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  1. Frank Morgan on Bosch

    If you have a Prime membership than you should be able to watch Prime streaming for free. I know I did. See: There is also Amazon Freevee (?), which used to be the IMDb channel and stuff there is shown with ads. I can access this through my Prime app. The new Bosch show, Bosch Legacy is shown on Freevee (?).
  2. Frank Morgan on Bosch

    Bosch in the original show mentioned Frank Morgan more than once. Pepper was also popular. As was already mentioned this is consistent with the books. In the original shows There was one scene where Bosch went to the evidence room, I think, the cop in the room was playing jazz and Bosch exhibiting his knowledge mentioned that Jack Teagarden was about to play a solo.
  3. Does not appear to be on YouTube.
  4. Harbour: "Still pissed that those two recent Tapscott things were vinyl only." IF you refer in part to the Tapscott Michael Session Avignon 1989 date offered on Bandcamp, that session was made available as a cd in Japan in early 2021.
  5. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Lat night, Wayne Horvitz and Sara Schoenbeck at The Avalon Lounge in Catskill performed tunes from their 2020 release on Songlines. They are on a small tour. In addition, Mat Maneri and Bobby Previte did a 30 minute improv.
  6. If we are talking cds rather than lps, at $21.97 seems to have the lowest price. Including shipping and handling and tax, my total cost was $26.96. Importcds still had copies of the Gil Evans when I ordered earlier this morning. However, it indicated the Tyner/Hubbard was on back order. Importcds priced both issues the same. appears to have both. It lists the Tyner/Hubbard at, $26.99 + tax. As for the Gil Evans, amazon currently wants $29.99 + tax. At a total cost of $32.38, I saved a $5+ with importcds.
  7. Live Evil by Miles Davis

    When I was 12 I liberated Kind of Blue from my brother's lp collection. Had no idea what jazz was but knew I like that lp. Skip forward 6 years and I picked up my second jazz album-"Memphis Underground". still had no concept as to what jazz was-just liked the music.
  8. directed by Sonny Clark's great nephew
  9. Tyshawn Sorey 3/2 thru 3/6 Jazz Gallery NYC

    He is appearing today at the Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT with Joe Morris, Patricia Brennan and Stephen Haynes. I plan on being there. should be a good show.
  10. Charles Mingus Centennial Japanese Reissues

    I remember in some early post on FB, either Feldman spoke of or a third party describing Feldman's efforts described his finding or discovering Just Coolin as if the music had been lost. It was pointed on in a reply that the music was clearly known because it was listed in Blue Note discographies.
  11. Howard Hesseman, RIP

    Hesseman, probably as part of The Committee, appeared in the first Billy Jack movie. There are two clips on
  12. JR/J.R. Monterose - Croscrane Sessions

    I have lived in the Capital Region of New York, which encompasses the cities of Schenectady, Troy and Albany, since 1989. Utica, where J.R. was born and lived during his last years, is about 100 miles west of Albany (about 90-100 minutes mostly on 4 lane highway). Back then, J.R. frequently played in the Capital Region area (I saw him a few times). Walter Donnaruma was a practicing local attorney and pianist and he did play with J.R. After J.R.'s death in 1993, discs issued by "Croscrane" that I think are more CDRs rather than CDs (really thin jewel cases and the paper inserts and the face of the discs looked like that were printed off a computer) appeared for sale in a local used record/cd store. Apparently, Mr. Donnaruma had recorded some of his gigs with J.R. and reputedly had J.R.'s permission to sell the music, which I think was confirmed by a member of this board in conversation with J.R.'s widow. I listened to the discs in the stores but elected to buy these discs for which I found the sound acceptable, 5 of them, directly from Crocrane through the mail (Croscrane had some presence on the internet) The recordings that I have are from clubs in Albany, 4 are from 1980 and 1 from 1987 ("Live at the Gemini Club" and "Live on Lark Street"). I remember there being around 3-4 others and at least one was from a club in High Falls, NY, which is about halfway between Utica and Albany. Mr. Donnaruma played gigs in the area up until around 2010.
  13. Nonagenarian Jazz Musicians

    Sheila Jordan performing in real time on Emmet's place (with a cold and after walking 5 flights of stairs)!!!!
  14. Nonagenarian Jazz Musicians

    Sheila Jordan-93 Ted Brown-93 or 94.