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From a fellow ellingtonian's post in FB, I just discovered that Julian Priester took part in the Seattle Jazz Fellowship listening party a few days ago. He discussed his career and played some of his records. Not sure if he also played trombone; well, the instrument was standing besides him in the photo I saw... 

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I'm more concerned about the inactive trombonists, guys who really need to hit the gym, who spend too much time on the couch eating junk food.  I hate to see a potentially lucrative jazz career get cut short because of poor dietary choices and ineffective exercise regimens.  Are there any inactive trombonists in need of an intervention?  

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Glad Larry mentioned Wierbos. Long time favorite with ICP and as a member of Available Jelly and Gerry Hemingway’s great European 90’s Quintet. 

I’m a big listener to many listed above but Jeb Bishop stands out. Small groups and as a member of the great Brotzmann Tentet.

Ray Anderson is less visible the past 5-10 years but some of the live shows I’ve seen with him over the past 20 years were incredible. For current NYC based players Ben Gerstein is at the top of my list. Very unique player. 

I miss the shows badly to see guys like Swell, Gerstein & Ray. 

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Gianluca Petrella is an excellent trombonist. Check out this early release of his, for example: https://gianlucapetrella.bandcamp.com/album/x-ray  

From the older generation, Sebi Tramontana. This new one is good: https://inexhaustibleeditions.bandcamp.com/album/han-jiae 

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