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  1. John Carter - Bobby Bradford Self Determination Music

    Haha, She sat through the last VInny and Bradford set with me in Oct without complaint, and we had a cross-country flight the next morning, so I'll give her a pass. She's not really a Vinny fan either.
  2. Computer playing back radio

    how are you connecting to your computer? into a DAC with RCA inputs? Your experiencing a feedback loop but without more details its hard to tell what is causing it.
  3. John Carter - Bobby Bradford Self Determination Music

    He's playing Monday the 24th at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles with VInny Golia. I'll be there, although the lady in my life is declining since its a "school night".
  4. Looking for a copy of James Booker - United, Our Thing Will Stand. I know its on Amazon, but a little pricier than i'm willing to pay. Looking to spend around $30.
  5. Prestige 7000 Series on SHM-CD

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask but does anyone know if there are SHM-CD releases of the Prestige Bluesville series?
  6. Black Ace - Black Ace
  7. Prestige Mono Hybrid SACD Series

    I got a few of these really cheap at a local store, 1/3 of the price and love them. Especially for the price I paid. I think they are the "promo" versions with the sticker on the OBI. Picked up some stereo releases too.
  8. What music did you buy today?

    yes, I'm experiencing the same issue. What am I paying for? I ordered something monday and it qouted me Thurs delivery and was going to order something today, quoted me Monday. Wonder what the deal is.
  9. Ornette Coleman, New Vocabulary

    Thanks for pointing that out. It wasn't showing up on their site at first, but it is currently listed as being available. I've placed an order. I'm really excited to hear it. No problem. I just hate their ordering "system". So many times I've placed orders, nothing arrives and then I email them weeks later and they tell me its out of stock. I've also gotten emails that they received my order a week after it arrived in my mailbox. I know they're supposedly going to update their system, but I'll probably hold off until they do. there is still squidco.
  10. Ornette Coleman, New Vocabulary

    Cd is available at DTMG based on the newsletter I got this morning.
  11. Blue Note fade-out

    Fading is also an effective way to limit track time to fit on a side cassette or LP. Instead of cutting the last chorus abruptly, fade it out to sound cleaner and make room for another track.
  12. Looking for this Francis Wong release. DTMG has had it on pre-order for years but never in-stock. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Caught Steve Coleman and the Five Elements last night at the Blue Whale. Excellent show! 2+ hours of Steve and Jonathan Finlayson trading jabs was a treat
  14. Mosaic Dial set coming soon

    CEDAR is amazing... and destructive to your pocket.
  15. Miles Davis - Enigma. 4 new outtakes?!?

    I'm debating on going to get it. Doubt its worth it aside from a collector standpoint.
  16. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    If you're still looking for it I have a copy I can sell you. Listened to it once. $18 shipping included.
  17. Leo Records Sale

    Sad Life is listed as "Sold Out" on the Leo site. Check out this link: http://www.leorecords.com/?m=catalogue&price=Z I was surprised to find some of these "sold out." Or put another way, surprised how many titles were sold out. I got my Sad Life some years ago; can't recall where I got my copy. It's been sold out for years. Not easy to find although I doubt it would be expensive on the secondhand market. Live, on Zero In, is also pretty sick. I got mine for $20ish about 6 months ago at auction. Was considering the amazon cd-r but I'm glad I held out. Awesome stuff.
  18. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Rub it in Maybe they have had to restock it. Got it. Order placed today I did also
  19. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    Just saw Bobby a week and half ago with Vinny Golia. Order on amazon cancelled and placed through your site.
  20. Death of the iPod (Everyone's buying vinyl)

    That's assuming the expectations of the cloud and analog are the same which they are not.
  21. Angel City Jazz Festival is going on this week. Caught Bobby Bradford, Steve Adams and Vinny Golia last night at the Blue Whale. This weekend should be stellar, Wadada, Braxton, Taylor Ho Bynum amongst others playing. Unfortunately I have to leave town for a wedding so I can't catch them.
  22. Louis Armstrong recommendation needed

    I've recently been on a Louis binge. I prefer live dates though. Just got the Complete Town Hall Concert in the mail today. My fav studio is probably Satchamo Plays King Oliver, re-released at Doctor Jazz. I have it on cd and vinyl. Excellent album. Aside from what has already been mentioned the California Concerts set is a gem.