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  1. Brilliance. Thanks for posting this, Michael. Bud Powell. What more needs to be said?
  2. Bought my first jazz album on vinyl as a teenager. I was working at a record and stereo store in Banff, Alberta (Nexus Sound), and we got a shipment of many of those Pathe Marconi Blue Note albums. I opened the box, and saw perhaps the most badass record cover ever (and I was into punk and hardcore at the time, so had seen many a badass cover)... Sonny Rollins, Vol. 2. Had to buy it on the spot. That album changed my life. Thank you Sonny!!! I really dug the drumming on that album, so the next day I bought Indestructible! The trumpet knocked me out, and the only album we had in the store that had Lee Morgan on it was Evolution... so I bought it. Holy shit, what a game-changer that was! The vibes on that album was something else, but the only album in the store that had Hutch on it was Out To Lunch... so the next week I bought that too. And that was it. I was hooked for life. I have learned more about this music than I could have ever imagined from the wisdom of y'all on this board (and the old BNBB before that)... spent far more $$$ than I would have ever expected, too! Great thread!
  3. Ah man, another good one gone. Thanks for all the music Mr. Bailey. RIP, and may your spirit continue to soar!
  4. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Butch. RIP, and may your spirit continue to soar!
  5. Thanks GA! Although I like the Hawks, I'm cheering for the Dockers this time around... it's always nice to see someone win it for their very first time.
  6. JS, the phrase I think you're looking for is "the dog's bollocks." And hell yes, this set most certainly is the dog's bollocks! I can't wait to hear it.
  7. I know most folks hate that cover, but I love it. There's something to it that is just so... spellbinding.
  8. Maybe you'll get a complimentary copy of the CD? I look forward to hearing this!
  9. I did the exact same thing at the VV gigs. In addition to his name on the bell, I still vividly remember Jackie's gold rings dancing across the saxophone. RIP, Mr. Walton. I was fortunate to see you play many times live, and you were always a gracious, humble, and wonderful man. My life was made better because of you, and all I can offer is my most hearftfelt thanks. May your spirit continue to soar!
  10. I've had burgers at 7 of the 10 "chains" mentioned in this article (I'm somewhat saddened by this). Shake Shack, although good, should be nowhere near the top of this list. If one were to look at the ratio of price-to-deliciousness, I think In-N-Out probably takes the title. I love 5 Guys, but the price is a bit steep (great fries, though!). Forget about Umami and their price... hell, they shouldn't even be on this list as they are more a "restaurant" rather than a "chain." Is it fortuitous or sad that I live within 20 miles of 5 of the top 10 chains on this list? My arteries can't decide...
  11. I... I... don't know what to say other than damn, this one hurts. Really hurts. Donald Byrd was very important to me... he was an inspiration and a model... he was THE MAN, you know? Rest in peace, Dr. Byrd. May your spirit continue to soar.
  12. Was any of this recorded? If so, is it circulating out there?
  13. Yes, there is in fact a 99% chance. The name of the team is the Warriors. Dang, I need to pay more attention... I had no idea such a thorough plan was in place. I hope this goes through, especially if no tax payer dollars are used to fund the move. The facility location looks good (as do some of the renderings), and I guess 2017 will get here soon enough for San Fran fans.
  14. Wait, you're a Lakers fan? You don't see too many Giants fans who are also Lakers fans these days... although it makes sense since cheering for the Warriors is simply a lost cause. Any chance San Fran ever gets an NBA team in the near future?
  15. I'm getting this "problem" as well. I've tried switching from "Content I Have Not Read" and "New Since My Last Visit" in the "View New Content" link, but every time I click a page I am directed to the very first page/post of the thread. It's frustrating... I'm using and iPad 2, if that helps anything. Other than that I like the new look!
  16. Thanks Bev... great shots! I need to visit Cornwall one of these days.
  17. Glad you said that. Sport is great - I do as much as I can - but spectating? Yeah, being a musician is great - I do as much as I can - but just being a listener/spectator?
  18. I'd love to see a larger photo, as this is a great shot. I'll look for it on Monday!
  19. Bev, what do have pictured in your avatar? It's beautiful... Oh, and to keep this on thread... I will have BBQ sauce, Texas-style!
  20. He looked pretty good at last night's premiere of the Rolling Stones "Crossfire Hurricane" documentary.
  21. Is the Tiger on that program on LSD? Those eyes are freakin' me out!
  22. Check out the announcement for a new Blue Note app for iPad that was released today: http://m.news.emihosting.com/nl/jsp/m.jsp?c=43853b2fb80d8c0e22 The app is actually pretty nice... it contains 30-second sound samples for a ton of BN albums, album covers, short bios of most BN artists (mostly the hard bop folks of the 50s-60s), some cool old newspaper clippings from the 50s-60s, etc.. And, if you're willing to pay $1.99/£1.49 per month, you have unlimited access to full songs ("up to 320kbps quality") from the catalog. NOTE: The full BN catalog is definitely NOT available from my brief surfing of the app.
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