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  1. What a show the Cookers played! I saw them a few years ago and really enjoyed it but this was a topper and everyone seemed to be into the gig. Cecil McBee was absent and I didn't catch the name of his replacement but he did a good job with evidently little time to prepare. I can't recommend a concert more than this ensemble.
  2. heard from Scott so things seem to be ok!
  3. I did receive an email on the 2nd saying my order had been sent to the warehouse for shipping. and the Hines box is gone so I hope my box was reserved!
  4. and meanwhile my Hines box which I ordered over 10 days ago directly from Scott is in limbo. Card charged but nada so far despite emails and calls-none of which have been returned. All my past orders over the last 25 years or so have been shipped promptly so this is curious.
  5. Col. Bruce Hampton, RIP

    What a way to go. RIP
  6. Stan Getz downloads

    Anyone purchased any of these? The Almeida recording is a favorite so on the radar. 96 or 192?
  7. I've been on the fence about that set-might have to pull the trigger.
  8. Rolling Stones  Ladies & Gentlemen: Deluxe Edition 3DVD Numbered Box Set . Blu ray?

  9. This is a sad situation. A truly gifted artist continues to have a monkey on his back. I truly hope those around him can get help him achieve sobriety.
  10. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    what exact Fall 79 show are you referring to ?
  11. Gary Burton Retiring

    Gary was in terrific form playing an interesting set-far from just "greatest hits". Highly recommend seeing him. I had a chance to chat briefly with him after the show. He was extremely nice and down to earth. I even got a pik with him.
  12. Gary Burton Retiring

    I was. He was led to the stage and at times didn't seem to know where he was. He plays only chords no single notes. I saw him so any times in the 80s when he was magnificent, this performance hurt. YMMV. We decided to go!
  13. Gary Burton Retiring

    Every GB performance I've seen (two with Pat Metheny in clubs) has been wonderful. We spent a small fortune on our remodeling project so concerts are off the table now but seeing him again at Blues Alley would be a fitting goodbye. He's doing the right thing going out with all faculties intact. Seeing a recent show by McCoy Tyner was just the opposite and very sad.