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The great Kenny Dorham

Claude Schlouch

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There's a very nice album "Invitation" by Milt Jackson that has KD and Jimmy Heath and Tommy Flanagan and Ron Carter and Connie Kay. How's that for a super line-up? Virgil Jones on trumpet makes an appearance too. Anyone familiar with it?

Must have overlooked this the first time around ....

Invitation is among my favourite Jackson records, as it is not a mere blowing session like most of his albums, but a nicely arranged date with a peculiar mood and great sidemen. Bags and Kenny already recorded together in the late 1940's (Savoy? at least there is a Savoy reissue LP I have with this) with excellent results.

Long live "the King"!

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Also came late to this thread, and want to thank Jim for his heads up on Showboat. put it on this morning and realise that I have never really HEARD it, probably because I got lost in the other Time albums when I bought up the recent Japanese reissues, maybe because of the horrendous cover, I dunno, but is great,realy like Jimmy Heath on this one, now I`m all over Jazz Contempory again, but, damn, that Showboat was a surprise! :tup

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Kenny Dorham has been one of my favorite trumpet players for a long time. His solos usually tell a story in a way that is very special.

A recording where Dorham's fine playing is overlooked :


I used a cut from that session, "Barengo", a jazz tango, in this past month's blindfold test here that I compiled. It was definitely a "hit", prompting quite a few of the participants to state that they intended to get the CD.

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Weird fingerings hey, trumpet types?

Oh to have lived in a world where a) Kenny Dorham was on a TV programme and b) the presenter of said programme made his announcement while a waitress stood next to him with a bowl of porkchops, and then later while waving around a little tiny gramophone horn. Was this directed by Buñuel?

Such a shame KD had such a poor(ly) late-60s. He really got to something new in 62-64.

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Beautiful to see him on video - too sad there isn't more. I always loved Dorham much more than Miles!

Just saw that SteepleChase double CD has both of his LPs for the label at budget price, but with different sidemen - that's a nice rhythm section on the video.


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Just recently posted at YouTube- a rare Swedish tv appearance from the 60's:


OOOOOHHHH-- BAAABBY!!!! Thank you!!!!

Is this what Marty had(to himself)?

I guess it is, having just viewed the YouTube clip, except my clip is a few minutes longer in that it starts with a short version of, appropriately enough I guess, "Short Story". BTW, I don't have it to myself as I got it from, without naming names, a musician who occasionally contributes to this forum.

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