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  1. Woody Shaw "Tokyo 1981" (Elemental Music)

    There's a youtube video with Woody and Johnny Griffin from Germany but John Hicks steals the show. Decent sound and video.
  2. Woody Shaw "Tokyo 1981" (Elemental Music)

    ok ok. trying not to obtain more physical media but too many OTT comments about Onkel so on its way. Enabled here once again!!
  3. Woody Shaw "Tokyo 1981" (Elemental Music)

    Haven't heard Tokyo-sounds like reverb was added??. I agree on Volume 1 Tour-well worth it.
  4. New Erroll Garner?

    bought the HR dl . Will listen this week.
  5. CDs for Sale

    John Hicks – Music in the Key of Clark – Highnote please
  6. Bertrand years ago at a Smithsonian gig. I think I also saw him when organissimo played Twins in DC also eons ago.
  7. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Great shows. Easy buy and I don't buy every box set not even close.

    Happy birthday maestro!
  9. Now reading...

    Wow, didn't realize Kerr died. Top tier suspense writer in my book. RIP
  10. We caught the early (no cover) show at the Continental club and then had an excellent Italian meal next door at Botticellis. They have outside dining in the back if it's not too hot. Lunch at Stubbs BBQ was good and practically empty. They have live music as well.
  11. Someone on the Hoffman board is looking for the Costa set I believe. In the WTB forum.
  12. Charles Mingus -- The Complete Columbia and RCA Albums Collection sold!  Let me know paypal. Thanks Jay

    1. mr jazz

      mr jazz

      you can email me directly jhw59 at

  13. pm Charles Mingus -- The Complete Columbia and RCA Albums Collection
  14. On the fence about the Ellington set. Lots of outtakes and different versions.
  15. CDs for Sale

    pm with ? on Sea Changes and Iron City