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  1. If I remember correctly Michael Cuscuna said a 1960s Mobley set wasn't viable because all the sessions were available individually at the time, which wasn't the case with the 1950s set when that one came out (1998), at least not outside Japan.
  2. Philip Roth, RIP

    He should have been awarded the Nobel.
  3. Idea for Mosaic

    Well, unless a license would be renewed, but, as I said above, they pledged not to reissue any of their OOP sets.
  4. Idea for Mosaic

    Not in a million years. People seem to forget that they pledged never to re-release sets once they're OOP.
  5. Ahmad Jamal Discography.

    His Epic recordings do indeed partially predate the Argo period. Sony released The Legendary OKeh and Epic Recordings on CD in 2005 with his 1951-1952 and 1955 recordings. Forgot to mention that Epic released 2 albums with the same title, Ahmad Jamal Trio, LN-3212 (mono) in 1956 and LN-3631 (mono)/BN-634 (stereo) in 1959.
  6. Those overseas DHL rates are insanely high, about twice what USPS charges, and their handling fees are also very steep. Not that the Dutch Postal Service is cheap, though, their handling fee is 13 euros per parcel on top of the tax/duty that is payable. It's one of the reasons I usually order my Mosaics from Jazz Messengers these days, they may not be cheaper in the end, but at least there's no hassle at the door on delivery. Unfortunately, they didn't know if they would get the now deleted Bee Hive set again, so I had to order that one directly from Mosaic. We'll see how that goes.
  7. Idea for Mosaic

    Several Select sets were hit by this and became instantly unavailable. However, it is my understanding that the Stuff Smith set was taken off the market because its license was revoked by Verve, not because of the stampers problem, that happened much later; the Smith set disappeared long before the sets whose stampers were thrown out.
  8. As far as I know they thought about it, but since no rights holders would allow it it's irrelevant.
  9. Except that they can't get permission for downloads from the owners of the rights.
  10. LF: Everly Brothers Recommendation(s?)

    This is a really good compilation if the 2 big and excellent Bear Family CD-sets are too much of a good thing - it does have the hits, though: Heartaches and Harmonies 4CD-set (Rhino) The BF box Paul Secor mentioned, Classic Everly Brothers, is an excellent overview of their Cadence material. These are the 2 BF boxes I was referring to: The Price of Fame: 1960-1965 Chained to a Memory: 1966-1972
  11. If Mosaic is (going to be) wholly owned by Universal it might become difficult for them to get licensing agreements for recordings that are not owned by Universal. I don't think Sony or Warner will be eager to license stuff to the competition.
  12. Which means they're now also part of the Universal empire, or at least partially.
  13. They always have to get approval from the owners of the rights on all sorts of things before they can release a set and apparently this time it was more difficult. This is the e-mail from Mosaic: "We would like to thank you for the preorder for this important historical set. We also want to thank you for your patience. The approval process for this set is not our usual process and it has taken longer than anticipated. We do have final approval on all the print components and they are being shipped to the CD manufacturer. This will take about two - three weeks to manufacture. After receipt in our warehouse, the sets will be collated and that adds another week. Therefore the process will take about 4 weeks and we expect to ship mid-May."
  14. I guess too much hassle and unprofitable. I already had the right track on another CD.