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Jazz recordings of television themes

ghost of miles

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Homeland used a performance by Tomasz Stanko as its theme in some seasons.

Theme from the Avengers -- Laurie Johnson Orchestra; original theme was by John Dankworth, but the one by Laurie Johnson is the one I remember

It looks like Brother Jack McDuff and Lalo Schifrin, among others, recorded the theme from Mannix.


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Vince Guaraldi did some theme music for a few animated TV specials about some kids and a dog.  Maybe those recordings are still available somewhere.;)

Gary Burton recorded the theme to "Frasier" on his Gary Burton & Friends CD on Concord.

I like Ahmad Jamal's version of "Theme From M*A*S*H"

There was Dave Brubeck's theme to the short-lived Craig Stevens show,  "Mr. Broadway".

And this CD


is a reissue of this LP


with lots of late 50's, early 60's TV themes.  (Geez and they misspelled Ms. McPartland's name!)

And there's this CD, which might seem a bit smooth for some, but I enjoyed it.  It includes such players as Randy Brecker, Kim Waters, Eric Alexander, Dave Samuels and Chuck Loeb.


(I love the Dan Quayle approved spelling on the cover, too!)

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10 minutes ago, GA Russell said:

Speaking of the Spiderman theme, I have a Woody Shaw Muse recording of it.


AH! I knew there was onee, I kept thinking Freddy McCoy, but his tune had nothing to do with a tv shw, jsut the comic book character.



1 hour ago, duaneiac said:

There was Dave Brubeck's theme to the short-lived Craig Stevens show,  "Mr. Broadway".

Indeed! And covered by Oliver Nelson!


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53 minutes ago, duaneiac said:

And you can't forget the TV commercials --


Good idea, except

Lee Morgan's sidewinder (I mean his BN recording) is very frequently used in ads, gardening and cookery TV programmes (over here, anyway) so, would ANY other version count? Answer in 2 letters please.



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