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  1. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    Mainspring Press responded very quickly and said that they had inadvertantly uploaded an earlier abridged edition. They have updated the link here and it now includes the Basie listing. Thanks for everyone's help. Denis
  2. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    I think that I will have to email them. Chuck, can you please tell me how many pages were in your version. Mine was 1408. Thanks Denis
  3. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    Glad I’m not going mad! Thanks for checking.
  4. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    Thanks Chuck. I can't for the life of me understand what is wrong with mine. I've tried downloading it again and I'm still having the same problem. I have Viola Bartlette on page 73 followed by Bat "The Humming Bird" but no Basie in between. I feel like I must be doing something really obvious wrong. This is the link that I used.
  5. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    That would be helpful, thanks Chuck.
  6. King Oliver Online Discographies?

    I've tried downloading the Rust but I feel like I must be doing something wrong. There is no Count Basie listing and very little after 1934 (e.g. the Benny Goodman listing seems to stop at 1934). Am I missing something?
  7. That is really disappointing. I have ordered from them a lot from Discogs and have always found them to be conservative in their grading. I can't understand what rationale they could have for not refunding a faulty disc.
  8. Shipping delays

    I have had one order arrive in London from Japan although it took longer than normal.
  9. I've had my shipping confirmation too.
  10. What music did you buy today?

    I’m almost too embarrassed to give the full list but I got the O’Day, Eldridge, Rich, Mulligan, Cherry, Shearing, Ventura/Phillips, Teagarden and Master Piano sets. Am on a major Verve kick at the minute so the timing was good from that perspective. Plus lots of time to listen!
  11. What music did you buy today?

    You beat me to the Dinah Washington but I was happy with my haul. The prices on the Basie and Ferguson were great, though. I certainly paid a lot more!
  12. More unheard Herbie Nichols!!!

    That's very exciting.
  13. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    Crazy and frustrating that all the music isn't available on the download - only way to get it all is to buy the lp, which will cost a small fortune to shop to Europe.