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  1. Another record released near the end of 1973 that I liked then and now, Jerry Jeff Walker, Viva Terlingua.
  2. I believe the Santana/McLaughlin Love, Devotion, and Surrender was released in 1973. I remember it being popular with my friends but I didn’t get into it at the time. Now I like it but I enjoy some of their live shows floating around more.
  3. Re: Mosaic packaging, so glad they did away with the hinge, should have been that way from the beginning. The two boxsets I sort of regret buying are the Mosaic Woody Herman Mars recordings (haven’t found the music as compelling as I’d hoped) and the 75 disc Jazz in Paris. I’ll probably keep both though and I do dip into the JiP set periodically. Maybe I’ll appreciate it more over time.
  4. Anthony Wilson Nonet, Power of Nine (son of Gerald Wilson).
  5. Faster live cuts, I can’t remember who said it but somewhere in liner notes the writer said, familiarity breeds attempt…
  6. I don’t generally like trumpet and rhythm quartet lps, this one is an exception for me: https://www.allmusic.com/album/booker-little-mw0000313900 My appreciation for this record may be affected by the fact that I came into a mint first press around 1979 but it is one of my personal favorites. I’d cite Bee Tee’s Minor Plea and Opening Statement as highlights.
  7. Most ADS models have rubber surrounds which are much less likely to need to be replaced than foam surrounds.
  8. Classic AR speakers were sealed box acoustic suspension speakers. If you are looking for something similar from a somewhat more recent vintage try checking out speakers from ADS. ADS had its heyday from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s. One model, L710, was manufactured for many years and are not too hard to find.
  9. I am by no means deeply into Mr Defrancesco but I have always liked the date he did with Danny Gatton on Big Mo called Relentless.
  10. I’m confused a bit by this thread. Back when I shopped more at brick and mortar places I almost never saw Venus releases. Have Venus releases been more available in Europe? Is the thirst for Venus product so great in Japan that their domestic market can support this number of releases? As to their sound, the cds I have had access to all are noticeably louder at a given volume than pretty much any other cds I own.
  11. Blue Note and CTI were my primary intros to jazz in the early to mid 1970’s. George Benson lps, Hubbard’s Red Clay and First Light and others were records that my friends I returned to a lot if for no other reason than that none of us owned a lot of records in the first place. Maybe it’s unfair to think of CTI first when thinking of Creed Taylor but they got me started on this road.
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