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  1. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    Last night- Chris Corsano, Michael Attias, Michael Bisio and Fred Longberg-Holm in the back of a bar, the Beverly, in Kingston, NY. Tonight Buddy Guy.
  2. jazz at the atlas 2019-newburgh ny

    I saw Darius Jones at the most recent Vision festival fronting a different group than will appear at the Atlas. Don't remember any spreading of political viewpoints. I plan on attending the show at the Atlas. BTW-I think the Atlas has added a November 2nd date for a trio led by James Emery.
  3. July 24 reissues at CDJapan - Flying Dutchman, etc.

    the 1000 yen reissues are only available through September 2019
  5. jazz at the atlas 2019-newburgh ny

    just received an email that Joe Mcphee will not be appearing with this band. Instead the bassist, Brad Jones, will appear and the quartet will allegedly embrace and perform "in the spirit of John Coltrane's Live at the Village Vanguard Again."
  7. Lawrence Leathers RIP
  8. View in Browser MUSIC AT THE HISTORIC BEATTIE-POWERS HOUSE MATTHEW SHIPP/MICHAEL BISIO DUO "Practically without parallel — Matthew Shipp is the connection between the past, present and future for jazzheads of all ages." – Downbeat Magazine "The physicality of Mr. Bisio's bass playing puts him in touch with numerous predecessors in the avant-garde, but his expressive touch is distinctive;..."Nate Chinen, The NY Times Sunday May 19 at 2:00 PM Beattie-Powers Place - Prospect Ave & Bridge St. Catskill, NY 12414
  9. Just sharing that they are touring as a duo in June. There does not appear to be one site listing all the dates. I saw concerts in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, Philadelphia and Amherst, MA (where I plan to see them) listed on the internet.
  10. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    No Business just announced new cd and lp issues. Some are historical. CDs: - DETAIL – Frode Gjerstad / Johnny Mbizo Dyani / John Stevens – DAY TWO - NBCD 114 - - Midori Takada / Kang Tae Hwan –AN ETERNAL MOMENT– NBCD 115 - - Sunny Murray / Bob Dickey / Robert Andreano - HOMEWORK- NBCD 116 - - Rodrigo Amado / Goncalo Almeida / Onno Govaert –SUMMER BUMMER- NBCD 117 - - Sam Rivers / Cecil McBee / Norman Connors –EMANATION. Sam Rivers archive sessions. Vol.1- NBCD 118 - LPs: - Whit Dickey / Kirk Knuffke –DRONE DREAM- NBLP 122. 300 LP copies limited edition - - Jan Maksimowicz / Dmitrij Golovanov –THOUSAND SECONDS OF OUR LIFE- NBLP 123. 500 LP copies limited edition - - Sunny Murray / Bob Dickey / Robert Andreano - HOMEWORK- NBLP 124. 300 LP copies limited edition - - Midori Takada / Kang Tae Hwan –AN ETERNAL MOMENT– NBLP 125. 300 LP copies limited edition - - Albert Beger Quartet –THE GATE- NBLP 126 -
  12. FS/FT - Charles Tolliver vinyl

    "Compassion is especially underrated, and pretty hard (or at least pricy) to get on CD"- "Compassion" is also known as "New Tolliver." CDJapan lists the 2009 Japanese, cardboard sleeve, remastered issue of "New Tolliver" as still being available although HMV Japan does not.
  13. Sarge Blotto RIP

    IF you were into the early years of MTV, you may remember Blotto. Greg Haymes, a/k/a "Sarge Blotto," a presence on the Albany NY music scene, has died,
  14. What live music are you going to see tonight?

    last night-Thumbscrew first set in Newburgh, NY at the Atlas
  15. Joshua Redman Quartet - Come What May

    caught part of his set in Albany last night. what I heard was great