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  1. NRBQ. They've been playing some Monk tunes as Terry Adams is a disciple.
  2. SQ on the Getz left Bank release is not great but worth it for Stan fans. I haven't listened to it in years.
  3. Hutcherson Mosaic select set. Only disc 1 so far but I like what I hear-Woody Shaw in his own magical place with excellent support. Entertaining notes as well.
  4. If anyone doesn't do multi channel and bought the box set, I'll take the 5.1 disc at a fair price. PM and we'll see if we can work something out.
  5. If anyone has no use for the 5.1 disc, I'm interested in acquiring it as I don't think I can get another box set in the house without serious domestic issues. Please send me a PM.
  6. listened to Disc 5 of the Hines set last night. Very enjoyable and my spouse really liked it. Excellent sound for the era as well.
  7. What a show the Cookers played! I saw them a few years ago and really enjoyed it but this was a topper and everyone seemed to be into the gig. Cecil McBee was absent and I didn't catch the name of his replacement but he did a good job with evidently little time to prepare. I can't recommend a concert more than this ensemble.
  8. heard from Scott so things seem to be ok!
  9. I did receive an email on the 2nd saying my order had been sent to the warehouse for shipping. and the Hines box is gone so I hope my box was reserved!
  10. and meanwhile my Hines box which I ordered over 10 days ago directly from Scott is in limbo. Card charged but nada so far despite emails and calls-none of which have been returned. All my past orders over the last 25 years or so have been shipped promptly so this is curious.
  11. Col. Bruce Hampton, RIP

    What a way to go. RIP
  12. Stan Getz downloads

    Anyone purchased any of these? The Almeida recording is a favorite so on the radar. 96 or 192?
  13. I've been on the fence about that set-might have to pull the trigger.