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Updated - BillF, RIP

Dan Gould

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Since I wrongly posted this in the Announcements Forum, I will repost my original message here to allow for replies.


Has anyone heard from one of the most prolific posters on the Board, our good friend BillF? It's been over a month since he last visited the site, and my PM to him a couple of weeks ago has not been answered. 

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21 minutes ago, sidewinder said:

I've been worried by Bill's non-posting for a couple of weeks now, he's such a regular poster. Unfortunately I don't have his phone number - maybe if any board member has it they could give him a call?

I was hoping you'd have that or some other contact details as you seemed the most likely. Maybe someone else?


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1 hour ago, John Tapscott said:

I know his last name and where he lives in England. I have checked on-line for his someone by that name in that city, and nothing of recent interest shows up. 

You've probably already thought of this but just in case you searched other than using Kevin Bresnahan's link, any official documentation is likely with the forename of William.

I used William for Kevin Bresnahan's link and nothing came up

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  • 2 weeks later...

I just spoke with Bill’s wife Angela—my girlfriend and I stayed with them in Manchester during our 2016 Ireland/UK trip. She says that Bill passed away on January 22 at the age of 84. At his request, music of Charlie Parker and Bill Evans was played at his funeral. “He had a full and lovely life, with all sorts of passionate interests,” Angela said. I told her that Kate and I still reminisce about what a wonderful time we had with their family, and we couldn’t have asked for a better host and city guide. (He gave us a tour of Manchester’s city center that was a history lesson for the ages.) I also told her that Bill was much-loved on this board and will be deeply missed. 


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  • Dan Gould changed the title to Updated - BillF, RIP

So sorry to hear this, may he RIP. Have to say that I'm pretty shocked, as he was posting frequently right into January in his usual enthusiastic style.

Only met Bill in person the once and that was to catch a local gig near him in the Manchester area (Hale I think, circa 2015/16) and Alan Barnes was in the lineup, enjoyed a beer with him afterwards. Not surprised to hear that he had requested Bill Evans be played at the service as I remember him saying that he had caught a night of the final 1980 Evans UK season.

I have some of his old CDs and LPs and will remember him whenever they are brought out.

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