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  2. Notable young sidemen in big bands in the 70s-80's

    Before Kenny Garrett played with Mel Lewis, he toured for three years with Mercer Ellington -- rather than enroll at Berklee, which was his original plan. Rickey Woodard played with Ray Charles in the '80s. Cecil (and Ron) Bridgewater played with Thad and Mel in the '70s. For that matter, Dee Dee. Bridgewater also sang with Thad and Mel in the early '70s. I saw a reference earlier in this thread to Branford Marsalis and Conrad Herwig playing with Clark Terry in the '70s. Actually, that band formed in 1980 or 81 as I recall -- I heard them in Fort Wayne, Indiana at a high school jazz festival in spring 1981. Branford played alto. Others in that band included Conrad Herwing on trombone, Bryon Stripling on trumpet, John Campbell on piano. Veteran Chris Woods was a featured soloist on alto. Clayton Cameron and Suggie Otis and played with Gerald Wilson in the '80s. John Clayton played with Basie in the '70s and Gerald Wilson in the 1980s. Anthony Wilson started playing with Gerald Wilson in the late '80s. George Mraz played with Thad and Mel in the '70s. Gary Smulyan played baritone saxophone with Woddy Herman c. 1979. Jim Snidero played with Toshiko in the mid 80s. Jeff Ballard played with Ray Charles in the late '80s. Jim McNeely played with Thad and Mel in the late '70s. Dick Oats and Rich Perry started with Thad and Mel in the late '70s and are still with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. Tom Harrell, Kenny Berger, David Berger, Claudio Roditi, Bob Mintzer, and Gregory Herbert all played with Chuck Israel's National Jazz Ensemble in the '70s. Jack Walrath played with Ray Charles in the early '70s. .
  3. Notable young sidemen in big bands in the 70s-80's

    NEVER FIGURED OUT who the musical director (alto player) of the Lionel Hampton big band show c. '00-01 was. He was really fantastic though.
  4. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    john patton is SO distinctive i dont see how we can not ID it correctly by ear. Maybe my ear isnt the best for the job but I do know from my love of organ jazz BJP is one of the MOST distintive unless he COMPLETELY ALTERED IS USUAL ORGAN SETTING FOR THIS DATE, im leaning toward someone else- Larry Young I dont know either why did his name even get thrown in to this, ill look back , but some people suggested a 3rd party, im not opposed.........
  5. Live Streaming Concerts

    SMOKE SCREENS PRESENTS: THE MARC CARY TRIO FEATURING NASHEET WAITS & RASHAAN CARTER FRIDAY MAY 14 - SATURDAY MAY 15 / LIVE STREAMED / 8PM EST Buy Streaming Pass “Cary shows how creatively he can stretch cool piano-jazz swingers over complex and cutting-edge rhythms, producing music that sounds old and new at once.” – The Guardian Marc Cary leads a mesmerizing trio featuring Nasheet Waits and Rashaan Carter in two nights of livestreaming concerts. One of New York’s best jazz pianists, Cary has been a singular presence in New York for three decades including celebrated work with Betty Carter and Abbey Lincoln. Today, he is at the forefront of the musically diverse, genre blending contemporary jazz scene. As The New York Times observed, “There isn’t much in the modern-jazz-musician tool kit that Marc Cary hasn’t mastered, but he has a particular subspecialty in the area of groove…with a range of rhythmic strategies, from a deep-house pulse to a swinging churn.”
  6. Norman Simmons Has Passed Away

    IMHO, Norman was probably the greatest jazz accompanist that ever lived. His work with Betty Carter and Joe Williams was perfection. Rest In Peace, Brother.
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  8. Red Garland on Prestige

    Synchronicity and all that jazz--I logged into the board just now to post that I was listening to this album, in honor of Red's birthday. It's a sentimental favorite, because I'm pretty sure it's the first Garland I ever bought, after the album cover hooked me as a young record-store clerk. It sounds awfully damn good all these years later, too:
  9. Jazz Room Records This label has been reissuing some interesting stuff on vinyl and they've teamed up with a Japanese label called Mocloud / Ultra-Vybe for the CDs. So far only the Hugo Heredia (which features Horace Parlan) and the Robin Jones Seven have been released as CDs but hopefully the Khan Jamal will come out on CD as well because it's fantastic! I did a quick scan of their Instagram and future releases planned include Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble "Le Le", Hal Singer Jazz Quartet "Soweto to Harlem", Tata Vasquez & His Orchestra "Ecstasy" and John Patton "Soul Connection".
  10. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    Grant, no. Larry Young, yes: But look at the publishing here...not that Grant had a lot of compositions to his credit at this time, but...
  11. Norman Simmons Has Passed Away

    His "Midnight Creeper" album, with Lisle Atlkinson and Al Harewood, on the Miljac label, is very soulful.
  12. So in theory, you could have had a Basie trombone section of Curtis Fuller, Fred Wesley, and George Lewis...and Butch Miles on drums. So much for in theory...
  13. I remember how happy "everybody" was about tighter inventory controls and production runs thanks to UPC codes and centralized computer reports and all efficiencies. Waste would be reduced, if not eliminated entirely. Well, there's something to be said about waste.
  14. Norman Simmons Has Passed Away

  15. Curtis Fuller - RIP

    Obituary in Jazz Times.
  16. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Compiles two early Barretto LPs originally issued on Riverside: - Ray Barretto Orchestra - Latino! (1963) - Ray Barretto & His Charanga Orchestra - Pachanga with Barretto (1961) and
  17. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    No this is different - these are the contracts signed by the artists. If that Grant Green Left Bank tape is ever located, no one could put it out without clearance from whatever label he was signed with on the day of the recording. In this case, it was probably no label, but on one wants to be Palo-Altod.
  18. Alan Shorter

    Thanks. I didn’t see the other thread.
  19. Norman Simmons Has Passed Away

    Sorry to hear this news. R.I.P.
  20. Jimmy Giuffre

    Yes. I don't have that set, but that's probably the one to have. I wonder how its sound (transfer/mix/remaster) compares to the ECM set. I've never heard those piano/bass duets from Bremen.
  21. it has to compete with the IMHO better/later (2011) CBS 6CD set "The Complete Columbia Albums Collection" - includes live material (Village Vanguard) that wasn't in the Mosaic box plus a bonus CD of previously unreleased live VV material
  22. Alan Shorter

    Lots of previous discussion here ...
  23. Grant Green: "Iron City"

    Beach Boys fans such posted the AFM sheets for Carl & the Passions sessions, if they can do it, so can we!
  24. Alan Shorter

    That's it for his official recordings as leader He died in 1988 from a ruptured aortic aneurysm "In the mid-1960s, Shorter moved to Europe, leading his own avant-garde gigs in Geneva and Paris. His style of free jazz sometimes proved to be too far-out for European audiences (his brother remembered that Shorter's gigs in Europe would often end with him responding to the crowd's boos by yelling, "You're not ready for me yet!"), but he generally found European audiences more receptive than those in the U.S. Eventually, he returned to the United States, where he taught briefly at Bennington College but otherwise faded into obscurity. He died of a ruptured aorta in Los Angeles, California in 1988, at age 56, shortly after becoming engaged to Ruth Ann Hancock, a cousin of Herbie Hancock".
  25. Bob Koester RIP

    I would often visit Chicago and always made a point of visiting the Jazz Record Mart. Would always leave the shop with a sack of recordings.
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  27. Norman Simmons Has Passed Away

    Very sad news. I will pull one of Norman's CDs off the shelf to play tonight or tomorrow. He was a fine jazz musician.
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