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Resonance Records Sale


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I received an email from Resonance, as follows:

“Resonance is celebrating its 10th holiday season with a big HOLIDAY SALE! For a limited time only (ends Sunday, December 16th at midnight), take 35% OFF the entire Resonance catalog from our deluxe historical releases of jazz legends Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery, Jaco Pastorius, Sarah Vaughan, Stan Getz and others, to our rising stars and jazz veterans such as Eddie Daniels, Polly Gibbons, Christian HowesAndreas Varady and Donald Vega.”

In addition, they announced that their Eric Dolphy 3 cd set, Eric Dolphy Musical Prophet, is now available for pre-order and will be available for purchase on January 25.  The price is $28.98; not included in the holiday sale. 



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37 minutes ago, Tom in RI said:

Maybe the sale is only for people on their mailing list. The website doesn't mention it, does show a buy any cd and chose one free from a list of 8 or so.

I think that's right. I got the sale notice in my email, but there wasn't anything on the site about it. Had to go back to the email for the sale code, which you plug into your order at checkout.

Code: HOLIDAY2018

Ends Dec 16 at Midnight.

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  • 1 year later...

I placed an order for six items.  Also good opportunity to get the crown jewel of the catalog IMO, the Larry Young  ORTF Paris set.  And they did the only respectful presentation of the Eric Dophy Iron Man/Conversations material I've ever seen.  And of the Wes Montgomery ORTF Paris material.

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9 hours ago, kh1958 said:

There is currently a 50% off sale for every title on the Resonance website until July 26.

Thanks for the tip. I just ordered the Nat King Cole Hittin' the Ramp box (7 CD), Larry Young in Paris (2 CD), Charles Lloyd Manhattan Stories (2 CD), and the Jones/Lewis Orchestra All My Yesterdays (2 CD). I was tempted by the Jaco Pastorius Truth, Liberty & Soul and the Bill Evans Top of the Gate CDs but decided to hold off on those for another day.

All of the above for $83 (before shipping). What a bargain!

I already have both of the Grant Green CDs (Funk in France, Slick) and the Eric Dolphy Musical Prophet box that Resonance has on sale and highly recommend them to anyone who does not already have them. They are fantastic.



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35 minutes ago, Brad said:

Any thoughts on the Scott LaFaro disc?

Listened to it just last week, in fact. It's mostly a Don Friedman trio demo session (with Pete LaRocca) that is modestly pleasant. Solid, and it would certainly have been useful for getting gigs in places that couldn't afford big names but still wanted a big name sound to get people in the house.

There's also a lo-fi-ish tape of LaFaro and Bill Evans running around looking for harmonic options on "My Foolish Heat" that is....interesting, sorta, although I myself do not really like that song very much, so to me it sounds like, ok, you found that to do with it, so what, it's still My Fucking Foolish Fucking Heart, so big deal. Bill does most of the invention, Scott just catches up along the way, and, yu know, 50+ years later, it's hard to to listen at it and thing jessus guys, the song's not that hard, really, but...what they were finding then was not tehn common, so...you had to be there, and with this record, you can be. It's nothing radical, it's just a lot more movement to the harmony. We take it for granted today, and again, it's STILL "My Foolish Heart", but I can appreciate what they were doing at the time, and get over how it might sound like two guy who don't even know the song.

And then there's a little interview reminiscence from Bill about Scott where the interviewer gets kinda ghouly about wow this must have really fucked you up, and Bill just kinda gets allanalytically detached and says oh yes it was a terrible blow, i don't think he's really dead, i think he's still here, etc. I think there's heroin in his voice, but maybe not, maybe it's just how he was about that type of thing.

If that sounds like a pleasant kind of auxiliary addition to you well-rounded jazz record collection, then carpe-diem.

One fair warning, though - it appears that Don Friedman has offered the demo session in slightly fuller(?) form (and with his own reminiscences) for the Japanese market.

Whatever you do, though, don't look at a picture of LaFaro's wrecked car. That shit will fuck you up.

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