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  1. Urbie Green, 1926-2018

    This Blue Note LP was released in 1954.
  2. It's sad that clubs are so desperate for business that they are forced to put up with bad behavior like this.
  3. Would you give us a report on the show, Kevin?
  4. Johnny Hodges and Lawrence Welk.

    I believe the saxophonist on "Blue Velvet" is Frank "Floorshow" Culley.
  5. Jimmy Smith

    Personally, I like all of these records better than anything on Verve. No fancy production or arrangements, no singing, no gimmickry - just unadulterated playing, impeccably recorded. "Back at the Chicken Shack" is a desert island disc.
  6. Frank Paparelli

    6 hours ago, hgweber said: Very interesting article - answers many questions. The Black Lion Tatum album has long been suspect, and I had heard Paparelli's name mentioned as the possible pianist. This confirms it. It would be nice if some of the material she possesses could be made available for those of us who are interested.
  7. Happy birthday, Paul!
  8. Happy Birthday, Dan Gould!

    Happy birthday, Dan!
  9. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    I had all the LP's back in the day, but it's nice to become reacquainted with this music.
  10. What is your favorite hot sauce?

    My personal favorite, from Louisiana
  11. Happy Birthday Stereojack!

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!
  12. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    Also saw two TV spots promoting the album this weekend during CBS Sunday Morning. How many new releases, in any genre, get this kind of hype?
  13. Stuff You've Found Inside of Used LPs

    Once while going through a pile of LP's that the customer told us had belonged to his late son, we found a small envelope of weed tucked into a gatefold cover. Unfortunately, it had lost its potency over the years.
  14. LF: Everly Brothers Recommendation(s?)

    As a lifelong Everlys fan, I have to weigh in. I bought all three Bear Family boxes as they came out, even though I had all the original LP's. The boxes include many singles and outtakes. Agreed, the Warner Brothers years are inconsistent, but there are plenty of gems throughout these two sets (the 2nd also includes the early 70's RCA sides). I agree with Felser's recommendations if you want to get your feet wet. I saw the Everlys in the 1980's and again in the 90's, and they were still outstanding.
  15. Musicraft

    I have these 78's: GUILD 102 Maurice Rocco - Begin the Beguine/St. Louis Blues 115 Gerald Clark - Man Smart - Woman Smarter/My Donkey Want Water 118 Cozy Cole - Dat’s Love/Stompin’ at the Savoy 119 Cozy Cole - Hallelujah/Through For the Night 124 Vivien Garry - Altitude/Relax Jack 130 Cozy Cole - Now’s the Time/Night Wind 1001 Dizzy Gillespie – Blue ‘N Boogie/Groovin’ High 1002 Dizzy Gillespie - Shaw 'Nuff/Lover Man (w/ Sarah Vaughan) 1003 Dizzy Gillespie - Salt Peanuts/Hot House