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  1. Is This Stanley Turrentine?

    I'm not hearing Turrentine. It seems to me that the most likely candidate would be Red Prysock, Arthur's brother. They worked together a lot.
  2. "The Jazz Train" starts year 28

    Congratulations on your longevity, and to the great Eddie Lang for his abilty to function at such an advanced age!
  3. Playing music in the car

    I bought a new car six months ago, and was also disappointed that it did not come with a CD player. However, it does have a USB port in which one can plug a phone, CD player or other device. After asking around I found that I could burn CD's onto a thumb (flash) drive with Windows Media Player on my computer, converting the files to MP3's. Flash drives come in all capacities, and are very cheap. I bought a 128-gig one for about 20 dollars, and it holds about 800 CD's. I can play the CD's as they are programmed, or I can plsy in shuffle mode (chosen at the push of a button). The screen displays artist, title, and source. For the past 6 months I have been ripping my entire CD collection onto thumb drives (I am on number 4 right now), and the music experience while driving is fantastic!
  4. Milcho Leviev (1937 - 2019)

    Sad news. Hadn't thought about him in years. Saw him with Art Pepper in 1980 at Sandy's in Beverly, MA. I liked the two records he made for Mole Jazz with Art that were issued under Milcho's name.
  5. Patsy Cline

    The MCA "Greatest Hits" is a fine introduction, but for the hard core fan (include me) there's this:
  6. REMINGTON Label Classical LPs

    It has been reported that the artists credited on Remington and other similar budget labels are in fact sometimes major orchestras performing under pseudonyms. I heard this many years ago from a collector who was actively collecting them. It wouldn't surprise me that somebody may have since compiled a list identifying these mystery orchestras.
  7. Happy Birthday Stereojack!

    Thanks, guys!
  8. Chris was a lively contributor to this forum for several years.
  9. Record Store Day 2019

    As a record store owner, I have something to say about Record Store Day. We appreciate the boost in business it gives us, and we did have a successful day, but I try to serve my regular customers mostly, not the ones I might see once a year. Every year we are inundated with phone calls for the RSD swag from would-be flippers, and we decided long ago not to bother. We leave that to the local chain store.
  10. Happy Birthday jazztrain!

    Belated wishes from me too!
  11. Urbie Green, 1926-2018

    This Blue Note LP was released in 1954.
  12. It's sad that clubs are so desperate for business that they are forced to put up with bad behavior like this.
  13. Would you give us a report on the show, Kevin?
  14. Johnny Hodges and Lawrence Welk.

    I believe the saxophonist on "Blue Velvet" is Frank "Floorshow" Culley.
  15. Jimmy Smith

    Personally, I like all of these records better than anything on Verve. No fancy production or arrangements, no singing, no gimmickry - just unadulterated playing, impeccably recorded. "Back at the Chicken Shack" is a desert island disc.