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  1. Probably Cindy Wilson. She was Mosaic's office manager between 1994 and 2009.
  2. Catesta?

    I'm another one, though I still occasionally lurk and post here, but I keep my posts at a minimum. There are more who left because of you, but I'm not going to name names, I only speak for myself. That's all I'm going to say about it.
  3. Whither Allen Lowe?

    Wishing you all the best.
  4. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    Sorry to hear this. Listened to some of his shows, and he did indeed talk a lot, but it was always at least interesting.
  5. I don't agree, a loud mastering can make the music unlistenable (headaches, fatigue, that kind of thing), at least for me. I'm certainly not saying that's the case here, but the so-called "loudness wars" have done a lot of harm, especially in rock music, but not only there.
  6. Funny you should say that, I just got that kind of feeling - being part of a historic run, even though it was years before I was born - when I listened to the first couple of discs of Mosaic's Savory Collection set, which I only got the other day. Wonderful set, a historic document. But I'm digressing...
  7. Thanks. I read some of the opinions over there and noticed the different views, and just mentioned them here without giving my impression - which I don't have yet, I need to hear the set on my system first and intend to get it later this month.
  8. OK, but I said "compared to the earlier versions".
  9. Not if the dynamic range is reduced by compression compared to the earlier versions, at least not for me. I've heard parts of the set on free Spotify, but judging the sound quality that way is not a good idea, given the limited sound quality on Spotify, so I really can't say anything about it. I guess I'll have to get the set and see/hear if there's any truth in the comments. Anyway, the music is great.
  10. The comments (compression, too loud) were about the CD-set, which has indeed a different mastering, done by Robert Vosgien if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Harold Mabern died in 2019, aged 83. [edit] Just noticed Kevin's reply. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some people on the Hoffman board complained about the sound being compressed, too loud and too much 'in your face', compared to the earlier 2LP-set and 3CD-set. I don't have the new set, so I can't comment. I'm still on the fence, but those comments make me cautious. Hmm...
  12. True, but that doesn't alter the fact that I found them rather uninspired, and DeJohnette being barely audible on some tracks doesn't make it any better.
  13. Now listening to Another Time: The Hilversum Concert again to see/hear if I missed anything. At least it's DeJohnette on drums, not Morell.
  14. Which sets with Morell are you thinking of? And I totally agree about LaBarbera.
  15. I find it difficult to describe, to my ears he just didn't sound "right" in the trio, not like Paul Motian did for example. There are more albums, some of them revered, where a musician doesn't sound comfortable/"right" to me, like for instance Kenny Dorham with Cecil Taylor, and John Coltrane on his Blue Train.