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Photography courtesy of Laurie Pepper and she remembered : „Just a fun memory from touring with the band. A festival in Velden, Austria (on July 3rd, 1981). We had a kind of trailer to hang out in. There was a fracas. Shots were fired ! …. Probably something about not enough tickets? I don’t know. What gets me is the reactions of the guys. Art and David Williams immediately, automatically dived for the floor. Carl Burnett’s still looking to see what’s going on! And I’m just standing there shooting pictures.“ ….

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@Dan Gould : Wonderful fotos, and I have the albums they did in the same year for Steeple Chase, also recorded live in Netherlands. 

@soulpope I don´t remember the incident, I think I remember it was Lou Levy on piano. I wouldn´t say I am Art Pepper´s biggest fan, I like some of those from late 70´s to early 80´s but not all , but at least he inspired me to include for a short period "Your´s My Heart Only" in setlists. I´m not Mr. Right and love Bird, Fats, Woody Shaw and almost all musicians that where drug victims, but for me they have at least something symphatic. I can hear Art Pepper, but I can´t look at him, he has .....I don´t know what, but that sly or silly grinnin´ I don´t like. One of the most hidous pictures is that where they all where those Art Pepper Quartet T-Shirts, and it looks like they all pissin´ and Art Pepper has that ugly face he had.....

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Pic from a surprise family meeting a week ago. We were invited by a  friend who had just moved to Lübeck, and my wife secretly arranged that my daughter showed up to congratulate me for my 70th birthday. My daughter in the center, where she belongs, with the two most important men in her life at her sides, me and her husband to be, her mother on the left and my wife on the right. She is blessed to have two mothers now. 


Lübeck 2024-02-17 a.jpg

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