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forget 'Waldo'... ---> where's Mark Shim????


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I think "Art Forum" is Osby's first really great album. The first one that gave a glimpse of what was yet to come. Before that, I'm afraid I kind of only considered him a "Steve Coleman" wanna-be. By the way, I didn't get "Art Forum" until about 2000 or 2001, even though it came out in 1996.

That's what I think about Art Forum, too. I'm someday going to have all the Blue Notes beginning with it. Have Further Ado, the very cool live quartet disc with Jason Moran, the recent one with strings and the date with Hall, Hill, Colley, Carrington and Thomas. And I like what I hear more and more. Those Osby albums show up in sales here every once and so often, so I'll wait with pickin' up the rest. I did not pay less than 11 or 12 $ for those I already have.

Should we start an Osby-thread?


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Been more and more impressed of Shim after having heard his CD several times. Certainly was (is? - guess my chances over here are small to hear anything new, unless he makes a new CD) one of the most interesting of all those young tenors. And he's a master of his instrument.


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Saw Mr. Shim last night at the Jazz Gallery with Liberty Ellman's Quartet. He is definitely the BEST tenor I've heard this year.

This month in NYC has been a jazz lover's paradise with more quality events than you could shake a stick at, but last night's quartet so far is the best performance I've seen all year. I saw Shim and Liberty earlier this year with a different rhythm section, but it was nothing like last night. Shim is officially coming into his own. He is definitely influenced by Joe Henderson, but he is well into the process of developing his own sound.

Last night I also picked up a copy of "Tactiles" the new release by Liberty with Mark Shim on tenor. Have not had the chance to listen in dept, but you should pick it up.

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Saw him with Michele Rosewoman sometime last year.

At the Jazz Gallery here in NY.

Saw and heard that band at a local club - all were fine players. I guess he got it that an album or two on Blue Note or Verve is not a free ticket to the train to success, and keeps woodshedding - that's the impression I got from his appearance.

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Looks like the Wikipedia discography could use a little help:

  • Mind over Matter (Blue Note, 1998)
  • New Directions with Stefon Harris, Jason Moran, Greg Osby (Blue Note, 2000)
  • Turbulent Flow (Blue Note, 2000)
  • Far from Over with Vijay Iyer (ECM, 2017)
  • Travail, Transformation, and Flow with the Steve Lehman Octet (Pi Recordings, 2009)
  • Mise en Abîme with the Steve Lehman Octet (Pi Recordings, 2014)

The five I have found with the help of posts here:

The 'Infancia' Project with Luis Perdomo (Criss Cross, 2012)

Devotion with Marko Churnchetz (Whirlwind 2014)

Spirits and Warriors with Luis Perdomo (Criss Cross, 2016)

Transitions with David Gilmore (Criss Cross 2017)

Ganymede with Matt Brewer (Criss Cross 2019)



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