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  1. Eliane Elias at Rose Hall-Lincoln Center this Friday-1st half tribute to Bill Evans with Johnson and La Barbera. Maybe Fred Hersch over the weekend.
  2. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    I didn't get the bonus material either and I do check my spam folder.
  3. Any recs? There tomorrow for a few days.
  4. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    could I get the hr dl link one more time please?
  5. Bill Heid in DC

    AJACS is strictly a listening room so no booze and while there is food available, very few people seemed to be eating it. That said, there's a decent piano and a B3 both of which Bill played very well with his trio. He did some blues numbers and a couple of very nice Tyner pieces on the piano and paid tribute to Don Patterson and Shirley Scott on the B3. Next time I'll eat and drink before arriving. He also tells some very funny stories as well-quite a raconteur. The place, as Bertrand mentions, was pretty empty but the audience was appreciative.
  6. Toots Thielemans

    Ordered the set. $8.84 shipped from Walmart. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. Bill Heid in DC

    From his email: The only other dates I have this month would be a 7:30 - 10 pm solo at Haydee's Mexican Restaurant on Mt. Pleasant at Irving, Columbia Heights, NW DC Tuesday, Sept. 26 and a trio gig at Jac's (6 to 9 pm) Wed. the 27th where I'll play a few tunes on the organ they have. It's on 12th and Franklin NE DC. I'm going to Jacs. If you've never seen him, he's a real artist and a funny guy as well.
  8. #257 delivered today! Scott had one in his office so shipped it the same day I ordered.
  9. Just did my bit (once again) and purchased the Armstrong #257 as it's on the last chance list plus free shipping. Believe it or not, this will be the first Armstrong in my collection.
  10. Billy Taylor

    I saw Billy Taylor several times and enjoyed each one of them thoroughly. I have several of his many recordings which I also like. One of my favorite artists.
  11. Bill Heid is playing at Drift in DC tonight. Listening to his wonderful Air Mobile recording. 7PM
  12. Yep, thinking of the Armstrong live set #257. What's the board take on this one?
  13. Lee Morgan Film

    Enjoyed it as well.
  14. Bargain DVD boxes

    I see there are several versions of this in terms of number of discs.