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  1. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    As I said the 22 euro tax-free threshold for imports into the EU will be gone by 1 July. From that date everything will be taxed, regardless of its value, either by the seller or at point of entry into the EU.
  2. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    As a Dutch customs officer recently said to a lorry driver from the UK: "Welcome to Brexit, Sir". Doesn't Sweden - as a EU member state - apply the tax-free 22 euro threshold for imports from a third country? That threshold won't be abolished until July 1.
  3. "Other" EU countries? Has the UK rejoined? Dutch VAT on books is currently 9%.
  4. Junior Mance RIP

    Sad news, love his playing.
  5. A Kenny Dorham Mosaic with all his 1950s/1960s recordings that can be licensed would be great. That's one I also suggested to Scott.
  6. Ha, good to hear. I suggested a Henderson/BN set to him a while ago, along with a few other "BN in the 1960s" sets: Lee Morgan (I hope this one will materialize), Wayne Shorter, Bobby Hutcherson including Dolphy's Out to Lunch, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock (the BN set has been OOP for a long time), Dexter Gordon (same), and maybe 1960-1963 Jackie McLean.
  7. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    It might be a good idea to ask the seller to deduct VAT before ordering anything - at least until 1 July; from that date EU VAT regulations will change.
  8. Importing/exporting UK/Europe after Brexit

    This may be interesting for EU residents who import items from non-EU member states: From the website of the European Commission: new VAT regulations from July 1, 2021
  9. Well, calling someone a prick because you don't like his attitude isn't very nice either. As for your mistake, maybe I'm wrong, but I actually did get the impression that you're insisting Moerer is running Discogs, despite everything others have said and lacking evidence to back it up.
  10. You saw someone post a message on a marketplace site, assumed he ran the site and posted your assumption here as a fact without evidence to back it up, and now you're calling someone else names because he questioned your false information? Reminds me of someone in high office...
  11. The fact that Moerer posted that RBM message on Discogs doesn't necessarily mean he runs them both. Anyone can join Discogs and then post a message there. There's no evidence whatsoever Moerer runs them both. Moerer is not included in the team that runs Discogs, nor did he found it. Discogs team Discogs' story (scroll down) In short: Moerer is selling records on Discogs, but he's not running it.
  12. Again, it's Records By Mail that was affected, not Discogs; they're two separate entities. I don't think Records By Mail is giving their customers' financial details to Discogs. People are buying stuff from RBM that was advertised on Discogs and are dealing directly with RBM. Unlike Amazon Discogs is not involved in the financial handling of the sale other than taking a fee from the seller.
  13. Correct, Discogs is a marketplace that holds no financial details. The transactions are done directly with the sellers, not Discogs. The title of this thread is incorrect and misleading. Note that Discogs is mentioned as a "third party" in Records By Mail's message ("What we are doing"), and that's exactly what it is. -edit- Just noticed that the originally incorrect thread title has been edited.
  14. Stanley Cowell, R I P

    Sorry to hear this.