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  1. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    Perhaps time to start another campaign asking Mosaic for a reprint - license permitting, of course.
  2. jazzmessengers.com

    Jorge always has always answered my e-mails within a couple of working-days (Monday-Friday) and I've never had any problems with them. I guess things within the EU are going smoother than outside. Overseas shipping can be a pain.
  3. RIP Sally White of Sally's Place

    I contacted her once years ago. A very friendly and helpful lady. Very sorry to hear this.
  4. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    Sorry to hear this bad news.
  5. The new Jazz Messengers site is now up and running.
  6. There was some negativity about Jazz Messengers being off-line on another forum, that's why I contacted them and got this reply within a day: We saw those speculating and harmful messages on the [xxx] Forum. They are clearly out of context. Luckily, we still are more than alive! The truth is that we are just renovating our website. Maybe it wasn’t the perfect time, but we had to do it eventually.
  7. Muhal Richard Abrams - RIP

    Sorry to hear this.
  8. This may be interesting for EU customers who get their Mosaics from Jazz Messengers, Barcelona. I contacted them about the possible consequences of the current political situation in Catalonia and they assured me there will be no problems, they will move to another region of Spain if the Catalonian parliament declares independence from Spain and the region automatically ceases to be part of the EU that way.
  9. Just heard from Scott that the James P. Johnson set is now expected later this month (September 2017).
  10. Gulf Coasters, Be Safe!

    Yes, and that doesn't compare with what the European newspapers I read wrote about both Texas and those Asian countries. But I guess we could go on about this all night and never agree, so let's leave it at that.
  11. Gulf Coasters, Be Safe!

    I wasn't talking about the people of Texas specifically, I fully understand and appreciate that they wouldn't be interested in what's happening elsewhere right now, I was talking about a couple of your national newspapers that have a wide international readership.
  12. Gulf Coasters, Be Safe!

    Last time I looked both the WP and NYT have international sections - hardly a word. A very different story in the mails from the Dutch, German and UK newspapers I subscribe to, both Texas and Nepal/India/Bangla Desh are covered extensively.
  13. Gulf Coasters, Be Safe!

    At the same time, at the other end of the world (roughly), there's also a major disaster going on: extremely heavy rains and floods in Nepal, India and Bangla Desh, with the death toll now over 1,000. I get news mails from the Washington Post and NYT every day, but hardly anyone is reporting about that. Hmm...