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  1. What music did you buy today?

    Do they have many second hand cds?
  2. I was alerted to this release by the Jazz Messengers mailout yesterday. It is a 2011 concert from Germany. I bought it on Bandcamp to get the immediate download and the cd does seem to be limited to 150 copies. From the release notes: It was a rare moment – the evening of November 18, 2011. A moment of special intimacy. European fans of pianist Cecil Taylor got closer to him than ever before. It wasn’t like a few years ago, when some 1000 listeners gathered in the Prinzregenten Theater in Munich; now only exactly 112 fans gathered in the Birdland Jazz Club in not very far away Neuburg an der Donau. Neuburg is a city dating back to the Renaissance with 28,000 residents, midway between Munich and Nuremberg. For the past few decades the local jazz club, with its unusually well-developed program, has drawn music fans from a wide circle to its current beautiful room in an historic basement vault. Up front – Cecil Taylor, the small, slight man with great energy, the master of free sounds that rumble like thunder but also tinkle like splintering glass. What a contrast! And what a musical experience! In my role as the person responsible from the Bayerischer Rundfunk broadcasting service for this recording, I had begun this experience in the afternoon as Cecil Taylor was warming up. For two hours the 82-year-old musician sat there at the piano, with his shirttails hanging out, wearing very large white sneakers, running through chords, chromatic eruptions, and fast monophonic sections. He worked meticulously as he sensed the place in the music and prepared himself for the moment of entry. Again and again he played similar figures, and it seemed as though he were sorting out the material for improvisation in the evening together with percussionist Tony Oxley, one of his long-time companions. Then to the concert. Significant tension leading from a seemingly soft passage, feeling its way, and then again and again rising to energy-laden high points. Whirling melodies, clusters, bass figures like the one of the “gnome” in Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, all together with the rumbling anarcho-percussion of Tony Oxley’s drum set arranged in an unusual manner. In one part of around 40 minutes and another of about 15 minutes of music, plus a recitation of lyrical texts accompanied by drum, the concert came to a compelling high point of tension. By the way: Cecil Taylor used notes, not musical “notes,” but notations that Cecil Taylor had in front of him – mainly capital letters that he had written one above the other and that were probably the names of notes. These towers of letters resulted in crooked descending lines on full-size sheets lying across one another, with the lines growing ever smaller. What was a wild, disordered landscape of penciled and red marker lines was really the outline for what we heard that evening from Taylor on the jazz club’s Bösendorfer piano. Like a giant wave that drags more and more material along with it, growing and unfolding in unpredictable power, in the first section the energy and dynamics of this concert duo grew enormously, and then this wave once again ebbed and formed gentle little islands. The second part began in the last quarter hour of the performance quite softly, virtually delicate for the way Taylor was playing. At the end of the concert he came back to this expressiveness, a type of music that has the effect of a poetic echo of Taylor’s life work. Note the quite laconic ending figure of this performance! The end of the concert was like the blinking of an eye. Like a self-ironic resolution of the previously bottled up tension. Cecil Taylor’s music was here the experience of existence, a gruff unexpected seeking and finding of tones for the moment, an aesthetic that was unconditionally radical. However, Taylor’s radicality was combined in this special moment of his late work with a surprisingly relaxed mood. The wild man at the piano presented himself with an almost childlike playfulness. His music was perhaps gentler than usual, but in no way harmless; it was still a music without any compromises. I think that in this recording you can especially find enjoyment in the intimacy of the venue. You can hear in the sound of the recording that the room was relatively small, and you can hear from the applause that this was just a small audience enjoying an exceptional experience. It is wonderful that now more people can share this music! Roland Spiegel, music editor of Bayerischer Rundfunk, March 2020
  3. Mine arrived today too (albeit with a fairly bug scratch as it had become loose in the tray - it seems to test ok in EAC though).
  4. That's great - did they tell you they had posted it as I haven't heard a peep.
  5. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    Qobuz offers lossless files so they will be cd quality. I think you can also download mp3 but you will be able to download flac or alac (or even wav) files.
  6. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    The Cole is currently on sale on Qobuz (in the UK and France). Qobuz
  7. Shipping delays

    I received an order from Japan that I made on Thursday this morning via DHL, which I think is the quickest I've ever received anything from there. I was very surprised given the issues discussed here. I did get whacked for duty however, so it wasn't all positive.
  8. Worth everyone checking that they have the right discs - I ended up with two of disc 1 (and none if disc 2). Mosaic will make it right so it's just a short-term frustration.
  9. Buying from Amazon Japan

    I have used buyee twice (to buy things from auctions, one of which was the 13cd Benny Goodman RCA boxed set) and zenmarket to order something from disk union. Both services worked really well although the cost certainly adds up - I think it would make sense to try and consolidate orders if possible
  10. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    Mainspring Press responded very quickly and said that they had inadvertantly uploaded an earlier abridged edition. They have updated the link here and it now includes the Basie listing. Thanks for everyone's help. Denis
  11. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    I think that I will have to email them. Chuck, can you please tell me how many pages were in your version. Mine was 1408. Thanks Denis
  12. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    Glad I’m not going mad! Thanks for checking.
  13. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    Thanks Chuck. I can't for the life of me understand what is wrong with mine. I've tried downloading it again and I'm still having the same problem. I have Viola Bartlette on page 73 followed by Bat "The Humming Bird" but no Basie in between. I feel like I must be doing something really obvious wrong. This is the link that I used.
  14. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    That would be helpful, thanks Chuck.