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  1. Maybe they would have got it if you spelled his name correctly?
  2. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I listened to this one for the first time and it's highly recommended. It's not as confrontational as their previous collaboration, Tangle. Butcher is more upfront, Shipp is more subdued. The sound is excellent.
  3. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Rogueart offers a Mitchell bundle - 9 albums (some of which are double CDs) for 80 euro plus shipping: https://roguart.com/product/roscoe-mitchell-on-rogueart/166
  4. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Not sure how you do it. I thought listening to AMM while doing taxes is the only option.
  5. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Guys, I encourage you all to take a look at the Cafe Oto membership option. For GBP 100 per year you get three free downloads per month (and discounts on additional downloads) - not just from the Cafe Oto in-house label but also from Matchless, Astral Spirits, Ogun, Incus, Fataka, Okka, Trost, etc. Tons of great music there: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/downloads/ A lot of stuff that flew below the radar when it was released (for me, at least). I downloaded Evan Parker + AMM yesterday: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/shop/evan-parker-amm-title-goes-here-dl/ - outstanding, listened to it three times in a row (while doing my taxes, no less). And I am not even an EP fan!
  6. Brotzmann Octet / Tentet box back out

    Yes, I was there in 2002. Fantastic show. I saw the tentet a couple of times since then, and it never reached the level of that 2002 Tonic concert.
  7. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Btw, there is a live streaming of the Georg Gräwe large band concert right now: https://www.porgy.at/events/live I saw them a couple of times last year - outstanding.
  8. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Oh yes. https://open.spotify.com/album/0pzbtxim3lVmSj4Y1L2KoQ
  9. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Well Sir, you got all the Butcher duds, as far as I am concerned. That Butcher / Hemingway duo is probably the worst thing I heard by Butcher (and I do like Hemingway in (many) other contexts). The duo with Nilssen-Love is only marginally better. My copy of the Suzuki duo is on its way to Australia, hope the guy who bought it from me on Discogs will find something to enjoy there - I failed. The one with McPhee might have been interesting to witness but does not seem to work as an album. I don't like van der Schyff's cymbal sound, so I could not make it through the Northwest thing. There are not that many Butcher duds left, you are close to completing the collection. I am curious about A Brush with Dignity, never even heard of it. Fabrizio Spera is a very good drummer - saw him in trio with Butcher and L.S. Ellis at TTM in Berlin. A disaster of a concert, I shared my impressions right after the concert in the Funny Rat - but Spera was excellent. For solo Butcher, I am in complete agreement with Rabshakeh - 13 Friendly numbers and Fixations are the first that came to my mind. Also Invisible Ear, which is quite different from those two, utilizing amplification, feedback and other electronic chicanery (to a great effect) - here it is https://johnbutcher1.bandcamp.com/album/invisible-ear. I don't like the celebrated Resonant Spaces because this one actually does fall into "technique exploration" category for me. I just downloaded his latest solo STUCK (here: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/shop/john-butcher-stuck/ ) and it's a good one too. Butcher cold? Well, Ben Webster he is not. I think the best word that describes his playing is "elegant". His technique is incredible, but his solos never sound like technical practice pieces to me. There is a great flow, there is an abundance of ideas, there is no empty mindless chatter (hello, Evan Parker). It's all very precise progressing perfectly logically - like a mathematical theorem. I can listen these back to back with the best classical pieces for solo saxophone (Berio, Scelsi, etc.) and Butcher's music is right up there. There are very few solo improvisors who can construct a complete piece of music on the spot like this. You might want to consider this one, I enjoy it a lot:
  10. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    I saw Shipp only once, I think. It was a David S. Ware quartet (with Guillermo Brown on drums) - it was probably one of the most boring jazz concerts I have seen. And they were plying right after the fantastic Happy Apple (where are they now?) concert and the contrast was stark. One saxophonist Shipp is working with a lot is Ivo Perelman - they seem to release a duo records every week. I skimmed through a couple of them on Spotify, they sounded quite good. There was a trio record, "Dione" with Andrew Cyrille - I thought that one was strong, but I listened to it only once. I liked that old Shipp / Mat Manery duo on HatHut, "Gravitational Systems", actually how about I listen to it now, it's been ages. I suspect Shipp is a Scriabin fan, with all this drama... Regarding Butcher, who is among my favorite musicians today, I believe (and yeah, I keep repeating myself here) the way to enjoy his music is solo. His solo performances are so compete that with partners he has no choice but to subtract a from his paying, while his playing is so idiosyncratic nothing seems to gel well with it. I saw him many times in very different formations and the only time I really liked him an playing non-solo was with Polwechsel - but Polwechsel is a very different (and very quiet) animal altogether. I was at a Butcher mini-festival in Berlin last year where he played in various groups with good musicians (Agnel, Lehn, Schick, Buck, Mayas...) - and all was mediocre. The best piece was Butcher playing a bit of solo at the beginning of his duo with Agnel. These concerts will be released as a 5-LP set, so here you go, you have my anti-recommendation.
  11. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Yes, Butcher sounds rather unhinged at times here. And untypically jazzy. As mentioned earlier, there is a new release by the same trio on RogueArt: https://roguart.com/product/the-clawed-stone/154
  12. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    And got this one too: https://f-a-t-a-k-a.bandcamp.com/album/tangle
  13. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Well, I got me Hans Reichel's "Bonobo" - a work of genius, as far as I am concerned (and I am not using the g-word lightly!). https://destination-out.bandcamp.com/album/bonobo
  14. Annual Clean Feed Sale

    Clean Feed has a destocking sale that runs until Nov. 1, 2020. Many items are €5.90 each: https://cleanfeed-records.com/product-category/sock-off/
  15. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Well, thanks Mr. Lazro! And I guess you know that there is another album by the same trio - Lazro / Duboc / Lasserre - Sens Radiants: https://darktree.bandcamp.com/album/sens-radiants