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  1. Thanks. Apparently someone thinks it's funny to make a fool out of me, but seeing who it was, I don't care.
  2. Yes, seriously; I'm not an American and I have no idea whose photo that is. Maybe I missed something, but I also have no idea which Edwards Mosaic set Ed Swinnich was referring to.
  3. They told me they will (and also the Clifford Jordan), but they will be closed for a summer break until late August (it's very hot in Spain). If they were going out of business, they wouldn't be planning a Teddy Wilson set for early next year. Which Edwards are you referring to?
  4. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Listened to some more Bee Hive stuff and I don't think I'm going to get the set anytime soon.
  5. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    I might change my mind and get the Bee Hive after all (it does seem to have some interesting stuff, although some other stuff didn't do it for me, on the contrary), but another Mosaic, the James P. Johnson, and two classical sets, the upcoming big Rudolf Serkin box and the reissue of Stephen Kovacevich's Beethoven Piano Sonatas set, are my priorities now.
  6. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Am now listening to David Brent Johnson's Night Lights Bee Hive episode. The music still doesn't convince me. Judging by what I've heard so far I can imagine that it can be fatiguing in large doses.
  7. Had it but sold it, too much stuff I didn't care for or didn't like.
  8. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Of the five audio samples on the Mosaic site the Curtis Fuller was the only one I did more or less like; the Ronnie Mathews seemed OK, but I found the Nick Brignola and Sal Salvador absolutely horrid. The Junior Mance didn't do anything for me. I know the Johnny Hartman date (not among the samples) is revered, but I'm not into his kind of vocals. Arnett Cobb (met him in the 1970s, a nice man) is not one of my favourites. The other stuff seems a mixed bag to me.
  9. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Thanks. I wasn't familiar with any of the dates (due to personal circumstances I wasn't listening to jazz at the time), but I see what you mean, having listened to the audio samples on the Mosaic site several times; I kept wondering why they never really convinced me, though quite a few people whose opinions I respect were and are pretty positive.
  10. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Came late to this old thread and haven't read all of it, and now that the link above is dead it would be interesting to hear - in a nutshell - what exactly your reservations about the Bee Hive dates are.
  11. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    I don't think anyone said that, at least I didn't. I was referring to the general negativity on this board as I perceive it. It's been around for a long time and it's one of the reasons I left. Mosaic's problems were the only reason I returned, but, as I said earlier after I had made the mistake of removing an entire thread, I probably shouldn't have. Oh well...
  12. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    I don't deny that this set is a historical jazz document and I don't deny its importance either, and I do occasionally buy sets just for those reasons if the music interests me in any way, but in this case the music doesn't quite do it for me and that's an important factor, the more so since my funds are far from unlimited. The fact that some of the recordings sound a bit quirky is less important, the ears do adjust to that after a while if the music does interest me enough.
  13. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    I know all that, but Strata-East was not a label I was very interested in and I skipped most of the stuff back in the day, with the exception of Glass Bead Games, which I found interesting but nothing more. After all these years I decided to give it another try and listened to the audio samples on AllMusic a few times, but, as I said earlier, I'm still not convinced by much of the music. For instance, Pharoah Sanders always sounded like a hoover to me in the 1960s, during his impulse! years, and the Strata-East doesn't do much to improve that impression, and that's just one example.
  14. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    Thanks, but I listened to the audio samples of all the tracks on AllMusic and I'm still not convinced - some good music, and some that's not really my cup of tea. The negativity on this board never ceases to amaze me. Seems like some people here are always looking for things to complain, moan and whine about...
  15. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    As was reported elsewhere this set is now available again. Any more thoughts? I'm also on the fence on this one.