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  1. We're there with two other couples 7/2-7/5. We booked Lucky Peterson at Upstairs on the 2nd but that's the only ticketed event so far. Certainly lots to see and hear! Anyone else attending?
  2. You will enjoy this great band!
  3. Santana - Africa Speaks The higher the better. As you can see, these numbers are abysmal.
  4. Santana - Africa Speaks

    Unfortunately, DR numbers are awful on this release.
  5. Best Jazz Clubs in New Orleans?

    Snug Harbor gets great acts.
  6. Duke Ellington at the White House.

    Well worth it. Earl Hines steals the show, IMO.
  7. Doris Day R.I.P.

    Latin for Lovers is a spectacular vocal achievement. RIP
  8. Good to see another jazz venue opening with an ambitious schedule. Trying to get there tomorrow for Charlap and Faddis. 7 & 9 PM. Tiks are half price.
  9. Good deal. Fun music on this one!
  10. I saw Marshall Allen several times with NRBQ; he played with another Arkestra alum whose name escapes me.
  11. RIP Georgia Engel

    A Christian Scientist who didn't go to doctors. Oh well, RIP
  12. Woody Shaw "Tokyo 1981" (Elemental Music)

    This looks good. Hope the SQ is as well!!
  13. Richard Barone/The Bongos

    Always enjoy listening to Barone's Primal Dream. Some great pop music.
  14. Santana - In Search of Mona Lisa

    I saw Walker and Lighterwood together at a show in the 80s. Walker was far superior. I enjoyed the Santana IV show-Shrieve hasn't lost a step and really drives the band. Too bad Carlos won't tour with the group.