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Upcoming Eddie Condon from MOSAIC

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Wow! Although I have the great majority of these Condon tracks I am absolutely thrilled about this set! Eddie Condon's Commodore tracks were some of the very first jazz I ever heard and it set me on the classic/trad jazz track for life.

Having all of Eddie's Commodore and Decca tracks in one awesome Mosaic package is a dream come true!

Thanks for the news Peter!

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WOW! I haven't bought a Mosaic in 12 or 13 years, the last was the Condon Mob Sessions box, if this set comes through it will be my next Mosaic. I probably have all of this already between LPs and various CDs but all together in good sound with a booklet is hard to turn down.

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Anyone have an idea of how many CDs these could be?

I think this would depend on the paramaters of the set: are they only including Commodores issued under Condon's name or things like the Bud Freeman Gang, Bobby Hacket and his Orchestra, Muggsy Spanier and his Ragtimers, Miff Mole and his Nicksieland Band etc. where Condon participates and the music is basically the same personnel and concept to Condon led groups.

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When I saw Scott Wenzel in June, he had mentioned a box set with Commodore and Decca sessions led by Eddie Condon and by Bud Freeman. The Commodore material was going to be remastered. The Commodore LP boxes were transferred from tapes that Milt Gabler had made and, to my ears, were less than ideal (my Commodore 78s sound much better).

Scott also mentioned an upcoming James P. Johnson project.

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According to Hans (J.A.W.) elsewhere it will be 8 cds. He is also reporting a 10 cd "Modern Jazz on Dial" set.

What does a "Modern Jazz on Dial" set mean? I gather that was a label? When? Who was on it?

Charlie Parker, most famously. It was Ross Russell's label.

I'm basically not in the market for the Condon, but I'm quite interested in the Jazz on Dial. Depends a lot on the details of course.

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Not wanting to sidetrack this thread further, but while the Dial set sounds exceedingly tempting, I am more or less in the same situation that Paul Secor has mentioned, so I wonder what there would be in hidden treasures beyond the obvious stuff that most collectors of bebop probably have (i.e Bird, Dexter Gordon, Dodo Marmarosa, all the stuff reissued on Spotlite, e.g. Berman/Harris, Hermanites, McGhee et al)?

What remains beyond that?

Erroll Garner plus some bought-in recordings that probably were not released on Dial first? There seems to have been a lot that was recorded in France (Blue Star) and then (re)issued on Dial.

I'll gladly be proven wrong about the share of truly new items but would be interested in finding out beforehand. ;)

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Wow, I've got the whole run of Condon Chronos, and that's glorious music! And lots of it! Will be great to see it receive the Mosaic treatment!

James P. sounds terrific as well!

Regarding Dial I'm in the same boat as others here, I have the Bird material and several others of those Spotlite reissues (the Gordon disc is outstanding). But I'll wait and see what it's going to contain.

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