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  1. Stone cold classic tracks post-Coltrane

    If we want to talk about classics in the sense of influence and number of covers, I would suggest Grover Washington - Mr. Magic Herbie Hancock - Chameleon Mongo Santamaria - Watermelon Man Les McCann - Compared to What
  2. iTunes/iPods compatibility issues

    Mjzee, I beg to differ with you. Quite a lot was lost with iTunes. As I have written here, I cannot get my iPods to function with the new Music app. Your idea about syncing with playlists through Finder will likely not work with my iPods that I need to manage manually, album by album. There are quite a lot of other problems with the new Music app as well. Even if it were possible to fix the compatibility problem for transferring music to iPods, what if you want to delete some music on your iPod classic? You can't even browse the music on your iPod with the new App. There are many other problems that I will not go into. For example, when you edit information in your music library in the new app, the link between MP3s and music library is often broken, forcing you to "identify" lost tracks manually by pinpointing individual MP3s in your music library. After adding music to your library (which can take an hour for just one album), the Music App sometimes goes crazy, doesn't let you scroll or select the music you want. It just plain sucks. Nothing works well at all. I have been an enthusiastic and happy consumer of iTunes and iPods for years, and never had many complaints. Now, it is quite clear to me that they have really screwed everything up.
  3. iTunes/iPods compatibility issues

    Catalina is the current operating system for a Mac. All new Macs have it. Many older Macs can be updated to it. Once you have it, you cannot download iTunes.
  4. Apple Music App

    OK, thanks. That won't erase the rest of the music on my iPod, I hope.
  5. Apple Music App

    So there is a way in Finder to sync only with a given playlist? If so, I will try it.
  6. iTunes/iPods compatibility issues

    I see now that the there were some answers to the earlier complaint that I put on the other thread that is inked above. Unfortunately, that solution does not seem to really work for me. When I drag music to my iPod in Finder, the iPod creates a separate album for each track that I drag. So the music on my iPod ends up completely unorganized and virtually impossible to find.
  7. Apple Music App

    Somehow, I am just now seeing these responses to my post. Thank you all. This does not solve my problem. I cannot completely sinc my iPods with iTunes because my iTunes has 3 tb of music. So I need to manage things manually. If I drag music from finder to my iTunes, it doesn't really work. The iPod creates a separate album for each track that is dragged. So, yes, I can technically have the music on my iPod. But I will have to search for each track as a single album, not really a workable option with 160 gb of music.
  8. iTunes/iPods compatibility issues

    I have been going through hell lately with Apple and my music. As far as I know, every version of iTunes is compatible with all iPods. I have iPods of most generations that still function and I used them until the end with sequential versions of iTunes. The compatibility issue kicks in seriously when you lose iTunes like I did when I updated my Mac to Catolina. I would never have done it if I knew. But once you do it, there is no going back. You can't have iTunes on your computer any more. You get an "Apple Music" app that looks like iTunes, but it is not. It is not compatible with any iPods except for the very latest version of iPod touch. I bought an iPod touch last year that is already incompatible. I am really pissed because, living large amounts of time away from home with a large music collection, I was organized around numerous iPods that I can't use any more with my Mac. There should at least be some kind of warning that even very expensive Apple music devices purchased recently might become incompatible with your computer if you update to Catolina. Ironically, if you don't have a Mac, you can still have iTunes and your iPods can still work. So this is probably the LAST time I ever buy a Mac or anything else from Apple. As for iTunes, the most recent versions also suck. It does so much scanning and other bullshit automatically that, if your have a large collection it can take hours to add MP3s to your library. So I would download a version of iTunes from a few years back. Anyway, FUCK Apple.
  9. "Last Albums" or appearances you can recommend

    I believe that we discussed this one a while back, a beautiful swan song. I saw Edwards live around this time and it was really incredible.
  10. Eddie Gale (1941-2020)

    RIP to a truly fine artist.
  11. How do you pronounce.........

    In Boston, it's Jolly Packer.
  12. Bob Dylan corner

    Yes, John Wesley Harding has a certain mystical quality for me. I remember as a child when a local FM station first played the album before it was actually released, and I taped it on a small reel-to-reel. I listened to it over and over in terrible sound. Dylan hadn't released anything since Blonde on Blonde and rumors had been circulating that he might be dead. And then this...