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What's next for Mosaic

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1 hour ago, mikeweil said:

Weren't all of these reissued on single CDs, with bonus tracks?


I don't know.  I think there were at least some takes issued on the original cd release of the WC Handy record that weren't on the later cd.  And then there's Pops teaching Lotte Lenya how to syncopate Mack the Knife that's on an Avakian produced Kurt Weil cd.  

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9 hours ago, bebopbob said:

How about a Gary Burton RCA Box ?

Quote from this post: " Michael Cuscuna told me that they did indeed begin the planning for a Burton RCA set at one point, but that they were unable to secure the rights for it because Sony wanted a guaranteed number of sets that was higher than what Mosaic felt was financially viable. "

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It's interesting and a little disconcerting that we currently know of no pipeline sets.  I know there was encouraging talk reported during the garage sale but do they really have literally no solid plans at this time? Are they depending on the Savory and Wilson sets to finance the next one(s) and have to wait and see?

Or could this really be it and they didn't want that news out yet? 

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It's fun to speculate but we don't know what's taking place one way or the other. This same discussion could have taken place last year at this time and lo and behold we not only got the Wilson set, but the Savory set.  In other words, nobody knows. 

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5 hours ago, David Ayers said:

You missed it. 

I must pay more attention. Probably deleted the notification email thinking it was more GDPR guff.  Think I must have most of it already but .....

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On 5/26/2018 at 5:41 PM, David Ayers said:


So no liquidity is a ‘strategy’...

As Brad said, better inventory management is part of a strategy.  I didn't think my remark would have been taken as "this is the single strategy that will save our company".

I'm not a businessman, so perhaps you know better, but inventory management seems like a sound way to control costs.  Having hundreds or thousands of sets sitting on shelves in a warehouse doesn't seem to be very liquid, or smart, to me - especially when no one is buying the product because you may have pressed too many sets. 

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