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  1. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    Yes, the Hemphill box alone almost made 2021 a good year...almost
  2. Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield heralds a "CD Revival"

    So let's pack up our CDs, LPs, Hi-Fi systems, multiple generators, gallons of fuel, and head out into those hills.
  3. Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield heralds a "CD Revival"

    Exactly, and add to that the fact that most young people don't even store music anymore. They just stream. CDs were once a convenient medium for accessing digital music. But technology has moved on. Now most people without music collections per se can access all that they want, any time that they want, anywhere that they want,.
  4. "Rhapsody" is a particularly nice item on Disc 1 - in good sound as well. It sounds to me like he is working with "I Can't Get Started" here but moves quite far from it in a very unique and beautiful manner.
  5. Tete Montoliu on Impulse! ???

    EKE - Many thanks for all this information!!
  6. Terry Teachout, R.I.P.

    RIP. The Louis Armstrong biography was very good.
  7. Tete Montoliu on Impulse! ???

    Yes, that is the point. I don't believe that trio was otherwise recorded.
  8. Tete Montoliu on Impulse! ???

    Yea, I was thinking that too.
  9. I still stumbled on this very intriguing item in the Lord discography. I wonder if we will ever get to hear some of it? Tete Montoliu (p) Richard Davis (b) Elvin Jones (d) Live, "Village Gate", New York, April 21, 1967 Blues Impulse (unissued) Solar - I remember Clifford - Falling in love with love - Tune up - It could happen to you - Blues in F - Where are you ? - Unknown piano solo - Unknown title - 'Round midnight - Unknown original title - Unknown title - Falling in love with love - Don't blame me - [M9954.20] Add same pers. Live, "Village Gate", New York, April 22, 1967 Solar Impulse (unissued) Stella by starlight - I can't get started - Just friends - The things we did last summer - Blues - Whisper not - You've changed - Unknown title - Oleo - A night in Tunisia - Dia inolvidabli -
  10. High Note released some other fine live recordings of this band from the same tour, although they took a promotional liberty to headline Woody Shaw's name instead of Junior Cook.
  11. Charles Brackeen RIP

    RIP. It is getting to the point that I dread looking at the Organissimo board in the morning. So many deaths.
  12. Hello.   I have Mp3s for five of the Croscrane J.R. Monterose releases:

    Just Friends, My Old Flame, Jazz on the Quarry, Nightingale, and Buzzy.

    If you need any of those, I can upload the MP3s for you. 


    John (Preslives)

    1. Zoot39


      Thanks John. I have all of those CDs (Jazz on the Quarry=Live at Opus 40). I don't know who has  That You Are  (Gemini 3), Top of the Falls, Gemini 6 or Central Park West (Gemini 2). I have one possible lead on them. We'll see.

      All the best/Zoot39

    2. John L

      John L

      OK, good luck. 

  13. JR/J.R. Monterose - Croscrane Sessions

    You are looking for hard copies of the CDs or just the digital music?