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  1. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    Well, not sure about physical releases, but they could be digitized and made available at bandcamp or Spotify or something. This could be crowdfunded, and the costs should be manageable. If somebody has contract to Gebers, perhaps this could be brought up.
  2. Anthony Braxton

    Braxton has a penchant for dedicating his compositions / performances to people he likes. The Braxton GTM 2001 set had tracks dedicated to Captain Beefheart, Shostakovitch, John Cage, Harry Partch, Betsy Jolas, etc. This is as meaningful as Braxton's drawing for his compositions.
  3. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    FMP im Rückblick box booklet has an extensive live gigs list - there is some tasty stuff there, for sure. Not all was recorded, of course - but a quite lot actually could be, either by FMP or by the public broadcasters. Maybe Jazzwerkstatt people would work something out in terms of releases, most likely not.
  4. Franz Koglmann reissues on Black Monk

    The CDs were just released this year, they are available.
  5. Yes, but we need to keep things in perspective, this is still less than a half of 1999 figures.
  6. I am offering this long OOP CD in very good condition for sale for 29 EUR (USD 32) plus shipping. Or make me an offer. Send me a PM if interested.
  7. June 19 BN Japanese Reissues - uncommon titles

    Khan Jamal, just three years younger than Burton. I am not a fan, he sure enough he is more interesting than Roy Ayers - Walt Dickerson.
  8. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    As a reminder, Giuffre 3 Bremen and Stuttgart 1961 recordings together with some unreleased tracks were reissued a few years ago on EMANEM: http://www.emanemdisc.com/E5208.html You can (legally) download the entire FMP catalog via Destination-Out bandcamp: https://destination-out.bandcamp.com/
  9. Franz Koglmann reissues on Black Monk

    Just send a message to the label directly ( blackmonk@aon.at ) - they can handle the US orders, it's not a bit deal.
  10. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    Yes, I remember that one. Initially it was stated that the label would keep releasing new stuff (as well as archive recordings) under the OUTHERE ownership with Uehlinger's involvement. Then Uehlinger mentioned that he terminates his partnership with OUTHERE, no details were provided. Now he is going on his own keeping the HatHut name and releasing, among other things, archive recordings (which, it is difficult for me to imagine, were not a subject of his agreement with OUTHERE). If I were in his shoes I would at least change the label name. I am obviously not privy to the details of the Uehlinger / OUTHERE agreement, but he might be inviting a "cease and desist" fun here.
  11. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    Yeah, I read this. Does not really shed any light how this fits into the sale of Hat back catalog (and, IIRC, the unreleased master tapes with a few exceptions (e.g. Joe McPhee) where masters and all rights were transferred directly to the artists) to OUTHERE a couple of years ago.
  12. Jimmy Giuffre 3-Live in Graz 1961

    What's up with HatHut / OUTHERE purchase deal then? These new Hat releases seem not to involve OUTHERE (the new owner of HatHut). Perhaps Flurin has some details?
  13. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    The sound of Gould's creaking chair well preserved for the humanity. Great stuff, nonetheless.
  14. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Looks like Ayler Records is shutting down. That's a pity. At least their back catalog is going to be available on bandcamp.
  15. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Well, the work itself is somewhat on the facile side (not cute like Reich's "Drumming", of course, but very consumer-friendly by Xenakis standards), but the performance - and especially, the sound - are excellent. I will be returning to this one for sure.