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  1. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    Maybe it takes longer to make the shm-cds!
  2. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    cdjapan have a listing for a new Wayne Shorter album due on 5 September called Emanon (which is consistent with this tweet). It seems to be a 3cd set. I assume that this won't be a Japanese exclusive (or at least I hope not given the price!).
  3. Miles Davis – Ascenseur Pour L'Échafaud 2cd version

    I think that one of the tracks ( L'interrogatoire de Julien ) is previously unreleased - this new release has 27 tracks versus the 26 that is on previous issues. I'd be interested in any views on the sound quality as well.
  4. Reckless Records

    I lived in Chicago for a couple of years and bought a huge number of cds from them in that time. I felt that they were the most reliable shop in terms of cd condition - if I was forced to buy from anyone sight unseen then I wouldn't have hesitated to pick Reckless. As bluesoul says, not always mint but during that period more often than not. In fact, my guess was that in that period (2010-12) that they were resurfacing the cds. I ordered some cds from them online last year where that didn't seem to have been the case, so it is possible that they have stopped doing this.
  5. Lou Donaldson Mosaic request

    Hi Berthold I PM'd my email address on Thursday but have just done so again in case you didn't get the first one. Many thanks for the offer. Denis
  6. Hey,


    you can PM me your email adress if you like and I will send you this file as flac tommorrow.


  7. Lou Donaldson Mosaic request

    I’ve used dbpoweramp, which tells me whether the tracks rip accurately. There is a small scratch on the cd. I had it resurfaced yesterday but it is too deep to fix.
  8. I've been ripping some of my Mosaic box sets and have found that one of the tracks on disc three doesn't rip accurately. Mosaic don't have any replacements but I've managed to order a replacement on amazon but for reasons that I won't ore you with I won't have access to the cds until late July. So, I was hoping that someone might be able to provide me with a lossless (flac or alac) copy of the last track on disc 3 (Avalon). Many thanks in advance. Denis
  9. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Aarggggh! looks like the Mitchell alternates are on the Mosaic so aren't new, but the Donaldson has an alternate of Brother Soul that doesn't seem to have been on the 2005 cd. Apologies again for the confusion. To help with any future questions. Free For All bonus track - alternate of Free For All Hustlin' bonus track - alternate of Trouble No. 2 Jubilee Shout bonus tracks - alternates of Jubliee Shout, My Ship, Brother Tom
  10. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Sorry, yes, it looks like that is the case. My shm-cd has 8 tracks. Only difference is that they moved the alternate take.
  11. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Thanks both. Looks like The Three Sounds - Here We Come also has two tracks not on the original album (The Girl Next Door, This Is The Way 'Tis). Any more for any more?
  12. Classic Blue Notes on SHM-CD

    Apologies if this is posted somewhere above, but does anyone have a full list of the cds that had previously unreleased tracks? These are the ones that I am aware of: John Coltrane - Blue Train Stanley Turrentine - Comin' Your Way Stanley Turrentine - Hustlin' Art Blakey - Free For All Blue Mitchell - Heads Up! Art Blakey - Moanin' Lou Donaldson - Say It Loud! Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil Larry Young - Unity Hank Mobley - Workout Any that I've missed? Thanks in advance Denis
  13. These live Monk tracks are available for individual download on qobuz (in cd quality). Where have they been released before? The Brandeis one is from Misterioso but I'm struggling to find where the others were originally released.
  14. Hatology Reissues and New Releases

    This may be old news but both volumes of Garden (I & II along with the "Set I" reissue) and the Braxton Santa Cruz two disc set are available for (cd quality) download on qobuz.
  15. Hi Not sure if this is the right sub-forum in which to post this but I was hoping that someone might be able to help with some issues that I have been having with HD Tracks. While I was living in the US my HD Track purchases outpaced my listening of the downloads. When I finally got around to listening to the Wayne Shorter purchases I discovered some issues with some of the files. I've been trying to contact HD Tracks without success (buyer beware! - Qobuz allow you to redownload at any time) and so was wondering if anyone had the following tracks in 24/192 and might be able to help: The Soothsayer - tracks 2 & 4 The All Seeing Eye - track 1 Night Dreamer - tracks 1 & 5 Moto Grosso Feio - tracks 2 & 3 Thanks Denis