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The great Kenny Dorham

Claude Schlouch

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- that's a nice rhythm section on the video.

Göran Lindberg (p), Göran Pettersson (b), Leif Wennerström (dr). They appeared also with other guesting artists at "Gyllene Cirkeln" (The Golden Circle) where the Dorham video was recorded. Here with Idrees Sulieman:


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Any idea when this was done?

The video credits indicate January 1964. KD was touring Scandinavia at the time.

Fabulous clip. There's also a recording of Dorham that came with the CD in Randi Hultin's book that must have been recorded around this time.

Reminds me of his great playing on the Cedar Walton Prestige LPs of this vintage. A total original.

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b) the presenter of said programme made his announcement while a waitress stood next to him with a bowl of porkchops, and then later while waving around a little tiny gramophone horn. Was this directed by Buñuel?

I think the gramophone horn is actually a miniature trumpet. It seems that the TV show was called "The Trumpet" ('Trumpeten' in Swedish), presumably dedicated to (jazz?) trumpeters. Those really were the days...

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Sweet Clip :tup

Concerning the Joe Henderson albums, I wanted to single out 'In 'n' Out' and 'Our Thing' as my favorites; his playing on these records is phenomenal. Great stuff from a wonderful partnership.

I also really dig 'Whistle Stop' and 'Una Mas' (and yeah, I don't mind hearing it 'one more time' -_- )

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So, who was the host anyway? That cat's a trip!

Not sure, but might have been Swedish jazz bassist and record company boss Simon Brehm (1921-1967). I've seen reruns of other TV shows hosted by him (most of them many years ago). There are early 60s shows with Sonny Rollins, Ben Webster and lots of other jazz greats on visit in Stockholm. Pretty sure everything is still in the archives of the Swedish Television.

Simon Brehm with bassists Ray Brown and Erik Linström:


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