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  1. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    Crazy and frustrating that all the music isn't available on the download - only way to get it all is to buy the lp, which will cost a small fortune to shop to Europe.
  2. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I emailed them about my order of the new Mobley and Herman sets (plus the Armstrong Decca set) to London and got a shipping notification the next day, so it is probably worth emailing them.
  3. What music did you buy today?

    Definitely legit label.
  4. I rang Ray’s Jazz to check if they’d have it in stock on Friday and that’s what they told me.
  5. My understanding is that the set is now delayed to November.
  6. everything SAM RIVERS - whacha got?? - and talk about 'em all!

    For those who don't mind (cd-quality) downloads, Sizzle (plus a number of other lps) is available legitimately from juno download at very reasonable prices.
  7. Are you still looking for Jimmie Lunceford Mosaic ? copy is close to Mint as possible, because when stuff gets damaged in the mail because of mosaic' s shipping boxes, I make them send me replacements(booklets or boxes) til they get it right. Anyways let me know, before I put this up for ssle on here.

  8. Yes, I had the same issue (from London) and had to use my vpn before I could see the price ($29.99). It doesn’t seem to be available on
  9. Fletcher Henderson Classics

    Fair enough, Jim (and thanks again Captain, I really appreciate the steer) I will try and improve my internet skills but my original offer still stands if anyone can help more directly.
  10. Fletcher Henderson Classics

    I appreciate the help. I think that this is the list (with the last one being jointly credited with Horace Henderson) 1921-23 1923 1923-24 1924 v1 1924 v2 1924 v3 1924-25 1925-26 1926-27 1927 1927-31 1931 1931-32 1932-34 1934-37 1937-38 1940-41
  11. Fletcher Henderson Classics

    Thanks - I don't, but will take a look at the weekend. Do you know if they are mp3s or flacs? Thanks Chuck - will look for these too
  12. Fletcher Henderson Classics

    Thanks. That looks fairly exhaustive (and it looks like there is stuff not on the classics cds) but I am keen on lossless files and I'm still interested in the offer in the first post.
  13. Fletcher Henderson Classics

    Thanks. The file extensions look strange though and I don't know what to do with them
  14. Fletcher Henderson Classics

    If the mods feel that this request is inappropriate, then please let me know (or feel free to delete). I want to get the music from the Fletcher Henderson Classics cds. My listening is almost entirely networked at this point and I'm not fussed on having the cds themselves so I can download lossless files from one of the download stores that would mirror the Classics cds for about £150 but it does stick in my craw to pay that to a company who have presumably just copied the Classics cds and put them online. So I wondered if anyone might be able to provide me with lossless copies of the Classics cds (by my count there were 17) and in return I would donate the £150 to the Jazz Foundation (, which is a charity that supports musicians. This feels to me a much better use of the money. Again, apologies if anyone thinks the request inappropriate. Thanks Denis