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  2. PM sent on Ted Daniel -- The Loft Years, Vol. 1 (Ujamaa) $10
  3. Well, now I'm annoyed, because this made me kind of curious about one of the books advertised on this goofball's site! I don't suppose anyone here has read it?
  4. I have the following CDs for sale. In cases where the original cd came in a jewel case, the jewel case is missing, with the booklet, tray card and CD in a plastic sleeve. All CDs, booklets, and materials are in like new condition. For orders over $10, shipping is free to the US. Shipping for orders under $10, or for international deliveries, will be calculated on a case by case basis. Paypal only, PM if interested. Thanks! The Art Ensemble of Chicago -- Live in Milano (Leo) $4 Anthony Braxton -- Donna Lee (America) $12 Anthony Braxton -- Saxophone Improvisations Series F (America) $12 Marion Brown -- Five Improvisations (B. Free) $10 Donald Byrd -- Street Lady (Blue Note) $8 Roy Campbell -- It's Krunch Time (Thirsty Ear) $5 John Carter & Bobby Bradford -- Flight for Four (International Phonograph) $15 Sonny Clark -- Oakland, 1955 (Uptown) $8 Jimmy Cleveland -- Introducing (Emarcy) $5 Jimmy Cleveland -- Cleveland Style (Emarcy) $10 Ted Daniel -- The Loft Years, Vol. 1 (Ujamaa) $10 Lou Donaldson -- Mr. Shing-A-Ling (Blue Note) $8 Von Freeman -- Have No Fear (Nessa) $6 Tord Gustavsen -- The Well (ECM) $4 Tord Gustavsen -- Restored, Returned (ECM) $4 Tord Gustavsen -- Being There (ECM) $4 Tord Gustavsen -- The Ground (ECM) $4 Tord Gustavsen -- Changing Places (ECM) $4 Ulrich Gumpert -- Smell A Rat (Jazzwerkstatt) $5 Ulrich Gumpert -- Echoes Von Karolinenhof (Jazzwerkstatt) $5 Ulrich Gumpert -- Unter Anderem: 'N TANGO FUR GITTI (Jazzwerkstatt) $5 Eddie Gale -- Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music (Blue Note SHM CD) $10 Gigi Gryce -- Doin' the Gigi (Uptown) $8 Jutta Hipp -- The German Recordings, 1952-1955 (SWR) $8 John Jenkins, Cliff Jordan, Bobby Timmons -- Jenkins, Jordan, and Timmons (Prestige SHM-CD) $10 Peter Kowald -- Open Secrets (FMP) $8 Mat Maneri -- Blue Decco (Thirsty Ear) $5 Mat Maneri -- Sustain (Thirsty Ear) $5 Howard McGhee -- West Coast 1945-1947 (Uptown) $8 Roscoe Mitchell -- Before There Was Sound (Nessa) $6 Roscoe Mitchell -- Noonah (Nessa) $10 Jack Montrose -- The Jack Montrose Sextet (Pacific) $6 Sunny Murray -- Illuminations (Audible Hiss) $5 Charlie Parker -- Boston 1952 (Uptown) $8 Bud Powell -- At the Golden Circle, Vol. 1 (Steeplechase) $8 Bud Powell -- At the Golden Circle, Vol. 2 (Steeplechase) $8 Bud Powell -- At the Golden Circle, Vol. 3 (Steeplechase) $8 Bud Powell -- At the Golden Circle, Vol. 4 (Steeplechase) $8 Bud Powell -- At the Golden Circle, Vol. 5 (Steeplechase) $8 Dizzy Reece -- Blues in Trinity (Blue Note SHM-CD) $10 Archie Shepp and Horace Parlan -- Trouble in Mind (Steeplechase) $5 Archie Shepp and Horace Parlan -- Goin' Home (Steeplechase) $5 Johnny "Hammond" Smith -- That Good Feelin' (Prestige SHM-CD) $10 Juma Sultan -- Whispers from the Archive (Porter) $5 Horace Tapscott -- The Giant is Awakened (International Phonograph) $15 Art Taylor -- Taylor's Tenors (Prestige SHM-CD) $10 Mal Waldron -- Mal 1 (Prestige SHM-CD) $10 Mal Waldron -- Impressions (Prestige SHM-CD) $10 Michael White -- The Land of Spirit and Light (Impulse!) $5 Frank Wright -- Uhuru Na Umoja (America) $12
  5. Coco Schumann, who played guitar in the Theresienstadt band with Vogel, wrote an autobiography that's well worth reading. Here's the English translation:
  6. Milt Buckner & Jo Jones

    Received my copy today. Sonics are excellent. If you're already familiar with Buckner and appreciate his wackiness, you're going to like this set. It's jazz that makes you feel good to be in the world.
  7. I think jazz would be more popular if more people liked it. Seriously! I read into the blog past just the one link here. There's some thinking going on there.
  8. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

    Ordered last night, delivered just now. Amazon understands the urgency!
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  10. I just watched it too. I don't think I'd ever seen all of it before. It is indeed wonderful.
  11. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

    I'll go for the Littlefield.
  12. Really clean vinyl, too. I think I hit this Half-Price location at the right time, plenty of good classical LPs of this vintage in there, all very-well cared for at really cheap prices. Seems like somebody's parents or grandparents died, survivor's loss, my gain. That'll come full-circle at some point, but until it does, hey, it's nice to experience this music in this way To wit: Comes complete with a Dover Records inner sleeve that gives little conversational blurbs about each record, a nice touch. Guess they sold them for $2.00 each. If so, HP screwed me, then, I paid $2.00 for it myself. Vinyl is not consistently clean, but the shit jsut ROARS off the record, amazingly live and vivid quality. I have visions of some urban-suburban "longhair" type playing this rec ord on one of the bigass console hi-fi systems, just cranking it up, and scaring the hell out of everybody in the house and outside of it. But it's not scary music unless you get scared by it. I embrace it's roar myself. I'm wondering if it's a US release of this: My LP is a LOT less noisy than is this 78.
  13. Dave Samuels, RIP

    I'm shocked. He was 70 years of age. I saw him perform with Double Image, the band with his mallet buddy David Friedman, and he always looked younger than his age. R.I.P.
  14. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

  15. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

    Well then, it sounds like Facebook must be the place for you, Chick. The insolence of all the members here not showering you with praise and delight after you were gracious enough to give us all 33 minutes to do so sends a clear message. You deserve a far higher quality of online acquaintences, IMO.
  16. Five minutes would be more than enough time to realize I didn't need to read any more...
  17. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Somehow I missed that one.
  18. Roscoe Mitchell - Littlefield Concert Hall

    Not mentioned in the package.
  19. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    spinning this out the window because i just upgraded to an early fantasy cd (pre ojc)-i got a made in japan with crude matrix but i see theres also a pre-ojc us issue too you cuold find in the bins-- essential upgrade for fans of this
  20. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    LOVE that movie. Was fortunate enough to see it in the age of innocence, before I knew that movies were "art." It plucked my little heartstrings and still does every time.
  21. Dave Samuels, RIP

    Sarah Samuels, Dave Samuels' daughter, has reported, via Facebook, that Dave has died. Although I was never a huge Spyro Gyra fan, I heard it quite a bit during my college years as one of my friends was into them. Sarah Samuels Facebook
  22. A Matter Of Life And Death. Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger made strange but wonderful movies...
  23. Because music fans suck?!? ☝️
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