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  1. I played that album to death back in the day.
  2. Some of those 250-pound divas on the stage can ruin it for me. I often prefer a good recording and my own imagination. ))))))
  3. I didn't even realize that there was a volume 3.

    I love Kenny Dorham. If I could have only one KD album, it might be this one, but that probably has as much to do with Philly Joe as KD.
  5. I don't remember that in the notes, but I am far away from my booklet right now. It is true that "Bird on 52nd Street" has some of the Onyx recordings on the Benedetti set. Are we sure that the Benedetti tape was the source, however? Someone else could have also recorded the concert(s). Alternatively Benedetti could have made a copy of it for somebody that got into the public domain. Until the tapes were discovered for the Mosaic set, my recollection is that it was not even clear that there were any Benedetti tapes that survived.
  6. Does it matter whether we own music?

    This video is interesting. I actually had an argument with Gioia on facebook on this subject about a year ago. I don't really find his argument very compelling. Yes, I also prefer owning music as a physical product, but that is only because I was brought up to enjoy hunting for and "acquiring" music in this way. If you think about it, the only really meaningful way that we can define "ownership" of music for listening purposes is the ability to access it any time a person wants. Tapes, records, CDs, 8tracks, MP3s, cassettes are just a medium for providing this access. They are not the music itself. Streaming is also a convenient medium. In fact, the advent of digital music has expanded opportunities for ownership. We no longer have to be home sitting in front of a record player with a record collection for this access. Spotify provides more immediate ownership of more music than record collectors could acquire in several lifetimes. Yes, we can deeply regret that technical progress at this stage has caused musicians and the music industry to lose a lot of money. But what is the solution? Technical progress is technical progress. We can't really stop it. The search for new ways to defend copyright on music goes on, but the solutions will have to be consistent with continuing to move forward with technology. The argument about preserving music also strikes me as odd. On the contrary, we are at the age where almost everything is preserved. There is a lot of space in the clouds.
  7. RIP Jody Williams

    RIP to one of the last true Chicago blues giants. Muddy
  8. The All Things Van Morrison Thread

    I'm also a fan of Van Morrison. My personal favorite Van Morrison song is Tupelo Honey. I've internalized that one, play it myself.
  9. Art Pepper - Toronto (3 CDs from 1977)

    There is no shortage of fine Art Pepper recordings, especially live ones. This one still looks quite attractive, coming from a pivotal time in his career with a band that didn't last long.
  10. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Thanks for that correction. My memory must be failing me.
  11. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I used to be a member of a GD site that posted a huge number of the soundboards. I seem to recall that there were soundboards for most of the shows beginning in the second half of 1970.
  12. Musical Hoaxes

    They still sell on places like Amazon and iTunes a number of Magic Sam (the West Side Chicago blues giant) albums that are not Magic Sam at all. No matter how many people tell them about it, they just keep selling them as Magic Sam albums. This one is supposedly a Ron Thompson concert:
  13. That is why they invented iTunes playlists.
  14. Today's tenor players

    I also enjoy Abraham Burton. Someone to keep an eye on? He is already 46.
  15. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Can anyone compare the sound quality here with previous releases of this music?