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  1. Erroll Garner Remastered Series

    I have these as twofers on the Telarc archive series. They sound good to me so wonder if this will be a worthwhile upgrade??
  2. Here Comes Amazon w/the HD DLs/Streaming

    signed up for the free trial as I have a DAC.
  3. Now $35 with free CONUS shipping. Other locales, please enquire. Post and then PM please
  4. Now $36 with free CONUS shipping. Other locales, please enquire. Post and then PM please
  5. Buying eyeglasses online

    I'm in the market too and was planning to go to Costco but could go the dot com route.
  6. $37 with free shipping Conus. Paypal (friends and family preferred) or USPS money order. As this is new/sealed I cannot guarantee it but will work with buyer if any issues. For shipping outside CONUS, pm and we'll see if we can work it out. Disc 1 1. ALABAMA GETAWAY> [7:05] 2. PROMISED LAND [4:35] 3. BROWN-EYED WOMEN [5:48] 4. EL PASO [4:26] 5. RAMBLE ON ROSE [7:44] 6. IT’S ALL OVER NOW [8:58] 7. JACK-A-ROE [5:39] 8. LAZY LIGHTNING> [3:16] 9. SUPPLICATION [5:25] 10. ALTHEA [11:33] 11. THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED [8:17] Disc 2 1. SCARLET BEGONIAS> [11:42] 2. FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN [15:28] 3. SAMSON AND DELILAH [7:45] 4. TERRAPIN STATION> [14:11] 5. PLAYING IN THE BAND> [11:20] 6. DRUMS [10:02] Disc 3 1. SPACE> [2:27] 2. LOST SAILOR> [7:06] 3. SAINT OF CIRCUMSTANCE [6:11] 4. WHARF RAT> [11:05] 5. TRUCKIN’ [9:33] 6. JOHNNY B. GOODE [4:49] Uptown Theatre, Chicago, IL (12/4/79) 7. ESTIMATED PROPHET> [12:01] 8. FRANKLIN’S TOWER> [10:12] 9. JAM [10:27]
  7. Lisa Rich - highwire

    We used to see her quite a bit way back in the day and have a signed copy of Listen Here somewhere; she introduced me to the music Clare Fischer. I follow her on FB and she said she will be performing at clubs again. I will look forward to seeing her!
  8. Philip Bailey - Love Will Find a Way

  9. Philip Bailey - Love Will Find a Way

    I heard a few tracks live on Sirius. Once in a lifetime was interesting-very few people in the audience knew the song.
  10. We're there with two other couples 7/2-7/5. We booked Lucky Peterson at Upstairs on the 2nd but that's the only ticketed event so far. Certainly lots to see and hear! Anyone else attending?
  11. You will enjoy this great band!
  12. Santana - Africa Speaks The higher the better. As you can see, these numbers are abysmal.
  13. Santana - Africa Speaks

    Unfortunately, DR numbers are awful on this release.
  14. Best Jazz Clubs in New Orleans?

    Snug Harbor gets great acts.