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happy Birthday JSngry

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Wow, you're not really that old dude, there was that time warp remember? Just outside of Waco late that one night, you drove through that glowing light and suddenly it wasn't 1982 anymore but 2002? I know in Texas it's hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Many happy returns!

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Jim, have yourself a wonderful birthday. Enjoy yourself, do something rewarding, relaxing and fun; something constructive to your overall being, and nourishing to your soul; and by all means do it with the people who are important in your life...

... in the meantime, we'll hang out here and wait 'til you're done. :g


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Thank you everybody. This might be my best birthday ever. It's a relief not having to live in that damn hole anymore, let me tell you! Your American troops have been very kind to me, all things considered. I was liking the beard though. Wanted to keep it, but they said no way, Jose. C'st la guerre, no?

Unfortunately, when they captured me, they didn't give me time to pack all my papers, so the answers to the Blindfold Test got left behind. Perhaps one of you fine folks could persuade the powers that be to let me go back and get them, because frankly, I don't remember one darn thing I put on there!

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