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Small group jazz with tuba?


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Joe Daley w. Sam Rivers' Tuba Trio

Oh yes, of course [slaps forehead].

He's also part of Ted Daniel's International Brass & Membrane Corps, which is a contemporary reimagining of the music of King Oliver and well worth experiencing. Hopefully they record an album soon; the live performances have been wonderful.

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Ellery Eskelin's great trio with Andrea Parkins and Jim Black augmented with Joe Daley (tuba) and Erik Friedlander (cello): recoding is Ramifications on hatology - saw the band live - stupendous

Tony Malaby Tuba Trio with the wonderful Dan Peck - I think the drummer on the recording may be John Hollenbeck

fwiw - Peck is the tuba in the great Novela band - whihc does not have a bassist - last thing one thinks of when hearing the band live is "where is the bassist?"

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BTW, Jim Self was the Voice of the Mothership in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." More or less a "mainstream modern" player, as one might expect from a West Coast studio guy, but what a fine player of the instrument (he also plays the fluba, a tuba-flugelhorn cross of his own invention that is held like a trumpet but placed on a stand). He's no slouch as an improviser either.

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