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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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48 minutes ago, mjazzg said:


Cassandra Wilson - Newyorker In A Sentimental Mood [JAL Strato Sound, Japan 1985]

Perfect for a sunny Sunday evening.  Wondering if our other resident Cassandra fan @jazzbo knows this one? A recent discovery for me.

I've seen it listed but haven't heard it or owned or even seen a copy.

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23 hours ago, mjazzg said:


Dyani, Temiz, Feza - Music for Xaba, Volume 2 [Sonet, UK 1980]

reacquainting myself thanks to @Rabshakeh's prompting.  Music that just drips soulfulness. Mind you, how could it not with Johnny Dyani featured so prominently.

Wonderful album indeed. Love that trio.

I feel like Tes Esat, if viewed in the context of Dyani, is one of the bassist/multi-instrumentalist's greatest recordings. When I first heard it decades ago, I was blown away by Gary Windo. At this point, revisiting it recently after hearing a lot of music in between, it's Dyani who steals the show. 

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I found the disconnect between burning Joe Henderson-ish tenor and facile but sorta emotionally neutral clarinet virtuosity one of the more curious jazz disconnects.

But you know, his music, his life, his choice, and at least he never cheated anybody as far as integrity of facility goes.


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2 hours ago, Chuck Nessa said:


oh, this one I think was the first Tristano I ever heard. I must have picked it up in my teen years. I was quite astonished since the title tune sounded almost like Cecil Taylor to me. Then I began to understand, what Miles had stated about free jazz, that the thing was discoverd years before by Tristano. 

There are also two long trio tracks from much later, mid 60´s I think, but it seems that Lennie never had the patience to play the theme. What he does on the faster tune is based on "You Stepped out of a Dream", as I remember.  And if I remember right there is also some live solo tracks from late sixties in Paris, where I think he plays a version of "Darn that Dream"......

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