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  1. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    Just received email from New World Records with a link to additional information. Check this out:
  2. Junior Mance RIP

    No idea who booked the band. Yes, Junior swung all night-the dancers seemed to enjoy the music.
  3. Junior Mance RIP

    Yes, Junior was hired to provide the music for the swing dancers. To most of them (presumably other than whoever hired him) the trio was just another group. Hence, us fans on metal chairs were a curiosity. July 2007 at the Hibernian Hall on Ontario Street in Albany: (scroll down to page 7, middle column under heading "Surprise Visitor")
  4. Junior Mance RIP

    There is a swing dance club here in the Albany NY a/k/a Capital Region area. About 10-15 years ago that club hired Junior Mance to appear with a trio at a local Elks-type club building (now gone). There were 10-20 jazz fans on folding chairs up close to the stage while the club members dance behind us. The dancers were not happy that we took some of the dance floor away from them. The dancers did not seem to appreciate who they had playing for them that day. Don't remember what Junior played but it was all good. I still find it funny to think about seeing him for the only time in such a venue.
  5. Junior Mance RIP

    Reported on Alvin Queen's Facebook page that Junior Mance died earlier today at home.
  6. More jazz CDs - many cheap titles

    If these are still available, I will take them: OYO1002-1 Bartz Quartet, Gary live@ The Jazz Standard: Soulstice $6 LHJ10248 European Tour '57 $3 PHONT 7528 Flanagan, Tommy, Red Mitchell - You're Me no rear insert $4 PRCD 24145-2 Walton, Cedar Spectrum $4
  7. "Best Historical Releases 2020"

    How about No Business's release of Volumes Three and Four from the Sam Rivers Archives series, "Ricochet" and "Braids", respectively? see, e.g.:
  8. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    J.R. Monterose, Sheila Jordan, Dodo Greene
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Don Friedman Standards in Cagliari on Soul Note recorded live on October 15, 1999 at the Sardinian Jazz Festival. With Jeff Fuller on bass and Tony Bradascio on drums. You can find one tune, Shadows of your Smile on youtube.
  10. What happens to your collection?

    Whenever this topic comes up I am reminded of John Corbett's experience with the stuff Alton Abraham left in his house: My memory is that the above constitutes a chapter in his book "Vinyl Freak: Love Letters to a Dying Medium."
  11. Mosaic partials ...

    I also keep the disks, the mosaic boxes and the cds in separate areas. I have told family members that when I die to put the Mosaic box sets back together. In addition, I kept the mailing boxes for the box sets.
  12. BTW-the sound is so good that I feel like I was there. I can hear all 4 musicians about equally and clearly. As for the music, it is great. I think that Kelley was not wrong when he writes (that I could read) that the group was on fire. About 40 minutes of music.
  13. Received my copy from today. I am no audiophile-to me the sound is great. The packaging design and the presentation of the liner notes are disappointing. The "case" seems to be a cardboard-like material presented in a trifold design . The left fold has a pocket that contains a folded copy of the concert poster. As you do with this type of design you access that poster from the inside right edge of the pocket in the left fold. The cd is contained without any protective sleeve in the pocket in the center, which you can access from either side when both right and left folds are completely opened. The liner notes are contained in a pocket in the right fold and accessed from the left interior edge. The cd, the concert poster and the liner notes fit tightly in the respective pockets and you need to be careful digging them out to avoid tearing the cardboard packaging andor the liner notes andor damaging the disc. (I will keep the cd in a separate sleeve). Contained in a small booklet, the liner notes contain essays written by Robin Kelley (Monk's biographer) and Danny Sher (the promoter). The booklet has pages colored in beige, red and black. The lettering on the beige pages is black while the lettering is white on the red and black pages. I can read the words on the beige pages but have a hard time reading the words on the red and black pages. I think the font also contributes to this situation. I can barely discern Robert Kelley's signature (done in red, not white) at the end of his essay that appears on a black page and cannot read whatever credentials (also in red) are listed under his signature. No mention of Zev Feldman in the booklet or on the packaging (that I could see!!). At 17, Danny Sher must have been some business person. With ticket sales slow in advance of the concert, Sher sold ads in the concert program to businesses on his paper route and, as such, generated sufficient revenue to cover Monk's fee even if no paying customers showed up. Also, Sher's dealings with Monk's apparently unscrupulous promoter speak to Sher's maturity beyond his years.