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How do you pronounce.........


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Thanks everyone for the two threads on pronunciation. For us foreigners interviewing jazz musicians sometimes it's a pain to mention names (especially of not too famous people) we may have read but never *heard* before.

English is sooo complicated phonetics-wise. Spanish is much more logical (one letter=one sound, in any combinations, with very few exceptions).


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How about Isla Eckinger?

Easy one for me :P

Isla: "I" is as the "ee" in "eel" (only not necessarily that long). "a" is a the final "a" in "paranoia".

Eckinger: "E" as in "Ella". "ck" is just "k". "inger": think "[g]inger" but with a "g" as in "go" instead of as in "ginger". And the final "er" is more or less pronounced, but that "e" is not the same as in "Ella", of course, nor is it the same as in "eel"... rather it's like the first "e" in "there", but shorter (which again makes the "er" or "Eckinger" sound different from the "er" in "shorter").



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Silly, Isla Eckinger is just another spelling of "Aidelhard Roidinger."

Now that one is even easier! Just pronounce it as it's written :P

(it's Adelhard, btw, no?)


"oi" as in "Oi!" (as I said: just like it's spelled...), "d" as in "dance", "inger" (see Eckinger above)


"Adel": "A" as in "bar" (well, more or less... just not making it sound almost like an "o"), "d" as above, "el" as in "electric".

"hard": almost as you'd say it, but with a shorter "a" (as in uhm "Berkeley"? crazy, them english talkin' people! Just can't spell in a sensible way!), and with the "r" more pronounced than you english talkin' fellow are used to. Final "d" is harder than the one in "Roidinger", and it's voiceless (but it's not exaclty a "t").

You can also ask the man himself...

And you can also choose simpler names to ask me to explain (me? what me? I haven't done anything!)

Ooh-Boo! :g

Now that may be the correct English (and German) pronounciation, but it's certainly not French! :w

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Now that one is even easier! Just pronounce it as it's written :P

(it's Adelhard, btw, no?)

Ah, how did that "i" get in there? Probably because most people I know who even have any idea who he is pronounce it with a long "A" sound...

It took me long enough to figure out that drummer Cees See was pronounced with a hard "C," analogous to the "K" in, well, "Kees" (yeah, they sound the same). Why didn't he just stick with the easy spelling? Or was he trying to distance himself from Haazz?

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I think they're wrong on this one:

Airto "eye-air-toe"

I remember seeing him live many years ago, and he explained his name by pointing to his 'eye', 'ear' and 'toe'.

How about his last name? (Moreira)

To add more proof:

Many years ago I saw a Soul Train show that had a Quincy Jones band that had Airto in it and, for some reason, another band with Nat Adderley.

When Quincy introduced the band to Don Cornelius, he turned to Airto and and pointed to his eye, ear and toe and said " Eye, ear, toe,... right?".

Then Cornelius turned to Nat and said, pointing to Quincy ,"What do you think of this guy?" Nat said: "He's a theif; but a good theif".

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