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  1. “Bird In LA”

    Rough Trade will put any copies they have left online today. The link says its for the lp, but you can select the cd on this page.
  2. Dewey Redman - Look For The Other Black Star

    It is available on flac on Qobuz. I happened to be listening to the new Japanese cd of the album when I saw this thread yesterday!
  3. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    That’s really helpful, thanks. Will order from Japan in that case.
  4. new Japanese Enja series in Jan

    That is great news. Did he say if it will be getting a release outside of Japan?
  5. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    I think you will have paid just a little bit more than half what I paid, Bob, so your patience has definitely paid off.
  6. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    This is available at Jazz Messengers (at what looks like an amazing price) for anyone who missed it. I haven't managed to listen to mine yet as I can't access my turntable.
  7. Uptown Jazz Records

    Ah, ok, thanks for clarifying.
  8. Uptown Jazz Records

    Where is he selling the inventory? Google doesn't seem to help and the discogs link tries to send me somewhere dangerous. Thanks
  9. Mosaic Masters After They Go Out of Print

    No, but I am currently listening to a Dave Cavanaugh arranged Nat 'King' Cole Capital session!
  10. Mosaic Masters After They Go Out of Print

    There are decent scans of the booklet on discogs that can be used to make a pdf. The Nat King Cole Trio - The Complete Capitol Recordings Of The Nat King Cole Trio (1991, CD) | Discogs
  11. I think you are right - sorry, I didn't read it thoroughly. Strangely, it doesn't look as if the big set comes with a digital download of the complete concert.
  13. “Bird In LA”

    No, that is the US Rough Trade store. The last time I checked the UK RSD list, this was only listed on cd.
  14. Jeanne Lee - Conspiracy reissue, at last

    Bandcamp page has it as copyright Gunter Hampel, which would suggest to me it was legit. Edit to say the full digital album has now been made available.
  15. I didn't get charged duty when I ordered mine from Mosaic (to London) fwiw.