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  1. Jazz guitarists--nice guys?

    Larry Coryell always gracious. No extended conversations but he listened to me.
  2. Disc 1 last night. Sounds much better than the 3 cd set from 1996. This band is on fire!
  3. Paul Desmond set running low.

    hmmm..listened to the samples which sounded good. I've never been a fan of Desmond's but this might be a buy.
  4. Shipping notice from Udiscover just received!
  5. I ordered via UDiscover. Has anyone get a shipping notice from them?
  6. Mine showed up while on vacation. Shipping notice was in spam folder so didn't see it initially. What disc should I play first?
  7. Pat Metheny - Side-Eye NYC (V1.IV)

    I believe PM said they had discussed working again but nothing more, I guess due to his illness. As for his recent recordings, From this Place is terrific-his best recording in a while. The hr download is very dynamic.
  8. “The Teacher: Billy Taylor”

    I have that IAJE cd-how I got it I don't know.
  9. Roy Hargrove & Mulgrew Miller - In Harmony

    Also a good review in today's Washington Post but let's be honest, his drug use exacerbated his other health issues. He was so terribly thin the one time I saw him that it was no surprise to read of his arrest. Sadly, another drug casualty.
  10. We saw Kenny Barron in bucolic Mt. Gretna PA on the 20th. He was in excellent form despite some sound issues. He was accompanied by a Japanese bassist and Jonathan Blake on percussion. Frankly, I would have rather seen a solo performance given how well he was playing. Nice to see live jazz again.
  11. Johnny Richards - Rare Alternate Arrangement of Omo Ado

    Worth it as a starting place?