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  1. Birdland is on the verge of closing.
  2. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    If you click on the "liner notes" box, you get the full liner notes and complete discographical information. It looks exciting!
  3. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    Yes, the improvement in sound quality from the Decca set is HUGE. Alternatively, HEP was the first label to issue the Decca recordings digitally in outstanding sound. I bought the Masters of Jazz series when it came out, so much extraordinary live Basie from the 30s.
  4. Jazz Oracle

    I imagine that the remaining two are the Fate Marable recordings from 1924: Frankie and Johnny and Pianoflage.
  5. Unheard Miles and Coltrane.

    Thanks. On the recording, there is also the beginning of Green Dolphin Street (Miles' solo) following So What.
  6. Unheard Miles and Coltrane.

    Fascinating! Thanks I was just reading about how Miles wanted Buddy Montgomery to come with them to Europe in 1960, but Buddy was too afraid to fly. It is really nice to have this unique recording of the sextet with him.
  7. Frank Kimbrough - RIP

    This one hurts. He was in his prime.
  8. The one early Wynton Marsalis record that has somehow stayed with me is J Mood. I don't know why, but sometimes I just feel like listening to it. It has a certain vibe that I like.
  9. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    Looks exciting!
  10. happy Birthday JSngry

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!
  11. “Diggin' Diz”

    In my discography, Diggin' Diz with Bird is D1000. It is the first recording ever made on Dial. Diggin For Diz is Dial 1002. Dial 1004 is When I Grow Too Old to Dream" recorded at the same session as Diggin' For Diz.
  12. what can you tell me about this Basie acetate and Columbia univ. jazz archives

    This particular broadcast was notable for capturing the time that Billie Holiday was the female singer in the Basie band.
  13. Yea, there is a lot of echo (reverb) on Sonny's horn on the studio tracks.