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Stop Hans Gruber!!

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I've been in communication with Jim A about the spam flood. He is now aware and is taking action. Also, I'm swatting them down as fast as I can, but a deeper action will need to be taken that only ownership has the tools to administer.

It's definitely a nuisance and diminishes the board experience for us all.

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Those users have all been flagged as spammers, meaning that they won't be able to post anything else and their posts will be rendered hidden. Deleting them is something I don't have time do do right now, but will do after work today.

The problem is that this seems to be some kind of a bot-driven operation. As soon as one or two users are flagged, some new ones come along.

Further administrative action is needed.

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On 2/11/2023 at 7:00 AM, Dan Gould said:

I find it ironic that after Jim finally upgrades to improve "security" this has started when it never happened before, not at this level. Hope whatever is undertaken works.

It was happening before. I just shut off all new registrations. The only way to become a member was for me to manually add the person. It was this way for years; probably at least 6 or more.

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