYS on Hockey Night in Canada, even though they've been a horrible franchise for the better part of 40 years? To get this thread back on track... somebody please pick the 'Riders to win! Given the fact that there are always tons of green-clad 'Riders fans in the stands whenever they play the Stamps in Calgary, the Grey Cup crowd will probably be comprised of at least 75% 'Riders fans... that's gotta mean something, right? Cheers, Shane
  15. Montreal - 45 points I am so angry that the Stamps won't be able to play for the Cup in front of their home fans. The up side is that my dad (a lifelong Riders fan) will be at the game (he lives an hour west of Calgary). I'm cheering for the 'Riders... but Montreal is just too good this year. Cheers, Shane
  16. You guys crack me up! I love this place! I'm looking forward to this. I thought I was getting this set when it first came out a couple of months ago, but my preorder ended up being "out of stock". I knew that internet price was too good to be true! Cheers, Shane
  17. I've only briefly scanned through it, but so far this is even better than I imagined it would be. And, a huge THANK YOU to you Tom for upping this! Cheers, Shane
  18. wouldnt it be awesome if the entire intakt catalogue, or most of it, was available for download? i havent checked. eMusic has 26 Intakt titles listed in their inventory... this is the US version of eMusic I'm checking, so I don't know if the Europeans have access to more (or fewer) titles. I like a good deal of what I've heard from this label (AvS, Marilynn Crispell, Barry Guy, Maybe Monday/Frith), so I'm looking forward to hearing "At This Time." Andrew Cyrille is an absolute MONSTER... maybe the best living drummer out there right now. Cheers, Shane
  19. Well, the next couple of games should tell us where the 'Canes will end up. VT and Oklahoma are tough opponents. I think Miami wins one of those games, but not both. They do look good, though. BTW, did I mention I'm a Gator fan (UF class of '97)? That Tennessee game worried me a little... but not nearly as much as the LSU game does. Cheers, Shane
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