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Confirmation on Teddy Wilson and Mosaic update

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6 hours ago, medjuck said:

I think  that it was in a simpler cover but now I have another (vague) memory that it was later issued in The States.   John could have had some influence on the Canadian Columbia because of his work  at Sam the Record Man.

That's as I recall it...Canadian Columbia did a version of the Japanese 2LP, but if I recall it was devoid of discographical info, perhaps because no one did a translation from the Japanese...  And I think the sound wasn't very good.


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The delays for this box set reaching my front porch have concerned me, but the news that it is due "mid-March", combined with a recent review of it by Kevin Whitehead on NPR's nationally-broadcast program "Fresh Air" a couple weeks ago in late February has me more optimistic that it's really on its way.


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47 minutes ago, vajerzy said:

I have the 10 CD Portrait Box- how much overlap is there with the Mosaic?

I've been wondering about this as I have a bead on the 10 CD box at a very cheap rate. Of course I'm supposed to be stepping up to support Mosaic but I'm a self-interested m-f so ... :crazy:

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Those Documents sets (not to be confused with the former Austrian and now UK blues label) are released by Membran, a European public-domain label. The ones I've heard sound terrible to me, lots of noise reduction and pumped-up highs.

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After looking through the track list, I think I'll give this set a miss. I have 7 Hep CDs of the material already and there are so many alternative takes in this! Teddy Wilson isn't a guy I'm deadly serious about; now if there were all those alternative takes of Gene Ammons.... I'd be pounding at the door!


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