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Horace Tapscott & Pan Afrikan People Arkestra - Live at IUCC 11/2678 2CD


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Mine arrived.

2 hours ago, jcam_44 said:

Mine arrived today. What volume are these. I know it’s of 11. I got the subscription and by my count have 5 now. Is that right?

I’m a little confused about the numbering but I think so far we have 1, 2, 6, 8, and 11?

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5 minutes ago, felser said:

I think the 11 may be discs rather than releases. 

I'm referring to each volume as quite a few are doubles (the majority IIRC)

Vol. 1 was released before the subscription series was initiated & this was meant to be 10 volumes (of singles & doubles) making 11 volumes in toto for the complete series. So it appears that only 4 from the subscription series have been released/shipped

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I think so as well romualdo only because they are expecting 3 more releases in the middle of March per the latest update:

“The next 3 volumes are planned for shipment mid-March.   We can't wait to share the remainder of the series in the coming weeks. 

but I have no idea what volumes I have.


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it appears that the series runs in chronological order - so far we have (plus 3 more in mid March so they claim)

Vol. 1: Nov 26, 1978

Vol. 2: Feb 25, 1979

Vol. 6: June 24, 1979

Vol. 8: Nov 25, 1979

Vol. 11: April 27, 1980

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the two most recent IUCC subscription releases reviewed by Bruce Gallanter (latest DMG newsletter)


HORACE TAPSCOTT / PAN-AFRIKAN PEOPLES ARKESTRA - Live at I.U.C.C. 11/25/79 (Nimbus West NS 7908-S; USA) Featuring Horace Tapscott on piano, Linda Hill on piano & vocal, Adele Sebastian on flute & vocal, Sabir Mateen & Dadisi Komolafe on tenor saxes, Juana Nash on trumpet, Louis Spears on cello, Roberto Miranda, David Bryant & Al Hines on basses, Billy Hinton on drums, Mitchito Sanchez & Virgil Figueroa on conga and Juan Gray on voice. The legacy of the late Los Angeles-based pianist/composer/multi-bandleader/teacher/community leader/visionary, Horace Tapscott, continues with two more volumes of The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra live at I.U.C.C. (Immanuel United Church of Christ). The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra had a monthly residency at I.U.C.C. in 1979 and 11 volumes will be released on this, the Nimbus-West label, two every few months. Mr. Tapscott had a great ear for Creative Musicians from the L.A. underground and regular jazz scene. Several of these musicians (Linda Hill, Adele Sebastian, Roberto Miranda & Dadisi Komolafe) ended up making records for the Nimbus West label (run by Tom Albach & Mr. Tapscott). You should also recognize the name of reeds wiz Sabir Mateen who would go on to become an integral part of the Downtown Scene (with Test & for various William Parker projects). Mr. Mateen is currently living in Italy.
   The songs here were written by Mr. Tapscott, Roberto Miranda and Sister Somayah "Peaches" Kambui (L.A.-based revolutionary songstress, spiritualist, musician & Black Panther & pro-marijuana activist). Roberto Miranda’s “Horacio” opens the first disc and it has an infectious theme which is played by the flutes, saxes and other horns. Mr. Tapscott takes the first solo on piano and has that infectious, spiritual sounding, McCoy Tyner-like exuberant sound. Next comes a spirited tenor sax solo which could be by my old pal Sabir Mateen. The midsection of this piece has a long section of Latin-like percussion, a great drums solo and pumping bass at the center. Sister Somayah Kambui’s “Nation Rising” is sung by Juan Gray who has a strong, dark, deep voice. The song has strong, passion-filled vibe with a blistering tenor sax solo. This piece is long and it winds its way through different sections, so its rather suite-like. One section has a great cello solo with layers of contrabasses bubbling underneath. Mr. Miranda’s song called “Faith” is next and it is a rather solemn, haunting, laid back work. There is an exquisite piano solo here, soulful, occasionally rambunctious and directly from the heart. That earthy, quietly cosmic community soul-enhancing Spirit runs throughout this entire two CD set so don’t miss out! This set is limited to 500 copies and we’ve only gotten 10 copies. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG                         
2 CD Set $26 [Limited Edition of 500 & going fast]

HORACE TAPSCOTT / PAN-AFRIKAN PEOPLE ARKESTRA - Live at I.U.C.C. - 4/27/80 (Nimbus West NS 7911c; USA) The personnel for this version of the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra (PAPA) is: Horace Tapsott & Linda Hill on pianos, Adele Sebastian & Kafi Roberts on flutes, Sabir Mateen & Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq on tenor saxes, Ufahamu Uweize on alto sax, Herbert Callies on alto clarinet, Fundi Legohn on trumpets & French horn, Roberto Miranda, David Bryant & Alan Hines on basses and Billy Hinton on drums plus Juan Gray, Rev. Edgar Edwards, Ms. Hill & Ms. Sebastian also on voices. This is the fourth 2 CD set from a monthly series that pianist/composer/multi bandleader, Horace Tapscott organized and which show off the many aspects of Mr. Tapscott’s writing, arrangements and piano work. Unlike the other recent Tapscott discs that I’ve reviewed in recent months, Disc One is comprised of six shorter tracks, rather than the three longs track per CD. The opening song, “These Are Soulful Days” was written by the great but under-appreciated jazz composer Cal Massey, who once worked with John Coltrane. Flutist Kafi Roberts take the first (infectious) solo here and it followed by Mr. Uweise on alto sax (burnin’!) and a fine bass solo as well. “People Like Us’ was written by PAPA’s bassist Alan Hines with vocals by Juan Gray. It features another strong flute solo which sails above the other superbly arranged horns. Tapscott’s piece “Dee Bee’s Dance” is named after PAPA bassist David Bryant, who takes a strong bowed  bass solo here and features an inventive boppin’ piano solo from Mr. Tapscott. One of the rare covers here is Charles Mingus’ “Reincarnation of a Lovebird” (from ‘The Clown’, released in 1957). This is a challenging piece in which the soloist (tenor sax at first) leads the band through a number of quickly changing currents. Mr. Tapscott composed “Raisha’s New Dance” for his granddaughter and it begins with a most expressive two-handed unaccompanied piano solo. Disc One ends with “Inspiration of Silence”, which features some soaring sax (from Sabir Mateen?), great flute and another rich bass solo. In the liner notes by the poet Mark Weber, he mentions which sense of community that Tapscott had in all of his ensembles. I can hear something special running through this music which holds it all together. With each of these LTD edition Horace Tapscott PAPA discs, the vision of Mr. Tapscott becomes clearer. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG            
2 CD Set $26 [Limited Edition of 500]

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7 hours ago, Pim said:

I really lost track of these now. I ordered and wanted them to ship them all at once. How many volumes are there yet to come now?

AFAIK of the 11 sets in the series, 5 have been released/shipped (#1, 2, 6, 8 & 11) so far (including the first one which is not part of the subscription series of 10 sets).

I'm in the same boat, waiting for the series to be completed before shipping

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9 hours ago, romualdo said:

AFAIK of the 11 sets in the series, 5 have been released/shipped (#1, 2, 6, 8 & 11) so far (including the first one which is not part of the subscription series of 10 sets).

I'm in the same boat, waiting for the series to be completed before shipping

Allright thanks! The text on their website gives the feeling they could finish the series any moment now but there's plenty to release then. Their weird release schedule might offend the more neurotic buyer 😅Not in a hurry here but I was just wondering... Looking forward recieving all that music.

Edited by Pim
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