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  1. Rollins/Duke/Clarke/Foster - Live Under The Sky '81

    currently available to order on eBay for $ 23.00 including free shipping for 2 cds.
  2. Prices below including shipping and handling-US only. USPS media mail. payment by PayPal (friends and family) to: Will accept personal or bank check but will wait for money to clear before shipping. Please reply below and by pm. 1. Trio (New Haven) 2013 New Braxton House NBH803. $35.00. with Tomas Fujiwara and Tom Rainey. Cds are new-played once. Back cover of box has slight wear. Bandcamp has two left for sale at $47.00. 2. 12 Duets (DCWM) 2012 New Braxton House 904. $72.00. with Kyoko Kitamura, Erica Dicker and Katherine Young. Discs played once. two part box has some wear particularly on bottom edge. Goes for $90.00 new.
  3. Universal Japan Fall 2021 Reissue Series

    Regarding the Buddy DeFranco "Odalisque" date-I understand that only the 4 tunes on the B side of the LP are with Sonny Clark. These were recorded during the "Jazz Tones" session. The A side of the Odalisque LP is a Big Band. Those 4 tunes were included in a Fresh Sounds 2 cd set that compiled the Buddy DeFranco with Sonny Clark quartet cuts. Therefore, this Fresh Sound set did not include 4 quintet tunes from "Sweet and Lovely" and all of Cooking the Books.
  4. Miles Davis "Lost" 1991 Paris concert

    Thanks for catching the typo
  5. Miles Davis "Lost" 1991 Paris concert

    Has now been found and will be released:
  6. Hans Kennel RIP

    Just read in the NYC Jazz Record that he died on May 14, 2021. 82 years old. No real mention on internet platforms. Knew of him from his various hat Hut/Hat Art recordings.
  7. Putting CDs on I Phone via Mac & USB Superdrive

    If you order a 2021 Subaru Forester, a in-dash CD player comes as part of the Basic package: You can also order a CD player as an accessory installed in the center console:
  8. You can preorder this from The set currently qualifies for a summer sale discount of 25% and also free shipping. comes to less than $8 per disc.
  9. Billy Harper

    Saw The Cookers this past Saturday at The Falcon in Marlboro. Showed signs of lack of playing together-the unison reed and brass playing was not a little off-not so the rhythm. The solos were great. 3 players at least 80 years old.
  10. I run across Mark at concerts in the area. A very nice man indeed and full of wonderful stories.
  11. Good afternoon.


    Will there be a Monday Series in Bushnell this summer?



  12. Sonny Simmons RIP

    Last night on Facebook on one group, it was reported that Sonny died. Under "John Coltrane memorial project" on youtube, yesterday an individual has posted a tribute to Sonny while referring to his passing. A French jazz blog appears to confirm Sonny's death: No details provided.
  13. Andy Fusco RIP

    It is being reported on Facebook that Andy Fusco died.