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How do you pronounce.........


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Buell Neidlinger? I'm inclined to say, BEW-el NEED-linger... would I be inclined wrong?

same here for the first name, but (of course due to the german-speaking background), I'm inclined to say Neidlinger with the first syllable as the "i" in "high". That would be the german spelling - the name does sound old-yurpeen anyway, but I really don't know.

Or first name "bu-el" (Bu as in Blakey's nickname, without the "iuw"-twist that's in "bew"?)

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Buell Neidlinger? I'm inclined to say, BEW-el NEED-linger... would I be inclined wrong?

Never met the man, but heard him play several times, and he was always announced as Nid - linger - long i. Of course, it's possible that the people who introduced him were wrong, and I've been pronouncing his name incorrectly for 40 years.

edited - linder to linger - duh!

Edited by paul secor
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Two French ones--should know these, but can't pull them out of my work-fuddled brain right now:

Barney Wilen

Rene Urtreger

Barney as in Barney, but with that special Inspecteur Clouseau accente.

so that's not Bah'nee with two long 'merican syllables, but Bar'ny with two short french syllables.

Wilen like Wee-Len, as in "wheel" but short. I have also heard Will-en with "will" as in "willing" and "-en" as in "spoken". The former would be correct though.

René as Ruh-Nay with a short stressless first syllable "Ruh", as in "Huh? WTF?!", rhymes with "the". Urtreger starts off with that french "u", equals the german "ü"; there is no equivalent sound in English I believe. The second syllable is stressless, "truh" (Huh? see above), the "g" as "zh", like the second "g" in "garage" or the "s" in "pleasure"; the "-er" ending as "-ay", rhymes with stay. So you end up with Ür-truh-zhay

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Concierto de Aranjuez?

cone sea air toe day ah ron chwez (ch as in 'loch' lomond and the accent on this syllable)

Almost perfect.

"deh" instead of "day", vowel should sound as in "set".

"ran" instead of "ron", vowel should sound as in "map" (although with an American pronunciation you're probably right).

In most of Spain we have a different sound for "ce" and "ci", as in "thorn", and the last syllable in "Aranjuez" should sound like "Beth", but most of the Spanish speaking world don't use that sound, anyway.


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Hot Ptah is the one legged catcher for the Port Rupert Mundys in the Patriot League during World War II, in Phillip Roth's "The Great American Novel." That is why I said that you would have to ask Phillip Roth.

When you google Ptah, one of the first things that comes up is your explination of your name at another board. That almost makes you as famous as an Egyptian god.

I finally found the following from a how to pronounce the gods website.

Prthivi {prit'hi-vee}Hindu

Psyche{sy'-kee} Greek



Pyramus and Thisbe {peer'-uh-muhs thiz'-bee} Other

I guess that means you sound out every letter.

Sorry, I can't help you Mr. Ghost.

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Gjon Mili--photographer for Granz's THE JAZZ SCENE and director of JAMMIN' THE BLUES?

Seems Mili was an Albanian... not that this helps, but maybe someone can get any clue out of that? Maybe like "John"? (in Hungarian "György" - as Kurtag - the opening g is a voiced "J", too... and the "y" is fused with the "ö" which is spelled as a German "ö" - can't think of an english word using that "ö"-sound, though. Anyway, if that's similar the "Gj" would end up as just voiced "J" - not sure if this deduction is a tolerable one, of course...)

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